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Poll: Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 16 Discussion

Jul 21, 9:56 PM

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Not gonna lie, "fluffy" Inosuke is indeed quite cute.

Fantastic episode. The way they handled the transitions between comedy and dark sequences without feeling jarring was very well made. And of course, the fight scenes were great as always.

And that last technique, "Blessed Rain After the Drought", was beautifully directed. How kind of Tanjirou in choosing a painless cut to release the demon mother's soul despite all the deaths she had caused.

And so, one demon is out but the most threatening of them is yet to be introduced. Can't wait for the next episode!
Jul 21, 10:49 PM

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Is this episode okay for an arachnophobic person to watch? I am asking because previous episode was really uncomfortable for me. And all these comments say it's a great episode. Idk. Please someone tell me.
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Jul 21, 11:59 PM

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TinYLilMuffiN said:
Is this episode okay for an arachnophobic person to watch? I am asking because previous episode was really uncomfortable for me. And all these comments say it's a great episode. Idk. Please someone tell me.

No spider in this episode, the next one through..... Hope you like nightmare fuel spider.
Jul 22, 12:07 AM

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I like the action and visuals (in general) in this episode. Ok, admittingly, Inousuke was more tolerable in this episode, if he can bring down the spastic levels down a bit more - that would be great for me. I like how he is now trying to outdo whatever Tanjiro does. The way Tanjiro killed off the spider demon chick was done well, that part had a sort of beauty to it - she wanted out and Tanjiro noticed that and switched techniques mid-air before he dealt the final blow - it was done in a way to give her peace and no pain. Finally, we can see what the Demon Slayers can do against a real member of the Twelve Demon Moons.
Jul 22, 12:59 AM

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TinYLilMuffiN said:
Is this episode okay for an arachnophobic person to watch? I am asking because previous episode was really uncomfortable for me. And all these comments say it's a great episode. Idk. Please someone tell me.

You’re gonna have some problems with the next episode, not with this one
Jul 22, 1:18 AM

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@ExaltedChampion @Xenocrisi
Thanks for the replies :)
Night fuel spider! The name itself gives me chills.
So next episode huh. This is torture. Anyway, will watch this ep and read the rest of the story somewhere.FML.
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Jul 22, 6:35 AM

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I'm guessing the kid that appear earlier is the Juunikizuki.
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Jul 22, 12:43 PM

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Ten said:
This show would be so much better without those unnecessary comic reliefs and exaggerated screaming. I believe it actually was like that for some of the first episodes and that's what drew me in in the first place. Right now I can't take anything seriously anymore. Instead of being invested in what's happening I just think, oh well, now we have to be sorry for this disposable spider demon and her sad backstory. Thanks, stupid boar-face and yellow crybaby for ruining all the mood, now I just don't care.
I've heard about amazing spider arc and that's why I decided to continue watching, but it was ok, I guess? Nothing spectacular. Maybe there's still some awesomeness to come... I'll still watch it but the show is pretty much degraded already from having lots of potential to be just slightly above average and meh.

The comedy ruins the mood for me too. It's completely anticlimactic and it makes the drama feel less serious or important. I think the comic relief is just very poorly placed, the last couple of minutes didn't have any comedy and they were great. But the previous fight with the other demon slayers was completely ruined for me because of the ill-timed comedy.
Jul 22, 2:32 PM
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This was a phoenomenal episode.
The way that fight with the mother spider ended was amazing.
Jul 22, 5:15 PM
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Another awesome fight this episode, this animation is always impressing me!

Tanjirou and Inozuka fighting together was so damn good, Inozuke reaction are so hilarious at times!

How kind Tanjirou changing his finishign blow to a painless finishing blow, and it was a really beautiful scene!

Poor demon spider mother, she was abused, she suffered a lot, i feel bad for her, i think she didn't truly want to do that, but her fear for father was higher, i think she deserved that painless death!
Jul 23, 6:05 AM

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alright, this keeps getting funnier and better.
Tanjiro is becoming the best shounen MC after Gintoki, they're both so humane and merciful. The fifth movement is incredibly kind. The shot was beautiful.
I'm finally warming up to Inosuke and Zenitsu's still best boi since day one.

Spider mom reminded me of Endeavor and Todoroki. That's interesting because domestic abuse's a mundane thing we don't expect to see in a fantasy show. But that makes the character's struggles relatable and deep.

