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Jul 19, 3:00 AM
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We would like to express our deepest sympathies to the members of staff, creatives, and their families affected by the tragic events at Kyoto Animation’s studio. To those currently receiving medical treatment, we wish you a speedy recovery.

While the facts behind the incident remain unclear, all we can do right now is to say to those who have been affected, their relatives and family members, that we love Kyoto Animation. We will continue to support you always and forever.

Thank you for all your wonderful work.
Kyoto Animation, we will always love you.

Jul 19, 3:03 AM
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RIP and hoping for a speedy recovery to the victims

inb4 muh API?

Jul 19, 3:05 AM
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What happened yesterday was absolutely abhorrent and I find the massive outpouring of support for the studio from fans around the world incredibly moving.

My heart goes out to all of the creative, talented and dedicated artists who lost their lives in this tragedy as well as their friends and family.
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Jul 19, 3:07 AM

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Deepest sympathy, and condolences as well... Truly one of the darkest of days. 😢😢😢
Jul 19, 3:10 AM
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#ThankYouKyoani <3
Jul 19, 3:12 AM

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I'm so sad now. I pray for all of them and condolence. You guys were amazing. My heart goes to all of you.
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Jul 19, 3:15 AM

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Jul 19, 3:17 AM

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Such a tragedy. I hope everyone affected can bounce back from this eventually.
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Jul 19, 3:18 AM
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If there's anything positive to come out of all of this it's that at least it helps unite the anime community. No matter what people may think of KyoAni personally as an anime studio, anyone with a heart should support them as best they can in times like these

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Jul 19, 3:22 AM

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Arigatou soshite sayonara KyoAni employee.

And a little bit of parting song.

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Jul 19, 3:24 AM
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My sincere condolences to those who will never create anime again.
Pray for those survived and their recovery.
Jul 19, 3:51 AM

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My condolences to the ones affected by this tragedy and may the dead rest in peace.
Jul 19, 3:57 AM
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My deepest sympathies for those who lost their friends and their family member due to this devastating event. May God bless their soul and hoping for KyoAni to rise up again.
Jul 19, 4:00 AM

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It is a sad day for anime/manga fans world wide.
With great sadness and anger, words can not express how I feel. My deepest condolences to the innocent victims family and friends that lost their lives.
I hope quick and swift justice comes to the person(s) responsible.
I will mourn for our fellow brothers and sisters at Kyoto Animation.
Jul 19, 4:11 AM

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Amen. We have to figure out if there is a way to support them. I already donated money but there must be more that we can do.

Please support KyoAni!
Jul 19, 4:13 AM
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I feel so sorry for the loss of these talented animators and condolences to the families who lost their loved ones in this abhorrent accident. Hope for the best for kyoani and to know that we'll go through this hard time with them.

Jul 19, 4:15 AM
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Rest In Peace... ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
Jul 19, 4:16 AM

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The deceased cannot be revived, I hope they're able to use these emotions for their works and use that as an outlet and possibly a form of therapy in order to recover, and to honor those whom have fallen.
Additionally, I hope justice comes to those deserving of it.
Jul 19, 4:29 AM
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Hoping for an easy and speedy recovery for the injured, and may the deceased rest in peace. As for the perpetrator, I really hope he gets what he deserves. I wish Justice and solace for the families of those involved.
Jul 19, 4:40 AM
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This is one of those moments that you get used to learning about in classes where you know all the context and details.

Being a part of the unfolding horror of it in the moment is unreal. This is a page of history that I'll carry with me for the rest of my life.

I hope that Kyoto Animation and the families of everyone involved can make a full recovery. They poured their hearts out for us in their work, so now we must pour our hearts out for them.

Jul 19, 4:43 AM

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A truly sad turn of events. We may never see KyoAni at their best again. The industry and the families of the casualties involved will never be the same as a result of this horrific incident.

I wish everyone caught in this situation good health and a quick recovery
Jul 19, 4:49 AM
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Rest in peace...
Fellow brothers...Thanks to your dedication, were we able to brighten our lives.....
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Jul 19, 5:08 AM

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Horrific incident. I hope the survivors will all recover. Praying for the families.

Sentai Filmworks have made a Fundraiser at Gofundme called "Help KyoAni Heal" and completed the goal in just a day, donations can still be made.

Jul 19, 5:09 AM

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My condolences for kyoto animation staff's family. Kyoto Animation is literally my favorite studio until now, it's feel so sad to heard about this tragic event. I hope the dead are rested in peace, and the remained victim will be recovered quickly.
Jul 19, 5:11 AM
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A moment of silence for the people from Kyoto animations, affected by the arson attack at their studio. KyoAni has been one of the greatest studios, creating genre-changing shows that have been able to truly leave a mark in the whole anime industry. Such a tragic event is seriously heartbreaking, but one thing is for certain - the arsonist will never be able to silence the love for the studio and the great things it has achieved. Let our hearts be with the families, that have lost their loved ones and lets never forget the studio that formed childhoods and countless memories.
Jul 19, 5:14 AM

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This is just horrible. So many people have lost their lives just because of stolen rights...this sort of's just outrageous for someone just to think of doing it.

