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Jul 11, 5:43 PM
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I made a reddit dedicated to Mon Colle Knights-Facts, media, episodes, music-THE WHOLE SHIBANG! English manga uploads coming soon! Come indulge in your favorite nostalgic anime!

And if anyone wants to role play Mon colle knights with me you can find me on deviantart under fairygal11. And if you want to do it by email-Message me.
Jul 12, 12:29 AM
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Absolutely amazing series from what I remember - perfect balance of adventure, comedy, fantasy, and isekai.

I watched it dubbed in croatian (from an already english dub) in early 2000s.

Dragons were especially designed nicely.

Too bad it is still unavailable with original audio, and english subs.
Jul 13, 6:22 AM

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I remember watching it before school every morning, and that's about all I can remember.
Jul 13, 6:52 AM

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What is it about? I never heard of it before.

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