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Jul 18, 6:01 PM

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oh my god, it's like the Broadway show crawled out of my nightmares and into reality.

And, hah, Rebel Wilson is still fat, even when she's a horribly animated cat-person-abomination.

Jul 18, 6:14 PM

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I used to love the song Memory from when this was still on Broadway. Not sure how i feel about it though as film.

Noticed how Disney remakes are switching the formats to 3d as well as the songs for those films, by changing them into broadway-sounding themes instead of film scores/songs.

I wonder if this film will do a reversal and have its broadway-sounding songs into film scores. furry lovers will be rejoicing again.
Jul 18, 6:17 PM

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Silverstorm said:
I used to love the song Memory from when this was still on Broadway.

Dude, it's still on Broadway, in fact it's the 4th longest running Broadway show of all time.
Jul 18, 6:37 PM

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Bobby2Hands said:
Silverstorm said:
I used to love the song Memory from when this was still on Broadway.

Dude, it's still on Broadway, in fact it's the 4th longest running Broadway show of all time.
"Still" O_O--for me that was over 20years ago; what kind of show..If you say the Lord of the Dance is still running tours, I think I may have a stroke..
Jul 19, 10:29 AM

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No! No! No! No! No! No! Gross x 1000.

This is another reason why I stick with anime 95% of the time. The catgirls in anime are downright adorable, beautiful creatures to visit you in dreams sent from god! But these 3D abominations make me want to grab a double barrel shotgun and shoot this thing in the face with the left barrel then use the right one on myself.

Puke. I hope this flops and everybody involved this production are left unemployed for the rest of their lives.
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Jul 19, 11:58 AM

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these are not the cat girls we were talking about....

Jul 19, 12:27 PM

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... Why? Why Jason Derulo and Taylor Swift of all artist? Why this musical? I don't understand. I already hated Les Misérables movie adaptation so yippee I get another stinky Hollywood cash grab to shit on.
Jul 19, 12:32 PM

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Yeah I saw the trailer yesterday, it looks terrible !

Jul 19, 8:50 PM

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god? have you officially abandoned humanity?
Jul 20, 10:39 AM

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I love the original musical, it's perfect as it is. This shows, once again, Hollywood's sheer and utter incompetence, and their lack of original ideas. They're just rehashing the old songs while making CGI enhanced actors look worse than the original pulled off with simple costumes and make-up. This has literally zero reason to exist.
Jul 20, 11:09 AM

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what the FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU HOLLYWOOD. I loved the musical, so I'm just gonna ignore that this exists.

Also if they wanted to do a cats movie, why not just make an animated feature with actual cats instead of these humanoid abominations? The characters are actual cats right? And not humanoids? Did Hollywood just forget that the reason there were humans playing the cats in the musical was because you can't do a fucking musical with real cats.
Jul 20, 9:21 PM

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For a while there i thought this was another Tim Burton goes crack, what a abomination

Screwllywood should have learn from fappanese

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Jul 21, 2:27 PM
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Elon Musk might wanna rethink his dream of making catgirls real now.
Jul 21, 2:42 PM
Yandere Gals FTW
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I’m not too sure what to make of the trailer yet to be honest with you ^_^
Jul 21, 8:19 PM

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Is it weird that I dont think it's THAT bad? I still wouldnt see it but I can see how people dont like it. LOL
Jul 21, 8:48 PM

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I finished watching Berserk (1997) and saw the trailer for Cats the same day and to my surprise the movie trailer for Cats was more disturbing.
Jul 22, 12:34 AM

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I am actually not too bothered by how it looks visually.

Do I think Cats needed a movie? No. Absolutely not. Cats (on Broadway) on DVD was just fine. I also think some of the cast was maybe not needed. I understand that some projects don't even get greenlit if they can't get certain big names on, but I also feel like Cats is popular enough to not need big names. Perhaps they chose artists who resonate with a younger crowd so it can attract younger generations. But also because of that, I can't help but see this project as a temporary money grab.;;

The Les Miserables film (2012) did have some interesting casting choices-- which I understand casting is definitely going to try to have big names if they can in general, but all in all it's not something you would look back at the casting for and say, "Oh yes, this was a time capsule for this time period". Damn near all the big names in Les Miserables were also great actors. You should hopefully be able to look back and say, "Yeah, the casting for this adds more to the story" not just more to the wallet. However, I'm a little wary about the casting of Cats.

While Cats is a pretty fun ride, it's also a pretty emotional musical as well. Artists like Taylor Swift and Jason Derulo really don't have too many acting chops. I'd mention Jennifer Hudson as well, but she's actually had more experience in film/television than Taylor Swift and Jason Derulo combined (for all three, I'm not counting appearances in which they just show up as themselves). Animation has been getting away with this in voice acting for years, but I have a feeling this might be where it ends up falling flat. They might be fine, but it just kinda seems like they'll be sacrificing good acting for artists who specialize in music. But just because something is a "musical film" doesn't mean one should only focus on the musical aspect.
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Jul 22, 9:47 AM

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Nightmare fuel  
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Jul 30, 8:48 AM
Yandere Gals FTW
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Can honestly say hand on heart that I don’t like the look of this at all I’m afraid >_<
Jul 30, 8:58 AM

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I don't even know if I wanna click on the "Play" button of the YouTube video... Was never really a fan of the Broadway musical tbh and that thing doesn't really look that much better, gonna be avoiding this one when it comes out.
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Jul 30, 8:59 AM

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>Muh nizzle T-Swizzle

>Furry garbage

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Jul 30, 7:59 PM

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I used to think alitas CGI eyes were bad but this tops that.
Jul 30, 8:04 PM
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Do they really have to use CGI for this? I mean they could've stuck with decent costumes and I'm completely okay with that.