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Jul 8, 2:41 PM
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As someone who is 29 eps in I can say it is definitely not a bad Anime, but I don't feel like it is nearly as good as people say it is. I know everyone has their own tastes but I want to love this anime if I can maybe be convinced.
Jul 8, 2:52 PM

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If you don't like you don't like it you don't have to force your self to like it just because it's popular. Not everyone is going to like everything. That said I recommend watching it till the end cause it gets better and better with each passing episode and it ultimately culminates into awesome series of battles but it's up to you.

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Jul 9, 6:25 AM
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The story, the characters and their roles
Jul 9, 11:49 AM
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The Story, The Philosophy, Characters, The Ending is perfect.
Jul 12, 8:18 PM
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It's good if you're a teenager, but the "morals aren't black and white" philosophy isn't anything new.
Jul 12, 10:24 PM

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In short, FMA is a well written and designed story.
It means that the story has a clear concept (world building) and goal. It doesn't use nonsense tropes like nakama power and stuff, it is also not dragging (wasting your time) nor repetitive. You know that nonsense tropes and repetitive story are the biggest problem of shounen mangas.
The characters act and treated (by writer) like real human. Military soldiers are actually useful here lol. The MC is not a typical your brainless lucky guy too, you know this is a more realistic depiction "important" (MC is an important guy in the story right ?) man in the real world.
It also touches many topics like politics, racism and religion as another plus.

You know that you can find answers to question like this by read people reviews right ?
Jul 16, 9:50 PM
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Fmab Also has a large cast of likable characters