Also who's voicing Rui aka Spider son? The seiyuu sounds familiar
I bet he's the Moon and not the father.
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Jul 23, 6:43 AM

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AntonioWux said:
The visuals in this scene were amazing

Can't wait for the next episode ^w^

the most beautiful cut

mad props to ufotable
Jul 23, 7:28 AM

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Damn, those poor demon slayers. F.

Well, the episode was very good, the fight scenes are good and the OSTs too. 5/5. Can't wait for the next one.
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Jul 23, 8:02 AM

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This was such an amazing episode. Everything felt so perfect. Tanjirou changing forms at the last second so he could kill the Spider-mom Demon without pain; Inosuke feeling fuwa-fuwa over Tanjirou a bunch times over... I really love Tanjirou! It's rare to see a lead so cool-headed and that shows mercy even for his enemies. He always remembers that demons were once human, and that they have their own problems and stuff. He was so nice to the Spider-mom when he was so MAD just a while before (and yeah, the scene where the necks were broken was simply painful; just when Tanjirou thought he would be able to save them).

Also domestic violence awareness :( She preferred to die to come back to being hurt by her husband and made fun of by her male kids (apparently the female kid she had felt sorry for her). Sad, and yet the situation a lot of women go through. It's nice that the author thought about going into that.

Waiting for the next episode.~ I really feel like reading the manga ngh. And I guess Tanjirou and the boys will climb a rank after this whole situation. A twelve kizuki member... The father, right?
Jul 23, 7:35 PM
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A return to form for this show.

A bit more dark, a bit more serious, displays again how Tanjiro is the best MC in ages and a blissful almost total lack of Zenitsu. Everything about the climax was incredible.
Jul 24, 12:13 AM

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spider okaa-san is cuter than the okaa-san isekai edition
Jul 24, 8:38 AM

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I wonder if Zenitsu will unleash his power next episode, that would be cool. Great episode, Zenitsu's bird is best character btw
Jul 24, 9:21 PM
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That demon fight was really good and tricky at the same time. Using spider strings to manipulate teammates to kill one another. I wonder if the father is one of the 12 Kizukis. Kinda felt bad for the Demon corps female who died killing all her teammates.
Jul 25, 6:54 AM
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This is really sad. Seeing demons' past lives back when they were still Human. They never wanted to become demons.
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Jul 25, 8:39 PM

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that demon at the end, poor girl. reminds me that every demon we've seen in this series never had the intent to be what they become, and they were truly human at one point.
Jul 26, 9:56 AM

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I'm not going to lie, but Inosuke's "fluffy" moments are increasingly cute. =3

Both Tanjiro and Inosuke's teamwork, despite their bickering between each other, is very impressive. The animation was also spot on as usual, along with the great soundtrack.

The Spider mother is someone I didn't expect to have sympathy for. Seeing her flashback as she got beaten up badly by her husband while the make kids looked on with smug looks on their faces was a bit painful.

So when she saw Tanjiro, who got thrown into the air by Inosuke earlier, approaching her, blade already to kill her, she preferred to be killed by Tanjiro rather than suffering from the hands of her family. Thankfully, Tanjiro noticed her change in expression, so he quickly changed his attack and, my god, was it beautifully done.

The attack was peaceful and tranquil, and it still did enough damage to decapitate the spider mother, but she didn't feel any pain from the attack. The whole scene gave me goosebumps.....very powerful indeed. =)

However, just before she disappeared, she revealed to Tanjiro that one of the members of the Twelve Kizuki is on the mountain, which mostly likely is referring to her massive spider husband. I can sense that things are going to get more serious now, and I look forward to seeing what comes next for Tanjiro and the rest. ^_^
Jul 27, 2:08 AM
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one of the better episodes in a while, if only for the beheading scene with the flashbacks and less yelling from zenitsu.

see, you can have nice moments of seriousness that don't need to be undercut by screaming and unfunny sight gags every 5 seconds!
Jul 27, 11:34 AM

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Damn Tanjiro, he is so quick to adapt and think of's scary how smart he is.

I love the detail on "mom" 's death. Even showing her hair being cut. A lot of other shows would miss that detail. Ufotable continues to impress me.
Jul 27, 5:57 PM
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I'll assume that im the only one who found mama spider kinda cute (design)...
Jul 28, 1:02 AM

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Such a beautiful episode! Even in the demon family there's still abuse eh. Kinda sad about the spider mom but there's already lot of blood in her hands. Liked it when Tanjiro switch forms when he knew spider mom just wanted to end everything.

