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Jul 7, 9:37 PM

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A big thanks to 45b16, alextheriot, kei-clone, Naruleach for helping out this season!

You can find more details and an overview of all the results in the club's official FAL Spring 2019 thread.

Points Criteria
Please see the Rules thread.

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As for everyone else, thank you all for yet another great season of Fantasy Anime League!

If you haven't already, join the FAL Club to stay notified of the latest updates.

Stay tuned for updates about banners!
Jul 7, 10:00 PM

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18 (--) NeoAnkara - 6506789

Top 20 finish even with all the error I make in the beginning. Sure is though season by sheer number of participant alone.

Also congrats for @EndlessEnnui.

Let's meet again in Fall 19.
Kickstarter for Rokujouma is fully funded. Good work everyone. Lets wait for the result of our hard work together.
Jul 7, 10:40 PM

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I even forgot to use my booster lmao but that doesn't matter anyways, I beat my previous record and I'll be damn sure to do better next season. Congratulations to the winner and see you in Fall 2019.
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Jul 8, 1:00 AM

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Top 50 out of 900, not too shabby!
Jul 8, 4:43 AM

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Second place on my second FAL! Did I just master the art of FAL?

A little breakdown... I did everything I could but there's just no way to close the gap between me and EndlessEnnui. Even a successful nuke from me would still fall short but I couldn't because I was in 3rd place at that time. I need that and the elusive unique score bonus points. I'm not even sure how unique score works. There is a list but it's actually confusing. Would be great if someone explain it to me and also point out if I missed something crucial to win the whole thing.

Congrats to @EndlessEnnui ! Very easy win for him. And see you all next time!
Jul 8, 5:12 AM

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Biggest FAL ever, #40 isn't bad, even if I did better last season... if only I didn't consider Senko-san to be a forgettable niche title.
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Jul 8, 6:14 AM

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10 (--) ZainKean - 6536560

Yea Just made it in the Top 10. Not too bad as it was my first time playing and only used the ace once. Well, I got lucky with my picks. And Congrats to @EndlessEnnui for the Win.
Jul 8, 10:33 AM

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Congratulations EndlessEnnui! Great job delaying the Senko-San ace to get unique team score bonus on Week 8, the decisive winning move this season. Congrats to Dweebenheimer for 2nd place on their 2nd FAL!

It only took 12 years, but I'm happy I finally beat my previous best performance (8th, 2007 Summer season), and finish 3rd.

Dweebenheimer said:
...and also point out if I missed something crucial to win the whole thing.

For us (and most of us in the Top 10), we needed a better Week 1 anime, since it was very hard for us to get a unique team score bonus post-Week 8. Even if you got it, EE using the Booster would have still kept them in 1st.

The best Week 1 anime to pick was Midara na Ao-Chan. It scored well for the first 2 weeks, and also got license points in Week 13 (you can also ace it on that week!). You would then you use the Extra Swap wildcard to put Carole back in Week 14.

Thank you FAL staff for organizing and running another great season! See you everyone for the Fall Season!
Jul 8, 11:07 AM

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@Dweebenheimer @BlueYoshi

Yeah're welcome. One botched ace was all it took.

*Cries in almost-2nd-place*

For real though, I hope we have a crowd this big in Fall.

Jul 8, 12:56 PM
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Haha thank you everybody. Yeah I started thinking a lot about any strategy I could make a few weeks in after seeing that I was in first place. I've been playing in FAL for almost 5 years now I think and I've never been in contention before so it was a big surprise. I didn't expect the week 8 Senko-san ace for the unique team score to actually work out but I figured it was worth a shot and fortunately for me it ended up working out alright in the end.

I don't think it came as that easy of a win. I know that at least NTAD and joyfullydoomed could have beat me if they swapped in Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!? in week 13 and then used the extra swap wildcard to bring Carole & Tuesday back in for week 14. Though with NTAD using his on the booster in week 9 and jumping up to second place stopped anyone from being able to nuke me because they would have had to use their booster to pass him back.

