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Poll: Black Clover Episode 92 Discussion

Jul 18, 9:31 AM
Joined: Apr 2017
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Mei-o_Scarlett said:
FMmatron said:
There was no other way, but I was still very tense during the reveal. William and Licht sharing a body is something I didn't expect, tho.

The fight is very hype so far and Julius is definitely OP. They still showed a weakness of his, I wonder what happens if he runs out of stored time. Guess Licht will exploit that in a nasty way.

And hahahaha, best Petit Clover episode ever. Also liked the visual changes in the opening.

Looking forward to the rest of the fight, but boy, the Julius death flag is too real. The episode title for 93 is the final nail in the coffin:S

@Mei-o_Scarlett pls shut up :-*

k gomen, ill legit stop =/

delete your comment or put a spoiler on it goddamnit you know the rules kisama!!
Jul 18, 11:32 AM
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Also if the Julius dies I'm going with him, idc

Jul 18, 11:39 AM

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Welp, as expected William is Licht and thought Julius is powerful Licht seems to have an ace in his sleeve, Oh Julius you better not die, cu'z I don't want Asta nor Yuno to take over your position.
Jul 18, 8:11 PM

Joined: Oct 2008
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I have no more words to say! the 2nd of this episode is just pure goldlike hype!
2nd half of OP visuals has new content!
The Wizard King is sure overpowered! Time magic is just like cheat! but I know a good series has many twist to make it more interesting and make it a greater show as a whole!
Jul 19, 2:45 AM
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Here we are its William---- ooooppppsss!!! Its the Litch all along that they are wanted to fight for... so thats the reason why Captain yami has the same vibes when he is with Captain Vangeance...

And yes, we can see how wizard king julius really have his fight... and i love his Chrono magic.. yeah...

Next week episode, im ready for this one.
Jul 19, 4:55 AM

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At first I didn't care about the Wizard King, but this episode changed it. I want him to live... and the villain is unpredictable for me although they give many hints at the other previous episodes.
Jul 19, 10:36 AM
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I finally got to see Wizard King in a fight. I hope that Wizard King won't die because we didn't get to see alot from Wizard King yet. Pretty good episode in a while, and I was definitely not expecting the betrayal.
Jul 19, 1:06 PM

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It's from this point on that Black Clover turned from good to amazing for me.

Can't wait to see all of the other twists in this arc adapted.
Jul 19, 7:02 PM

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All of this chapter for me was a

Jul 20, 10:09 PM
Joined: Aug 2017
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Oh God, Julius’s lines were so poetic and ominous. He destroys future therefore he creates them, he’s the ideal Wizard King and his powers are really cool, Time magic bro!

One thing about the animation, the animators are really in sync and getting their own style unique to Black Clover, I loved this eps animation.

Cant wait for the next ep, something big is gonna happen.
Jul 21, 9:47 AM

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the was william all along but with split personalities... quite a plot twist
Jul 21, 1:39 PM

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Damn, so Yami and Julius weren't doubting for anything... William is the "leader", but damn.

Julius is so strong, after all, he isn't the Magic King for nothing xD Hope he will win! But Yami will come soon for sure.
"There is no such thing as an Anime elitist. You watch Anime, therefore, you are trash by society's standards."

Jul 21, 8:24 PM

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Mother of plot twists
Didn't see that coming
Jul 22, 4:10 AM

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The concept of a body hosting two souls. Very intriguing.

Despite all the dots, signs and hints that were hard to ignore regarding Vangeance, just like Julius, I also hoped it wasn't true. But oh well. xD

Even the name 'Vangeance' is a hint on its own as it is a reminder of the word 'vengeance' which is very consistent with Licht's current crusade against the humans.
Jul 22, 12:22 PM

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It's nice to finally see Julius finally fighting but I'm very nervous that he is going to die. It's just hard to imagine Licht losing and being killed when their organization are just about to achieve their goal.
Jul 29, 3:54 AM
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Nice battle scene .the story also keeps getting better
Aug 9, 10:51 AM

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ibraheem234 said:
the was william all along but with split personalities... quite a plot twist

wrong, 2 souls in 1boddy thats totally different thing
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