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What are you a sucker for when listening/watching openings?

Jul 18, 10:58 AM

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Do you have a certain thing that makes you appreciate anime openings? It can range from some sweet looking sakuga or cool transitions that make the scenes seem to flow seamlessly. I personally really like when singers reach high notes, with examples from this season being Dr. Stone and Fire Force.
Jul 18, 11:03 AM

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BlakexEkalb said:
Do you have a certain thing that makes you appreciate anime openings? It can range from some sweet looking sakuga or cool transitions that make the scenes seem to flow seamlessly. I personally really like when singers reach high notes, with examples from this season being Dr. Stone and Fire Force.

Same for me m8. Also gotta add dem bombastic music like dem Attack on Titan openings, but I like 'peaceful' openings as well such as Clannad After Story's opening and Attack on Titan's 4th opening.

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Jul 18, 11:12 AM

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Amazing visuals, good transitions and nice foreshadowing make me appreciate an opening way more, as well as fitting lyrics and rythm
Jul 18, 11:12 AM

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I like a good chorus, it's why I liked some of the Jojo OP's even though they're not what I'd usually listen to
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Jul 18, 1:34 PM

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I love a good catchy song. I'm not too fussy about the visuals as long as I like the song. Although, I really like it when the OP takes on a particular aesthetic. Graffiti is one of my favourites. ED's generally do this a lot more but it's cool when OP's do it too. In fact the example I'm gonna show is an ED, cause I can

Jul 18, 1:38 PM

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Yes I like to listen to anime openings. They can often rekindle a sense of nostalgia and make me relive all the good memories and sensations that I had while watching that anime.

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Jul 18, 1:49 PM

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I like a heavier opening or something catchy. I don't enjoy them spoiling things though.
Jul 19, 11:04 AM

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I like when it has really nice and catchy designs, like the ones in Bleach

For the music, I don't like ballads or songs with a weak singer, I prefer when the songs have a nice beat and play with the instruments
Also have a preference for electric guitar and drums. Drums usually define the beat, so they're really important
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Jul 19, 11:16 AM

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I like it when it doesn't spoil the entire plot.
Jul 19, 11:19 AM

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There are some chord progressions I really like.

Though I usually prefer that they be placed at the climax of the song, and not just plastered everywhere.

A good song has an intro/verse build up to the chorus.

(The visuals are generally not a noteworthy concern for me during OP/ED segments, aside from that I want them to properly represent/frame show. But I also expect that of the music.)
Jul 19, 11:27 AM

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What I mainly look for in openings is the music, I like them better when the song is catchy, not too loud, and fits in with the show. I think visuals are a plus but they don't need to be anything special to make me like the openings.
Jul 19, 11:36 AM

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Honestly it can be my music tastes but my favorite ops are ones that have high energy with really good choruses. Catchiness helps too haha. Here are some of my favorites!

Seven Deadly Sins (Seven Deadly Sins)

History Maker (Yuri on Ice)

Kyouran Hey Kids (Noragami)
Jul 19, 11:54 AM

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great and creative visuals like smooth transitions and shots that match or fit what the music is doing rhythmically or melodically (Monogatari OPs basically). ones that properly capture the essence of the show lyrically, musically, and visually, for example AoT OP1 and 5.
Jul 19, 12:29 PM

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For me i think its the sound/melody it gives and the rhythm. If the music manages to catch my attention due to those factors, i'm all over it. The visuals are kinda irrelevant for me to enjoy an opening tbh.
Jul 19, 12:39 PM
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What I really look for in an opening is how the lyrics fit in with the main theme or themes of the anime. I really do not like when, say an action anime has a love song as an opening/ending song or sometimes the lyrics of an OP/ED are just a random gibberish that does not fit with with the overall theme. I do not care for the genre, be it a ballad or a rock song, all the genres can be used to portray the message.
Jul 20, 6:30 PM
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In my ideal openings, sound, lyrics, and animation should mirror the character of the show I'm watching. If the song has some catchy opener, even better. Examples that come to mind are Neon Genesis Evangelion, AoT, Cowboy Bebop, and Bunny Girl Senpai.
I think the first opening of the third season of MHA was one I thought didn't fit the show. I ended up skipping it until they had a new opening.
So my main attraction point is the music. I can appreciate some inventive or just well-made animation, but if I don't like the music, it'll be a problem.
Jul 20, 9:00 PM
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-Running or falling scenes (Ex: Danganronpa Future Arc op)
-A hopeful/uplifiting sounding song (MHA openng 1)
-Opening animation that starts grim and ends hopeful (Ex: Shield Hero op 2)
-Any animation that just looks awesome (Ex: Tokyo Ghoul op 1, Death Note op 1)
-Song lyrics that fit the anime (Deadman Wonderland op)
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Jul 20, 9:12 PM
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The only OP I refused to skip throughout the whole series were those of Cowboy Bebop and Neon Genesis Evangelion.
For ED, that would be Tatami Galaxy.

So I guess whatever those 3 have in common?
Jul 20, 9:18 PM

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Anything by Man With a Mision, Asian Kung-fu Generation, UVERworld or Flow I have to listen to no matter what.
Jul 20, 9:28 PM

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When the opening doesnt relate to what going to happen in the story, scenes from the literal show. Also when the the openings have more artistic freedom (Psycho pass, devilman crybaby, samurai champloo).
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Jul 20, 9:28 PM

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They tend to provide spoilers so I generally skip it or let it run in background. Kill me baby ED is part of the comedy.
Jul 20, 9:30 PM
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Either recognizing the singers or when the opening/ending animation has a certain scene that goes in sync with the music.
Jul 20, 9:32 PM
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The visuals rarely matter to me all too much. I pretty often watch them for the song, though. If the song is either similar to something I'd listen to on my own, or just catchy enough, I'm all about it and will probably watch the OP every time (unless I'm binging, of course). The OP has to be insanely good for me to watch it every time on a binge.