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Jul 11, 9:10 AM

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Preview for the upcoming anime

Jul 12, 11:45 PM
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when will it be released?
Jul 13, 1:02 PM

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roshanzzz said:
when will it be released?
Jul 13, 7:45 PM
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thx i really loved the manga n seeing its gonna get anime adaptation im damn hyped
Aug 10, 11:30 AM
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i'm preparing myself because Hoods Entertainment is the qualityest of all studios
Sep 7, 6:19 AM
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@ahneeme Yeah, it looks actually pretty good compared to the manga. I thought only mainstream shit and bad stuff was to be expected for next season but I stumbled across this after new chapters were released and now I'm hyped. They better make this gud
Sep 9, 2:12 AM

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Broadcast from Oct. 5 with Hoods Entertainment in charge.

Main PV:
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Sep 15, 11:05 AM
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Wow can't believe this is getting an anime adaptation, I mean I like the manga but I'm sure the anime is going to censor it like crazy. Also how much do they plan to cover since the manga is still ongoing and don't think there is a good stopping point for it, at least not since the most recent chapter that I read.
Sep 17, 10:29 PM
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The preview is so subtle, I wonder what the anime is about