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Jul 19, 6:32 AM

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I know this is a stupid question but... In your own opinion, what anime is the best in terms of hype? I think I should expect HxH here, the chimera ant arc was so hype.
Jul 19, 6:43 AM

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Usually the people that are into hype are those who also read manga and light novel. They also follow their favorite anime studio but if you scream isekai, the echo voice might be from me.
Jul 19, 6:51 AM

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The words you are looking for are "Which anime delivered on its hype?"?

For me, FMA: Brotherhood and Hunter x Hunter (2011) both delivered massively. I watched both well after they originally aired. I'd heard only great things about each series, and neither disappointed, despite my massive expectations.

Shout out to Cowboy Bebop too.
Jul 19, 7:07 AM

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Well , It would be Made in Abyss. Because It did'nt had any meaningless and overhyped basic arcs like tournament arcs. We still don't know what will happen what we will see so it keeps the viewers more.
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Jul 19, 7:13 AM

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Hajime no Ippo. The fights and the build up are insane.
Jul 19, 12:05 PM

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U mean meaningless hype and cancer fans just rampaging abt how great the show is supposed to be?

aot, opm, mob100, fate/ any garbage uftable hocks
Jul 19, 12:08 PM
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the anime with the best in terms of hype might have to be if i had to choose
Jul 19, 12:11 PM

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From recent seasons, AoT S3P2 had so much hype for over half the season where you just had to anticipate what would happen next.
Jul 19, 4:31 PM

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steins;gate definitely deserves all the hype it gets
Jul 19, 4:33 PM

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Stains;Gate, FMA:B, NGE, AoT, K-ON, HxH, Your Name, Silent Voice

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Jul 19, 5:00 PM
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Probably AOT. Tetsurou Araki directing with Hiroyuki Sawano doing the music creates instant hype.
Jul 19, 5:14 PM

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About five different definitions of hype I've seen in this thread so far lol!

To answer OP's question how I believe he meant it to be interpreted:

I don't really get hyped like I used to so don't follow many of the action-orientated 'hype' shows. But it was AoT that got me in to anime and I remember getting hyped constantly. I kind of wish I could still get that feeling but tastes change, for better and for worse.
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Jul 19, 5:19 PM

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AOT by far , soundtrack is epic and the theme of humain against titan make it so hyped.
Jul 19, 5:24 PM

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AOT and Noragami aragoto. They both deserved it.
Jul 19, 5:27 PM
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>In your own opinion

any Imaishi anime works
Jul 19, 5:34 PM

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Natsume Yuujinchou is the best anime I have ever watched in my entire life.
Jul 20, 5:49 AM

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As for living up to the hype surrounding the anime, AoT. Especially the latter seasons (well I haven't finished the latest season yet but I doubt it's gonna be any different).

As for hype inside the anime itself, Haikyuu. Watching it every week got me pumped af.
Jul 25, 9:35 AM
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