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What's an anime that doesn't get talked about much, or even at all, that you really love?

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Jul 16, 6:39 PM

Joined: May 2018
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Moonbladder123 said:
Run with the wind
and maybe a place further than the universe ?

I totally agree with you on Run with the Wind, and I'm currently watching A Place Further than the Universe! I've just finished episode 5 so far and I can't wait to see the girls get to Antarctica!

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Jul 16, 7:02 PM
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Looking at this thread I think the main issue is that people almost exclusively discuss seasonal anime and nothing else.

Personally one of my favorite obscure anime's is Gregory Horror Show which IMO is one of the best horror anime of all time (which isn't saying much because there isn't that much horror anime.).
Jul 17, 8:54 AM

Joined: Jun 2019
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Koi Kaze, though I understand due to the subject matter
Jul 17, 9:06 AM
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Kore wa Zombie desu ga?. I love this shit but i feel it's an underwhelming anime. That's why season 3 is not possible. I love commedy shows that doesn't rely much on Plot like Gintama, KonoSuba, Osomatsu-san, above mentioned etc. etc... Anyway i will appreciate if anyone can suggest me some animes like i have mentioned. Oh, Do not suggest me the popular one coz i might've olrdy watch it.
P.S - Sorry for going off topic.
Jul 17, 10:17 AM

Joined: May 2017
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Shakugan No Shana anime series are really fun to watch. Music is outstanding,animation is great for an anime made in studio J.C Staff,fight scenes are amazing and mai waifu Shana-chan is so freaking cute and best tsundere i ever seen. Sadly,both light novels and anime series are underrated as f*ck nowadays. Even if it's underrated,there are still some hardcore Shakugan No Shana fans out there,but only small number of them.

There is also a harem anime called Trinity Seven. Trinity Seven have the best harem protagonist ever made. He is not dense like most of harem protagonists and he is open-minded pervert who always says something funny and perverted. He is badass,too. Also,Trinity Seven have couple of female characters that are great waifu materials,great OP song and it's shows how harem anime and fanservice should be handled and developed. Sadly,hardly anyone talks about it.

There are more anime that i would like to talk about,but it's gonna be 100-page essay,so that's all i can say.
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Jul 17, 11:14 AM

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-Little Busters!
-Classroom of the Elite
-Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches
-Chaika, the Coffin Princess
-The World Is Still Beautiful
-Grancrest Senki
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Oct 20, 3:38 AM
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In my opinion Ben-To, Classroom of the Elite and SukaSuka aren't too popular but they were very good to me
Oct 20, 3:51 AM

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Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin is like the highest rated anime no one cares about. The only time I've seen it mentioned outside of episode discussions was when its mangaka died and it wasn't on this site. It has it even worse than Mo Dao Zu Shi, which says a lot.
Oct 20, 5:59 AM

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Descending Stories Rakugo
Kong oto tomare
Boogiepop 2019
Grancrest Senki

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Oct 20, 6:11 AM
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Nas_taran said:
91 Days! It's an amazing anime but no one seems to know about it

I really like this anime too! The characters are great and the story is amazing. Unfortunately, not many have talked about this.
Oct 20, 6:14 AM
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One outs, one of the best sports anime and not many people have seen it. It's a really good psychological senin anime.

Barakamon is my fav. slice of life anime. It's in my top 10 and I don't even like the slice of life genre.

Just because is a really good romance high school anime with no over the top drama and really realistic characters.

Spice and wolf. I know it's not that unpopular but still it's has become kind of irrelevant now coz of the lack of s3. It has the only female anime characters which has came in my favs. The conversations and chemistry bw the mains leads is the best I have ever seen in any anime.
Oct 20, 6:15 AM
Joined: Oct 2017
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Wow... I have some in my mind, but I would like to start with Baccano. I really like this anime. The story, the characters, and the twists are really good. At the beginning, you might find the story a little bit weird, because I was feeling like that too. But, if you keep following the story, you would find every characters connected with the whole story.

I'm not sure if this anime doesn't get talked much or maybe because this is a 2007 anime, like 12 years ago, so people doesn't talk about this anymore.
Oct 20, 6:36 AM

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12 Kingdoms, Kaleido Star, Mushishi, Ookiku Furikabutte, Michiko to Hatchin, Mononoke, R.O.D the TV, Mai-HiME, Ghost Hound, Konnichiwa Anne, Planetes, Emma: A Victorian Romance.
Oct 20, 6:40 AM

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Ashita e free Kick. I mean, it's only 499 people rate it as for now. Let alone talking about it.
Oct 20, 7:43 AM

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Lunilah said:
Stand Alone Complex. Obligatory Legend of the Galactic Heroes.

Literally this. Ghost in the Shell will forever be some of the most Legendary Anime out there.
Oct 20, 7:49 AM

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NeoAnkara said:
This is my kind of thread. Gotta shill my love for Rokujouma no Shinryakusha the pinacle of harem. The all encompassing of every genre without any sacrifice made to all character. Intertwined character plot mix with one another like a spider web.
I'll just bump myself here for more love.
Kickstarter for Rokujouma is fully funded. Good work everyone. Lets wait for the result of our hard work together.
Oct 20, 8:04 AM

Joined: Jun 2019
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Another couple of shows that don't get much love that I though of are Campione (my favourite harem/ecchi show of all time, a great MC that isn't a pussy & embraces his good fortune as the centre of attention from multiple women), Ah! My Goddess, Claymore, Strike The Blood, B Gata H Kei (really funny) & Granblue Fantasy.

