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What anime do you wish received a second season, but didn't.

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Aug 2, 5:02 AM
Joined: Oct 2018
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I think One Piece was a little short.
Aug 2, 5:06 AM
Joined: May 2017
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Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt (it legit has the biggest plot twist at the LAST second and just ended)
Ouran High School Host Club
Dimension W
Magic Kaito 1412
Deadman Wonderland (Pretty bad cut off)
Danganronpa 2 (theres a 1st and 3rd season but no 2nd)
Aug 2, 5:15 AM

Joined: Oct 2017
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I could practically say most of my favourites, both manga, anime, etc.

Jaznime said:

Danganronpa 2 (theres a 1st and 3rd season but no 2nd)

The DR3 anime is actually what comes after the second game, and is also an adaptation of neither 2 or V3.

plugkid90 said:
I think One Piece was a little short.

I'm not watching it until it gets another 10k episodes. Then I'll be content.

∂εℓιvεяιεs ✉
Aug 2, 5:20 AM

Joined: Jan 2019
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inflowing said:
Ouran Host Club (even though lately there is a rumor going around of it POSSIBLY getting a second season after all these years)

No way! :O Don't give me false hope, man.
Aug 2, 5:33 AM

Joined: Jul 2017
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Aku no hana, I loved the anime and manga, shame they didn't fully adapt it.

Then I'd say Prison school because it was hilarious

Nana but the manga has been on hiatus for so many years and i don't know if there's enough material for a new anime series since i didn't read it

And finally Lucky Star, I can't get enough of those silly girls

Aug 2, 5:42 AM

Joined: Nov 2016
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Not a second season but a third season of kaiji would be amazing.
Aug 2, 5:49 AM

Joined: May 2014
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All my favourites that didn't end on a complete note that don't already have sequels.
Aug 2, 5:52 AM
Joined: Jul 2019
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Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei
Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry
No Game No Life
Youjo Senki
Konosuba(3rd season)
Darling in the Franxx

and i hope Black Clover get second season if it ends
Aug 2, 6:01 AM

Joined: Aug 2018
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Barakamon. They made a prequel of if but it's not as good.
Also Daily Lives of High School Boys.
Aug 2, 6:04 AM

Joined: Jul 2013
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Densensu no yuusha no densetsu. I mean, that friggin cliffhanger.
"Life is one big yeehaw and then you die"
Aug 2, 6:37 AM
Joined: Aug 2018
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Probably a second season of DRIFTERS.There are three OVAs already out but I want a complete 1-cour season.
It's not related but I want a third season of ARAKAWA UNDER THE BRIDGE.
Aug 2, 6:41 AM

Joined: Dec 2015
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Out of my 20 favorites, Maria-Sama woud be the one I wish got more content.

Woud be amazing to see more of the girls I love and it might give the doujinshi makers some energi to make some more Maria-Sama doujinshi's :3
Aug 2, 2:36 PM
Joined: Jul 2019
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No game no life and banana fish.. yet.. it’s still possible no game no life will get a season 2.
Aug 2, 4:48 PM
Joined: Jul 2019
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Chivalry of a Failed Knight. Really good, great graphic work.
Aug 4, 3:31 PM

Joined: Sep 2017
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Definitely Classroom of the Elite.
Aug 4, 4:27 PM

Joined: Jun 2019
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Also Aku no Hana.

This thread was among the first things to pop into mind after finishing it today. Six years later and nothing is disgraceful and disappointing, but at least there's a live action film coming.

These one season shows that end on a cliffhanger and you get to hear everyone and their mother saying for years "Just read the manga" with no conclusion to the show in sight are the absolute worst. It makes me think there should be some different scale or criteria for judging incomplete and unfinished stories over ones allowed to tell their full story, as it changes the viewing experience and feelings one is left with afterward so dramatically.
Aug 4, 4:30 PM
Joined: Feb 2018
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Panty and stocking with garterbelt
Aug 4, 4:44 PM
Joined: May 2019
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Watashi ga motenai no wa dou kangaetemo omaera ga warui: it isn’t everybody’s cup of tea but it’s literally one of the most hilarious things I’ve ever seen. Some might believe it’s just pointlessly sad but it was the most relatable thing I’ve ever seen. Takes me back to my depressing awkward school days and I need to see more :,(
Aug 4, 4:46 PM
Joined: May 2019
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DyingInMyRoom said:
No game no life and banana fish.. yet.. it’s still possible no game no life will get a season 2.

Banana fish season 2 would be depressing grieving. I wouldn’t wanna cry anymore.
Aug 4, 5:21 PM
Joined: Mar 2019
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Classroom of the Elite, is a good anime and it would be nice to see more of the manga animated.
Aug 4, 5:35 PM
Joined: Nov 2018
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Fuck a second season
Aug 4, 6:28 PM

Joined: Nov 2015
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Hungry Heart - Wild Striker!

i think th comedy was fine in there but no one never remember takahashi's second work!
Aug 4, 7:34 PM

Joined: Apr 2017
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I'd love to see a second season of Yona of the Dawn.

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