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Poll: One Piece Episode 892 Discussion

Jul 8, 6:39 PM

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This looked great. Zoro daddy you look good.
In general the OP anime fandom has been so starved for any change in visuals that this surpassed any expectations easily.

I'm not sure it can/will necessarily hold up to this quality but I sure hope it does.
Jul 8, 7:05 PM
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zoro is so cool 🔥😎
Jul 8, 7:49 PM

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Toei with good animation? What the actual fuck!?
Jul 8, 8:39 PM

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Holy smokes so that's where all of the Big Mom arc's budget went! Everything looks great and I can't wait to jump into things!
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Jul 8, 10:58 PM

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I started tearing up when Zoro appeared for the first time in ages...
Jul 9, 12:24 AM
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Is this really one piece!!!
Damn this episode was fucking awesome. The new animation and art style looked beautiful. Finally we saw Zoro in action. I liked how they showed how Zoro was caught. The action scenes looked great too. Robin looked beautiful. Great to see Franky and Usopp. The soundtracks were great. And Wano did look colorful just the way Oda wanted it to be. Thank you Nagamine.

The opening was great. Kamurosaki looked beautiful in the op. But the opening did spoil a lot of things for the anime only fans. And I think they kinda spoiled the manga readers too. I mean that was unexpected.
Anyway I'm hyped for the anime.
Jul 9, 12:28 AM

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The opening has so many spoilers! But it still got me pretty hyped.

Strong start even with the little amount of manga content covered it wasn’t too dragged out.

Animation was really impressive. Especially since it’s Toei.
Jul 9, 8:38 PM

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In Wano, the straw-hat pirates are hidden in characters, Franky as a carpenter, Usopp as a merchant, Robin as a geisha and Zoro as a ronin; Kin’emon told them not to attract attention. One night, a samurai assassinated a person, but he ran, Zoro was by the way and got blamed, he was sentenced to seppuku, before committing it, he smelled blood from the magistrate, so he confronted him and the guards, starting a battle. Luffy woke up next to his ship, in Wano’s beach, suddenly a tiger appeared running from a monkey with a sword.

The art is pure beauty, watching this episode, just made me think that this is gonna be the best arc since they entered to the new world, this is gonna be great, also, I adore Japanese culture, I’m shocked. Law is missing, Zoro looks so good with this theme and Robin so beautiful as a geisha.
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Jul 9, 9:12 PM
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I love the new animation style and even with the spoilers the op is great. I’m really enjoying the music and I’m curious to see how they move forwards with it. I am also super happy to see Zoro back in action for the sepuku scene. This has all come together very nicely and I love it
Jul 9, 9:48 PM

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the animation was so smooth, I approve ♥

Zoro is slowly catching up to Mihawk!!!! ugh

𝓹𝓮𝓻𝓲𝔀𝓻𝓲𝓷𝓴𝓵𝓮 ✧*:・゚✧

Jul 10, 4:19 AM
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Embracing the new animation style and the excellent use of music really give this arc an identity unique from the manga. Great to see Zoro again. Straw crew are definitely a rough bunch of pirates not naturally suited to "play their roles." Franky ain't happy! Excited to see how this plays out but the whole arc transition with the new crew names definitely ate up some time. Hopefully the pacing is a little better this time around.
Jul 10, 6:01 PM

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The upgrade in art and especially animation was outstanding. Hope they keep the quality like that.
Jul 10, 11:30 PM
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omggggggggggggg ZORO is BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK. I haven't seen him for like 900 dayssssssssss
Jul 11, 1:43 PM

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Seriously how long has it been since we had such a damn enjoyable episode not only visually but overall interesting and don't even get me started on the music.
The episode was awesome.. I seriously hope they will keep up the quality for the rest of the arc !
Jul 27, 8:44 AM

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Wojtini21 said:
One piece of unlimited budget works.
Quite unbelieveable we have reached such a point in time, dont ya think? :D
Aug 3, 6:49 AM

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New opening looks good. Anyway, while Luffy and the others were fighting Big Momn and her family Zoro and the rest were in Gintama land chilling lol
Aug 15, 3:21 AM

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Man, this episode was awesome! Tremendous vibe with sakura, samurai, sake and incredible music. Such flavors as the change of music in the interlude to such a sounding more like classic Japanese style are dope. I'm very excited about Wano Saga.
Sep 7, 9:46 PM

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A so fucking damn good start to this arc, it's for far greatest than the manga with this kind of effort. Thanks to kamisama of anime and the bless Oda

Sep 8, 12:06 AM

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The ep was good this week
Sep 24, 3:24 AM

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Now this is D OP I know and love

Zoro is fucking beast , Robin as geisha
Nov 4, 3:20 AM
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Wait, is this a dragon ball opening ahah ?

Also the opening spoils so much :o ? And kaido is a fu**ing dragon ??!!

And what is this quality !
Dec 2, 6:52 PM

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This is absolutely incredible. I kinda stalled of the anime at some point during Wholecake (like 830's I think), ended up skipping the rest of it and even Levely because of all the hype from the Wano trailers decided to just start with it (I read the manga, so as far as story is concerned I have no issue), I'll probably go back and watch those at some point but this is just on a whole new level compared to everything before.

The animation, the art style, the soundtrack. the direction, they're all fantastic. The Zoro scenes were amazing, they breathed so much life into the anime which was really suffering from it's slow paced episodes. This is what we needed, this is what we needed for a very long time. I'm very excited. Can't wait for more and Wano is already shaping up to be an amazing arc.
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