Someone above already mentioned Yamada Kun & The Seven Witches, another brilliant show.
Oct 20, 8:37 AM

Joined: May 2019
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ranma 1/2. many peoples say it went downhill after first 20 eps;but i really liked all of it (minus the fillers).i also read the whole manga
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Oct 20, 8:39 AM
Joined: Sep 2017
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Sarazanmai? I don't see a lot of ppl talking about it but I might be wrong.
Oct 21, 2:58 AM

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People that grow up in the current generation do not know Monster anymore.
Oct 21, 12:24 PM

Joined: Feb 2019
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I’ll go with Saiunkoku Monogatari! I watched it earlier in the year and whilst not a favourite, I really liked it. I don’t know how correct I am on it not being very talked about though, as I’m not really involved with the anime community, but from what little I’ve seen online, it only gets discussed by people who have it as one of their main favourites and such, rather than in discussions that encompass all sorts of anime series.
Oct 21, 12:27 PM
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I freaking love Karneval and Children of the Whales.
Among my peer group specifically, Bungou Stray Dogs is never spoken about. It's not even an unknown or unpopular show, there's just no one around me that knows about it!
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Oct 21, 10:07 PM

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I feel Ping Pong the Animation is really on the lowest profiles of sports anime fans.
I mean most of them are about superation and finding your own talent and that show does it in 11 episodes but I can see not everyone is into Masaaki Yuasa style although people love the hell out of Devilman for some reason.
Oct 21, 10:10 PM
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KamisamaHatatan said:
People that grow up in the current generation do not know Monster anymore.

Monster & 20th Century Boys are both classics.
Urasawa is very gifted.
Oct 21, 10:13 PM

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Hamatora, Kiba, Inukami, Gundam 00, alot of my 7s, 8s and 9s don't get talked about much anymore or at all.
Oct 21, 10:15 PM

Joined: Mar 2018
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i never hear anyone, and i mean anyone talk about the 1993 black jack ova series. i absolutely adore it and nobody really knows it exists? makes me sad, esp with how popular dororo got recently.

runner ups: charlotte (i know people talk abt it, but not Positively), nanbaka, air gear, and b: the beginning
Oct 21, 10:19 PM

Joined: Aug 2015
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One Outs! is definitively my pick. It is the mix of two things that I love: Baseball and psychological anime. It goes beyond the sport and it feels a little bit more like Death Note than your typical anime. Also Tokuchi is god and no one can deny that.

Oct 21, 11:25 PM
Joined: Sep 2016
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Saiki kusuo no psi nan (The Disastrous Life of Saiki Kusuo)
Oct 21, 11:32 PM

Joined: Feb 2018
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Eve no Jikan was a really cool series/movie.
Denpa-teki na Kanojo felt a bit like KnK albeit lower budget.

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Oct 22, 10:10 AM
Joined: May 2018
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Zetsuen no Tempest
Quanzhi Gaoshou
Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan
These shows are one of the best in their respective genres but don't get much attention.
Oct 22, 10:17 AM

Joined: Jul 2014
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Hataraku Maou sama= Devil is a part-timer
Like seriously... I love these 2 to a fault but no one talks about em....
Oct 22, 10:21 AM

Joined: May 2016
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For me, YGO 5D, Precure Smile, Symphogear and probably Digimon Universe
Oct 22, 4:37 PM

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Two favorites that I think deserve more recognition:
R.O.D Read or Die
Samurai 7
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Oct 23, 6:28 AM

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probably wotakoi, i dont know if it was really popular at some point and i just missed the hype but it was so good and has such a nice plot and SUCH a good op
Oct 25, 8:28 PM
Joined: Apr 2019
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Anything that is josei + action, like Karneval and Saiyuuki (yes, all the seasons starting from 2000).

Saiyuuki was my first "old" anime tv series and I only wished I started it sooner. Additionally, there was something cathartically satisfying in watching the series starting from the first season in 2000, all the way to the latest in 2018, and seeing the art style and animation improve, while staying true to the mangaka's characteristic art style. This might have the best character development I've ever seen in anime.

Karneval is like Cirque de Soleil and Alice in Wonderland smashed together in terms of setting/atmosphere. Love the characters and the story. The art is GORGEOUS. Respect to Manglobe Studio (*sniffle*)


Barakamon: My first slice of life. I thought this genre would be boring until I watched it, and realized it's most similar to normal literature. The comedy was also really good.

Gugure! Kokkuri-san: Criminally underrated. I have never laughed so hard in every episode of an anime before. A lot of the humor is slapstick though, so if that's not your kind of humor, you may not like it. I enjoyed the references as well. Plus it has a completed 12 volume, 115 chapter manga.

Nanbaka (S1 and S2, and the ova. Watching the ova is mandatory): Is anime getting a bit stale, a bit repetitive for you? Looking for something fresh? Like a little bit of satirical comedy? Mystery? Intrigue? Sparkles? This is it. Enough said.
Oct 25, 8:36 PM

Joined: Sep 2019
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Terra Formars! Now, that show was dope!
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Nov 3, 11:40 AM

Joined: Jan 2019
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Baccano! I really don’t understand why nobody talks about it. It’s one of the most entertaining things I’ve ever watched.
Nov 3, 11:51 AM

Joined: Jan 2014
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Loddos War, Slayers! and Sora no Otoshimono.

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