I love KyoAni. I've watched many series by this studio...
I really cried.

Hope for the injured in the fire to make a full recovery and I pray for the victims of this madman...

Jul 19, 5:17 AM

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No amount of money could ever equate to what Kyoani has done for me in my life, nor could I put a value on lives taken, I only hope that what I can do is help them in some way. My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and the families affected. Thank you for everything.

Jul 19, 5:19 AM
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My condolances to those that didn’t make it through the horrific tragedy yesterday. My heart goes out to all staff at KyoAni, you have made me laugh and cry at your productions countless times, but only now are the tears real. Stay strong, heal and take your time to process what happened. Real fans will give you all the time you need to recover.
Jul 19, 5:25 AM

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I’m still struggling to comprehend all this. I pray that from now on everything goes well for everyone affected by this incident.

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Jul 19, 5:28 AM
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One of the saddest days in anime, i hope for a great recovery for those affected and peace for those who fell to the attack.
Jul 19, 5:30 AM

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I have seen a lot of notable works of Kyoto Animation, they were really good. I would like to give my condolence and extending symphaty to all people including staffs and their families who suffered from yesterday's incident. I'm also praying for the fast recovery and safety of those injured people. Wish you all the best!
Jul 19, 5:36 AM
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Jul 19, 5:37 AM

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From the bottom of my heart, I share my deepest condolences to the victims, their families and everyone affected by it. We’re truly saddened and our prayers and hearts are always with you! It’s nearly been 1.5 days’ time but the devastation that this event has left is still unbearably excruciating for me.

KyoAni is an irreplaceable gem in my life and I wish nothing more than to see the victims/employees recovering and the Studio then coming back to action if possible. What this Studio has done for me in my life throughout the years is beyond the realms of simple words, I can only share my gratitude to the fallen, the injured and those that are affected. Thank you, thank you so much for being a part of my life and dedicating your lives for making the finest art this medium and its community will have the pleasure of seeing in a long time coming!

It truly is a Grievous day and I hope other Studios will take this as a lesson to reinforce and prioritise security so that we never get to see another disaster like this ever again. Here’s to hoping the Perpetrator gets the deserved treatment too so that lunatics like this will shy away from even thinking of such an inhumane act in the future.

Finally, as @ThatRazorGuy rightly pointed out, it was truly moving to see how the Community massively outpoured KyoAni with support and love in response to this disaster! I hope our prayers will be answered in good light!

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Jul 19, 5:43 AM
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rest in peace
Jul 19, 5:45 AM

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Wish the victims a quick recovery.~☆

Jul 19, 5:47 AM
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My deepest condolences to those affected by this tragedy. It's so horrible.
Jul 19, 5:50 AM

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My sincere condolences. Kyoto Animation is one of my favorite studios.
Jul 19, 6:04 AM

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My condolences for the victims.Kyoto animations has always played a massive part in molding me to who I am today, be it making me laugh,cry, be motivated,relaxed and so much more that can't be put into words. Stay strong KyoAni <3<3<3
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Jul 19, 6:07 AM

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My deep condolonces for all the victims and their families, just imagine how many talented people died because of that person.
I hope they still can stand up and continue their work in the future with producing more great anime, and they have a lot of fans backing and support them up..

Jul 19, 6:11 AM
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Truly a tragedy. They didn't deserve any of this.
Jul 19, 6:20 AM

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I still struggle to comprehend that something so horrible happened to people who brought so much joy into the world. My heart aches for all the talented people who passed away and for their families and friends. I hope the injured will heal soon and won't let this tragedy stop their passion for animation, because I can't wait to see more of KyoAni's beautiful artwork and stories.
Also, I think all the support coming from the community is amazing, so thank you all.

Stay strong KyoAni, I love your work.
Jul 19, 6:23 AM
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I started watching anime in 2015 and most of them were kyoani
Haruhi,lucky star,k-on,clannad and more other, this incident was devastating for me for everybody we can feel bad and sympathy for the victims but we should feel more sympathy to those who lost their lives.
I wish I could donate to help but all I can do is pray for the best
Jul 19, 6:24 AM

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My deepest condolences and a speedy recovery to the victims
This affects the whole Japanese animation as most staff are basically freelance contractors and work in other studios too
Things will never be the same after this.
Jul 19, 6:27 AM
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This was terrible, rest in peace..
Jul 19, 6:35 AM
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Kyoani is one of my favorite studio.


Jul 19, 6:40 AM

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rest in peace
Jul 19, 6:52 AM
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Rest in peace
Jul 19, 7:09 AM
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This is saddest news i heard in a while. RIP, and hope all the injured get better soon.
Jul 19, 7:15 AM
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My thoughts go to the families and friends of the victims and I present my sincere condoleances. We love you KyoAni.
Jul 19, 7:20 AM
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Rest In Peace... We will never forget you.
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