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Poll: Dr. Stone Episode 2 Discussion

Jul 17, 2:32 AM

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Enjoyed the episode but there's one thing that's bugging me a little. Please do correct me if I've missed something or it has already been explained.

But, how were the lions and all the other animals not turned to stone? In the first episode, there's the scene where they bring the bird back to life that was stone, so why not all of the other animals?

Like I said, unless I missed something, I'm a little confused. Although I am really enjoying the anime so far, I'm so interested so see where their world will be in 10+ episodes time.
Jul 17, 5:55 AM

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Ventus_S said:

Didn't notice the crossbow part.
But then this raise another bug in the story.
Senku has woken up for more than half a year, so how come he hasn't made any weapon by the time the monkey guy woke up?
How's he so lucky to not met any predator during this half year gap?
The more I think about it the less I think it make sense because this is literally just plot convenience.
Maybe they should make the half year gap between their revival a 2 week gap.

- Senku doesnt make any weapon? he already made some spear.. if you mean he doesnt make a crossbow before, b'coz it need something like chalk that Senku explain before (number 4).
- B'coz the predator doesnt smell anything before Senku and Tsukasa try to waking up the "girl".
The MC Guy Dont deserve the best Girl.
Jul 17, 10:36 AM
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Not my cup of tea. I'll give it a couple of extra episodes, but I'm not feeling it so far.
Jul 17, 9:59 PM
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I was very pleased with episode one, but after watching the second one I have to say :
Do not watch this anime, the animation is terrible, so the story is somehow a bad shortcut.
Read the MANGA !!!! it's much much better
Jul 18, 2:49 AM
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I really liked that you don't REALLY know what to expect from the "Tarzan" guy, like, it's clear that he only wants to revive the young, but not what he wants to do afterwards or if he's a good or bad guy.
I'm really curious what comes next but I'm a bit anxious that the show could progress too quickly and revive too many people soon. I hope that doesn't happen (Haven't read the manga)
Jul 18, 3:50 PM

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Not going to lie but when Tsukasa (the crazy huge dude) appeared, honestly it reminded me so much of danganronpa like is he not the male version of Sakura.

This entire show is probably going to end up with a crazy cast like danganronpa. A variety of different high school students working together for some cause--unraveling the mystery of the light that turned them all to stone + working together to rebuild civilization.Expecting a very colorful cast in appearance (Senkuu's hair is crazy yo) and even skills. Throw in some special abilities as super powers, sprinkle of conflict, antagonists flying in and you got yourself a shounen anime.

After two episodes I know this show is not meant to be taken 100% seriously...but I kind of like it so far and will stick around for more. The premise is interesting but if it turns out to be more of a joke I will definitely dip. Perhaps this whole rebuilding of a world aspect is the only thing appealing to me so far.
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Jul 18, 6:54 PM
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Taiju did a nice choice to un-stone first Shishio instead of Yuzuhira duo to their situation, and yeah Shishion just one punched a lion!

Hope they un-stone ehr soon!

I am kinda affraid of Shishio, cause him and Seenku having diferent ideas, but surely Shishio have a good point there!

I just want more of this, i am loving it!
Jul 19, 9:29 AM
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lol tarzan has made his entrance and looks like he might be an antagonist later on

had to go back and check . yea he did say 4 XD
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