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Kadokawa, 'Lucky☆Star' Author Launch 'Maesetsu!' Original Anime

Jul 10, 2:55 AM
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This year's August issue of Comptiq magazine announced an original anime titled Maesetsu! on Wednesday. Kadokawa simultaneously opened an official website for the anime, revealing a key visual (pictured).

Manga author Kagami Yoshimizu, known for creating Lucky☆Star, developed the anime's original plan. Yoshimizu is also drawing a 4-koma manga for the project.

Scriptwriter Shouta Gotou (Kibun wa Ikaga recital drama) is credited as a main staff member. Main cast includes Yoshimoto Kogyo's otaku-based comedy duo Freak!, which consists of Tomita Junki and Hatsuna Ubuno.

The anime centers on four girls at the full bloom of their youth, working hard to achieve their dreams as they struggle valiantly. In Japanese entertainment, Maesetsu! refers to an introductory talk or explanation addressed to the audience before the broadcast of television programs, usually performed by assistant directors and particularly comedians in variety or comedy shows.

Yoshimizu launched Lucky☆Star in Comptiq in 2004. The slice of life comedy series was also featured in multiple Kadokawa magazines including Comp Ace, Shounen Ace, and Newtype. The manga went on hiatus in 2014 due to a new project Yoshimizu was then developing. Kadokawa shipped the tenth volume in November 2013.

Kyoto Animation adapted the manga into a television anime in 2007 and an original video animation the following year.

Official site:

Source: Moca News
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Jul 10, 3:10 AM

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I never watched Lucky Star and it's one of those shows that remained on my backlog for years.. but I'm willing to give this one a try when it comes out.
Jul 10, 3:26 AM

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I'm a huge Lucky Star fan, so this is going to be a must watch!
Jul 10, 7:27 AM

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If this is by the same author as Lucky Star, then it's a must watch in my case. I don't expect it to be on the same level (especially since it won't have a nostalgia bonus), but if it's at least as good as Yuru Yuri, then great. :D
Jul 10, 7:42 AM

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Can't wait for them to come up with more legendary op/eds.
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Jul 10, 7:49 AM
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I loved lucky star so I will watch it to see how good it is
Jul 10, 8:33 AM

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Oh this is promising !
Lucky Star was hilarious so I wonder how this one will live up

Jul 10, 8:38 AM

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By the Lucky Star author? I'm in.
Jul 10, 8:44 AM

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I'll try it out, it's been a long time since I've seen Lucky Star.

Jul 10, 9:02 AM

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Lucky Star is one of my favourites anime ever, so I can't wait for this.
Jul 10, 10:12 AM

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Oh boy, his will be very interesting. Lucky Star is my second favorite anime (#1 along with Lain in my heart). This is pretty unexpected news for me!

Jul 10, 12:45 PM
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I'm not the biggest fan of Lucky Star, but I do think that this can be fun to watch.
Jul 10, 12:55 PM

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The green haired one is extra smug, I might like this show.
Jul 10, 1:54 PM

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epic epic epic, this pleases me.
Jul 10, 7:47 PM

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I'm so hyped! Even the characters pictured resemble the Lucky Star characters!
Jul 10, 10:19 PM
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I can't exactly remember how I got into Lucky Star during my middle school days.
I used to play this game called "Fantage", and fans of that game would constantly put Lucky Star's music in YouTube videos related to the game. I also found out that our middle school had the first two volumes of the original manga (SOMEHOW).
So did I find out about Lucky Star through the Fantage community, or was it from my middle school's library? Who knows...

But either way, I really liked the Lucky Star four-panel manga from what I read of it back then. The character designs and art style are very memorable to me, there are some pretty funny parts of the comic (like the famous choco-cornet scene), and I really did like many of the characters.
So I'm pretty excited for this!! I did buy the Lucky Star anime recently, so I guess I'll be watching it while waiting for this new "Maesetsu" project.
Jul 10, 11:22 PM
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Hmm, so a Lucky Star reboot in 2019. This could be really interesting. Count me in.
Jul 11, 5:10 AM

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Wow designs of 2007

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Jul 11, 5:13 AM
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Soooo once this anime is over will lucky star be yanked out of its 5 year hiatus?
Jul 11, 6:09 AM

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These designs made me go - Whoa! I wonder what studio is making the thing.
Jul 11, 6:56 AM
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It's been so long since I seen Lucky Star! I think I was in elementary school when I first watched this on my Wii.

Anything lucky star related is always welcome! Hopefully KyoAni gets this!
Jul 11, 7:34 AM

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That artwork looks way early 2000s.
Jul 12, 7:15 AM

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How much merch will I need to buy to ensure that the next project is Lucky Star Season 2 ?
Jul 13, 1:53 PM

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Absolutely love those character designs. They give me such a 2000's vibe.
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