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Jul 18, 2:46 AM
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Is there a place to post feedback for the site or is this it? Another forum I often visit has a section to post feedback on. I'm not sure if "Suggestions" is the place to post that kind of stuff as it's not really an idea.

Edit: Since no one is replying, I'll add more information. I would like to have an option to rate forum mods for example. It's a way to know if they treat you nicely, not doing a good job or try to abuse their power as a mod (Not saying it's happening).

Another one is some of the anime pages list have not been updated since forever even though their English VAs have already been announced for months.
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Jul 20, 4:04 PM

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The reason no one (and myself) replying here is MAL doesn't care about suggestion board at all and last time something changed because of a user's suggestion was in years I guess.

But that's interesting at least for anime pages. Though rating mods I'm against it. Assume mod "X" is popular and "Y" is not and like even if Y does a better job, X will probably have higher ratings...
Jul 20, 4:22 PM
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I see. Makes me wonder why does it exist in the first place if the original intent was to help improve the site. I've been here for almost a decade and I fear nothing much has changed since then. I originally though there's no reply because I wasn't clear enough with my suggestion. Oh well, can't blame myself for trying.

For anime lists, one that comes in mind is Megalo Box. Two of the characters are supposed to be listed as mains as they appear on every episode guiding the protagonist, but are still listed as supporting. Toaru Majutsu no Index III had it as well and was finally changed when someone asked it should be. Just wish other anime pages did the same.

As for mod ratings, you got a point as it might show some bias and favoritism over others.