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Jul 17, 6:41 AM

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"Why are bad animes so easy to binge"
Because when you gorge yourself you stop noticing the taste.
Thus good anime should be consumed slowly in little sips like a good wine.
Jul 17, 12:38 PM

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It takes me forever to binge anime I deem as bad, I try my best not to drop stuff but sometimes it is the only option.
Jul 17, 1:45 PM

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For me it's the opposite they are hard to binge it takes me forever to finish one.
Although these days I don't bother if the shows is bad it will get dropped I'm not an OCD completionist that I once was.

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Jul 17, 7:51 PM

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Depends on one's definition of "bad," really. I could binge a show like The Magnificent Zorro easily because of how amazingly awful the dub is. However, on the other side of the coin; you also have dubs that are just plain bad in an uninteresting way.

Then of course you have the series that just piss you the hell off. I loathed every moment of No Game No Life. There were moments where it was so bad it was funny, but most of the time I was just bored and annoyed at the same time.
Jul 21, 1:51 AM
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Because they are actually enjoyable? Most of the so called "good" shows by elitists are pretty boring, honestly.
Jul 21, 10:26 AM

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if it's bad enough that it's amusing, then you get the bonus of entertainment to just not having to think.
AnimeFreak-San said:
is this a male gender issure...human issue...mental illness perhaps?
Jul 21, 10:39 AM

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If I don't like something, it has to be very short or I won't complete it in most cases.
Jul 22, 6:28 AM

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It depends on what kind of bad.
I enjoy watching something so bad its funny like the voice acting is terrible or the show itself is a ridiculous concept.
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