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Poll: Where does a MAL user have the most trouble?

Jul 21, 7:04 PM

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IpreferEcchi said:
Gan_water said:
Yeah, it goes without saying that there's probably no one type of person here. You're the one who made the thread.

It's one of my attempts at getting in Popular New Topics. This was an unsuccessful attempt because people replied too slowly.

Not sure what to say... a thread like this is best if you don't refute your own context hahah
Jul 21, 7:32 PM

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So average MAL user is what? Young, late teens to early twenties. Predominantly male. Introverted. Prefers interacting with people over the internet. Many are somewhat perverted. Particularly nervous around 3D women with some even discarding them completely for the 2D master race.

With that in mind here's how I rate each option.

Adult Club: I assume this means like a strip club? Interaction with 3D women is pretty bad but you don't really need to talk to them. And most MAL users are perverted enough to enjoy it even if some of us would prefer 2D. Fairly social situation but not packed and, again, don't need to socialize, that's not the point.

Discomfort level: 2/5

Church: Some will feel judged but I imagine most people that could potentially feel judged are far past the point of caring about religious views towards their perversions. Forced socializing level very low. More boring than anything. Plus there are a fair few religious users you bump in to from time to time.

Discomfort level: 1/5

Concert: Obviously, tons of people. This will be very uncomfortable for many. But you're not forced to socialize. You can just try to enjoy the music. Pretty bad but could be worse.

Discomfort level: 4/5

Japan: Double edged sword. Go to akihabara and you're surrounded other wierd otaku, plenty of 2D girls and all the lolicon hentai and sex toys you could ever want. But you're still weird even in Japan when outside of Aki. Bonus compared to a western country is no one can understand you so you don't feel pressured to socialize. But that can add to the discomfort level at the same time. Overall it depends, but a proper anime fan is a weeb at heart and will probably feel buzzed being in Japan at all.

Discomfort level: 3/5

Military: I'm ignoring this one. It's the fucking military. Very few people are comfortable there. Unfair choice. Might as well have put prison as an option.

Near a school: Many people on here are school children already. And guys so deep in to anime girls they're looking at lolicon don't even care for 3D girls so the idea of sweating pervert isn't really valid. This is no problem at all.

Discomfort level: 1/5

On the road / store: Boring options and this is starting to a longer than I wanted so I'm going to wrap it up.

Bar is easily the worst (ignoring the sumb military option) getting a full 5/5. There is nothing to do after you order your drink but socialize. Maybe there is food but do you really want to be the one guy eating food alone in a bar? Plus you're surrounded by loads of drunk people that not only might start talking to you but will do so in a really enegetic, extroverted manner. Not even some decent girls to perve on because it's going to be the types that hang aorund bars. This sucks in every way possible.
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Jul 25, 12:36 PM
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IpreferEcchi said:
katsucats said:
Why would I have trouble with any of these places? I don't get it.

Because this was written with weeb stereotypes in mind.
why the miltary then though? i get the rest but i just don't get how weeb stereotypes apply to the military. The only reason i can see them being bad at it is not many people know alot about the stuff they might use so it would be more like not everyone can do that.pls explain
Jul 25, 12:40 PM

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Caram3ll said:
why the miltary then though? i get the rest but i just don't get how weeb stereotypes apply to the military. The only reason i can see them being bad at it is not many people know alot about the stuff they might use so it would be more like not everyone can do that.pls explain

Weebs only want to be bossed around by 2D girls and they can't take their merchandise with them.
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Jul 25, 6:04 PM

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is it bad if i just say "anywhere that isn't home?" because that's pretty much how i feel all the time idek.
even if i'm out with friends or family in the back of my mind i'm just like "please let me go home already ..."

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Jul 25, 11:22 PM

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My workplace, I hate it but I need the money for food and booze. Also the bank, banks always ask for your money and I don't wanna give it to them.
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