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Poll: Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet Chapter 109 Discussion

Jun 30, 8:07 PM

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Seems this might get a bit more complicated.

Persia's father wants her daughter back?!
Jun 30, 11:17 PM

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Ohhh noo!!! Juliet's father Turkish Persia is coming to a hotel where all the Dalia school are now in one place while Romio and Juliet are now in out of town to see the secret place where Persia family gather here to have a picknick..

And Juliet kissing to Romio on his cheek for the second time since both stranded in the island in between chapter 20 - 21.. That was the most romantic chapter scene that I ever countered...

And by the way this chapter was the introduction of the Juliet Persia Arc... It will be more trills and exciting in this arc... Just hold little breathe and the mind will be blowing up...😊😊😊

Jul 1, 5:16 AM

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a "caring" father. BULLSHIT
Jul 1, 7:05 AM
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How the heck he fell in love with a Touwa? He seems more against Touwa than Leon's grandmother. I hope Inadzuka mother makes an appearance later. From here on out I'm afraid of the ending they are putting the ending like in not so happy ending like Juliet will go with her family and hope I'm the future they will destroy the political barrier and that shit. So basically I'm not too fond of the direction this is going. At least they should make an epilogue where they reunite and not let us hanging.
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Jul 1, 11:24 PM
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Here comes the final drama and cliche.

Don't expect him to act all tsundere-ish like his wife, because he's just a plain racist.
Jul 3, 7:36 AM

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Juliet is such a sweetheart. Well her father looks like trouble

Jul 11, 2:40 AM
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This is not looking good. I was looking forward to seeing Romio trying his best to introduce himself to her parents, but damn Turkish, what happened to you? You were in love with Chiba after all.

But the rest of the chapter was still awesome. That kiss on Romio's cheek... damn. Also, Juliet is cute when she's mad, she gets all serious and answers using short sentences lol. The kiss was definitely the highlight though.

Still can't believe the manga is ending soon T_T hope it ends on a really high note with the final arc.
Sep 7, 3:00 PM

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That another cute kiss on the cheek tho, and end up with the final problem i supposed.. since manga'll be ending.


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