I feel like I played everything just about perfectly with what I had. My one regret is that I was going to choose HitoriBocchi as my week 1 anime for some extra points but decided on YU-NO last minute because it was starting several days before any other anime so I hoped people would check it out. HitoriBocchi ended scoring more points than YU-NO anyway even with only having like 1 day to get points between when episode 1 came out and week 1 results.

For anyone actually reading this sorry I guess I had more to say than I first thought. Anyway I know that it's not always easy staff wise so thank you guys for continuing to run this thing. Myself and others are appreciative of the work you do to keep FAL going. I can't believe I won and I'll see you in the fall.
Jul 8, 2:54 PM

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650 (+9) OriharaShinra - 3892661
At least ended on a round number, this is really a set back from my last (and first) FAL. Hopefully on fall I will do better.

Congrats to @EndlessEnnui
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Jul 8, 4:45 PM
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Ended up in 65th place. Not my peak performance, but not my worst. At least I got into the top 100.
Jul 8, 5:43 PM
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Yep, glad that I got a rank up in the final week, not enough to overtake @Stark700 though :/ But 35 is not too shabby and my best finish in an FAL season.

And congrats @EndlessEnnui!
Jul 8, 11:26 PM

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@BlueYoshi Thank you for the complete explanation! I understand now that I didn't have the chance to win it unless another top player used their nuke... unlikely scenario. Me on second place is luckier than I thought. Kono Oto Tomare did decent enough but it being a Funimation exclusive was a disaster for me. That and dismissing these short length, ecchi shows for my team. Definitely will focus on picking the right week 1 anime next time.
Jul 8, 11:38 PM
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170 (+48) LunyRem - 5922456

Huh, I had already accepted my fate that I would stay below 200, but I still made it up to 170 in the final week. I'm completely surprised by this and I'm taking this result!

I botched too many things in FAL Spring 2019. This isn't my best FAL season, unfortunately. I had a better rank at last year's FAL but MALpocalypse killed that season last year.

I'm fine with this result. Ignoring Kenja no Mago for my team resulted in my downfall, although I wasn't impressed with that anime anyway.

Congrats on the win, @EndlessEnnui ! :) GG!
Jul 9, 12:33 AM

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13th place for my first FAL.Will aim for 1st next time!
Jul 9, 3:04 AM

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First top 10 finish. I'll take it.
Jul 9, 8:38 AM

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I dropped out of top 30 in the final week. Oh well. I think I forgot to ace on one of the previous weeks.

Grats to EndlessEnnui this season.
Jul 9, 5:16 PM

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EndlessEnnui said:
Though with NTAD using his on the booster in week 9 and jumping up to second place stopped anyone from being able to nuke me because they would have had to use their booster to pass him back.
This was actually how I'd planned it out but I wasn't having any illusions of first place at that point.

2nd place was going to be my goal rather than taking any big chances like that when I realized we were earning points at about the same rate.

What messed me up was acing BokuBen but forgetting to account for drops in Week 11. I was exhausted from work that week and totally dropped the ball. By screwing that up it was essentially a loss of 6k points because not only did I not get the 3k but I lost 3k for being wrong. Had I actually aced Carole and Tuesday I still could have aced Bokutachi the next week and gained another 3k and solidified by position. By that point even if whoever was in 3rd place had nuked me my cushion could have eaten it and the recoil they would have received would have kept them from passing me.

I could have still been nuked earlier on but most people don't use it and I was betting on that. That should be evident from the fact that nobody nuked anyone this season lol.

Eh, 4th is a new personal best for me though so I guess I'm okay. I beat @Naruleach and that's what matters.
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Jul 10, 6:50 AM

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Had the top scorers, just had to pick the worst starting anime’s. Too much trust into Saranzamai was my downfall
Jul 10, 10:48 AM
program noizes

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Heeeeeeey, I submitted a booster as my wildcard more than an hour before week 14 closed, but it doesn't show up for me here.
Jul 14, 12:35 AM

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344 thats a fine number :') I'm so behind hic
Jul 14, 3:15 AM

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Numi said:
Heeeeeeey, I submitted a booster as my wildcard more than an hour before week 14 closed, but it doesn't show up for me here.

oh dear