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Jul 30, 2:36 PM

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Inosuke is totes ghey for Tanjirou lmaoooooo

I like how Zenitsu's voice is a lil cracked when he's whining lolol. S'cute <3

Even though the mama spider was cruel, I do feel sorry for her :( Tanjirou such a softie when killing anybody off, even demons.

Jul 30, 9:47 PM

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What the hell a demon family? Guess there really is an exception to every rule.
Aug 3, 6:17 PM
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The deaths of those demon slayers was the darkest thing I've seen in a long time, like something from Higurashi no Naku. >->' Besides that there are beautiful scenes in this episode to contrast. Spider Mom's past is hella sad. Wonder if the Spider Father is actually her husband turned into a demon or not... I'm gonna say probably not? We'll see. One of the kids might be the Kizuki sp.
Aug 4, 4:47 AM

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Inosuke is the ultimate tsundere.
Aug 6, 8:01 AM

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Really good episode. I feel bad for those three demon slayers who died. And I feel sad about the spider mom. But it death was the only way to release her from that situation. Some good fight scenes from and teamwork from Tanjirou and Inosuke.
Aug 7, 12:17 AM
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Meta_Yoshi said:


However, just before she disappeared, she revealed to Tanjiro that one of the members of the Twelve Kizuki is on the mountain, which mostly likely is referring to her massive spider husband.


I cutted the other text so i can quote only this part where i'm referring.

I have a feeling that it's the spider boy (not the giggling one at the ground but the one that is moving on top of the spider webs) . Yeah the daddy-o is buff, but for some reason the boy is giving me really sinister feeling of how unemphatetic (sorry i dunno the real word, my native language is not english) he is. The mother also seemed to be afraid of the boy's webs, when she said that the boy's webs were making her lose focus on her job (of killing the other demon slayer members). So, that's my quess :3


Also... this has nothing to do with the quote anymore, but for everyone:

1. Please, tell if you know the seijuu/voice actor for the mother, i would really want to know it (someone else also did at the previous page).

2. Also when the scene starts where Tanjirou jumps towards the mother to kill her, there is a song playing at the background, that i absolutely fell in love with. It plays during when the mother is talking in her head before Tanjirou kills her. If anyone knows this either, i would love to know it!

Thank you if you know and share the info with me <3
Aug 13, 7:13 AM
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Oh, that was pretty cruel, she killed all of them without a second thought. Inosuke is so competitive, he really can't help it. Interesting how Tanjirou decided to kill her off without pain at the end, made her death tranquil and warm.
Aug 16, 7:38 AM
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I wasn't expecting Demon Slayer to move towards deeper themes of domestic abuse. I wonder what this says for the writing moving forward?

Inosuke has definitely grown on me, having shit on him and Zenitsu in their first couple weeks in the gang, their comedic value is starting to settle in and doesn't take too much focus away from the overall tone as much as it used to
Aug 17, 1:16 AM

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Super LOL at "fluffy" Inosuke!
Aug 25, 1:17 PM

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Really good episode. An abused demon, huh. At least she got finally free. The scene of her death was one of the most beautiful so far.

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Aug 28, 10:59 AM

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Poor mother-demon. Her demon family is very dysfunctional and violent. However it didn't justify the way she treated all those demon players who entered the forest.

Too bad in the end all demon slayers turned to puppets were killed, even if Tanjiro and Boar-kun kinda succeeded in overcoming demon mother's control over them.
Sep 9, 2:29 PM
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Xenocrisi said:
Action was very good. Inosuke was hilarious.

Spider Okaa-san is such a milf

I m surprised that I m enjoying the cast this much, blondy and boar-head are revealing to be excellent addictions to the cast that balance out MC greatly, they are 3 very unique MCs, and it is very fun to just watch these 3 mess around, Nezuko needs to do something fast, or she will lose the ground and be the less interesting of the four MC easily very soon.

Spider milf was cute all right, if it was not for her demonic body, and once again, they are giving the executions some nice finishing, you understand why they have to die, but still connect abit to their misery.. loving it so far.
Sep 15, 2:30 AM
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I felt so sad for the demon slayer girl, which would have had a chance to survive...
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