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Poll: Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai Episode 13 Discussion

Jun 30, 1:33 AM
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I was really jealous of the execution of episode 12, they didn't show good things in episode 13, even though this was the only longest duration given to Yuiga and Furuhashi, but somehow I didn't feel the sensation of their closeness ... because of episode 12 yesterday I started to hate this anime. where the final episode should have been better executed ... episode 12 yesterday made me disgusted. eps 12 should not be made.
Jun 30, 1:37 AM
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HisokaxMeruem said:
I dont understand how people rate this 8 or above, its literally average at best, it does nothing special and even the cliché stuff isnt good. That this gets a 2nd season faster than 5-toubon is completly retarded. The only good scenes are with furahashi, the rest is beyond generic.

Because this was better than 5toubon and a series above 8
Maybe you don't like it but then again... everyone has their own taste
Personally i can't understand how demon slayer had 8.49 although dororo was 10 times better but still...
Jun 30, 2:23 AM

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I guess Fumino deserved an episode like that but still, Uraka is the best! No fireworks scene? Looking forward to next season.

Weekly appreciation for Uraka being the best girls and for her tan lines. 7.5/10
Jun 30, 2:29 AM

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So the first season ends on chapter 39.

Anyway, as a manga reader, I felt it was a pretty solid adaptation, even if it did skip several chapters of the manga, and I had fun watching it. Though I felt that one of the characters had a little too much screentime. But I do admire how the anime had more fanservice than the manga.

7/10. The same rating I gave the manga. Looking forward to the second season.
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Jun 30, 2:39 AM

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can't say anything else than 9/10 to this anime, pretty good adaptation of the manga while keeping it's originality!
Will look forward ro season 2!
Jun 30, 2:47 AM

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So the last episode of Season 1, ALL girls + Sensei had their spotlight in traditional festivities. And MC boy Yuiga didn't have the time of rest.

ESPECIALLY Furuhashi, whom dominates the entire 2nd half of the finale. I swear this is the best part of the episode.

It would be sin for me to say that Furuhashi is best girl, but everyone was special on their own merit. 7/10, pretty entertaining even at its faintest.

Season 2, here we go in Fall!
Jun 30, 3:08 AM

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Anyone saw those bootleg DBZ/One Piece masks? lol

6/10, nice adaptation of an average harem manga
Jun 30, 4:02 AM

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well gonna miss this show...nice episodes so far
Jun 30, 4:32 AM

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Best Girl Sejikou wins Best Pajamas! :' ) This show was never meant to be a masterpiece, but it was funny with a lot of heart! OP and ED were great too, 8/10!
I just want my avatar animated someday......Oh wait, I guess it will be, in Oct. 2019..... :' )
Jun 30, 4:36 AM

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dankzel said:

So cute. I can't wait for Season 2!!

Yea I waiting this since eps 1. But sorry Im #TeamKirisu
Jun 30, 6:19 AM
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HisokaxMeruem said:
That this gets a 2nd season faster than 5-toubon is completly retarded.

it will most likely be a while untill 5-toubon airs its 2nd season due to the voice cast
Jun 30, 6:26 AM

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Why Nariyuki's sister wasn't in the festival?

This anime was so fun to watch. It would have been even better if wasn't for the girls' screentime problem, though.
Jun 30, 6:42 AM

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Started off pretty amusing, but the later episodes and this one in particular had many eye rolling moments due to contrived gags and awkward situations.
Kokoro did nothing wrong.

Jun 30, 7:08 AM

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We Never learn is like a harem show pre High Schools DxD. It's painfully average, the character designs are mediocre and on the whole I've seen this type of harem far too often. It offers nothing new and Quintuplets is a million times better. I'm also baffled why it's getting another season.
Jun 30, 7:29 AM
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Can’t get why people here compared 5tobun with this. Like has MAL become more retarded to use that as a standard for harem anime?
Jun 30, 8:00 AM
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aww Fumino is just too cute
Jun 30, 8:55 AM
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Jun 30, 1:03 PM

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Veeeery solid harem. Not bad MC, all girls are great, art fits really nice and comedy is above average. If not 2nd season I'd probably go read it now.
Jun 30, 1:39 PM

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This was one of those series where i was having a super hard time deciding who is best girl, because i love them all. And they were the reason i really enjoyed this show, can't wait for the second season and to see where the romance goes with all of the girls! 8/10
Jun 30, 3:12 PM

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The anime started getting enjoyable when Ogata and Takemoto started having less of a role.

Worse girls by far.
Jun 30, 8:04 PM

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This episode just shows that best girl is Fumino-neechan
Jun 30, 9:41 PM

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Mediocre ending to a mediocre adaption of a marginally better mediocre manga. Nothing gained, around 4 hours lost.


Jun 30, 10:36 PM
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Good enough show...

Like Yuiga, I kind of admire the girls too, all struggling to overcome their weaknesses to acheive their dreams. That's the main point of this anime...

And Yuiga does not know it...but his dream is staring at him in the face. He's going to be a teacher. He just does not know it yet.
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Jul 1, 3:05 PM

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Finally Fumino has her moment to really shine and I must say that I liked it a lot, she was so adorable and that futon scene was so beautiful. I can definitely say that she is the one who grew the most on me and for how they are leading her romantic development, makes me believe that she is the one who will finally "win".

Still, Sensei is best girl, I absolutely love her, from her appearance (my favorite in this sense along with Fumino) to her personality, everything. The part where the kids want to be shot and stepped on by her was so absurd, I felt completely identified. lmao

Asumi is second best girl, a single episode was enough to take that place, she's great.

Uruka started as my best girl, but between she sank herself, Sensei having more screen time, Asumi, etc, she lost several places. I still like her but the other girls are too strong.

And finally Rizu, she's cute and had her cute moments but didn't catch my attention as much as the others. It is also true that after a certain point she was put aside though.

Anyway, really fun series, looking forward to that second season in October.
Jul 1, 11:37 PM

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Phenominal episode, with great humor and massive character development for Fumino especially, I wish she's not too delusional so as to think that by studying science she could be an astronaut for the sole purpose of looking for her mother in space. Let's not go there.
I've always said it's Nariyuki and Takemoto, but what the hell happened? Funimo is taking chanced like nobody else, that's a new hight.
Too bad the season ended, however, at least they announced an OVA and a sequel in the making.
Jul 2, 1:26 AM

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Yes! Nice ending for the first season! Team Furuhashi for the win.
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Jul 2, 5:27 PM
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Got damn! This anime makes it difficult for you to choose who should stay with Nariyuki. Now I do not know whether to choose Uruka or Furuhashi. Both are so beautiful. Personally, they are my favorites. Actually, they all have their strengths.

This final episode of the first season was a combination of emotions, ... I laughed, I got emotional (in a romantic way) and saddened a little. There were even references to other animes, such as One Piece, Dragon Ball and other films 😅.

Hahaha, the teacher is an expert in target shooting 😂. See that child side of her, it's great.
The whole episode was great, but it got even better and more exciting since Nariyuki and Furuhashi met at the station and entered the hotel. From that moment, my heart was like "I do not know what will happen, but I'm very nervous" 😅.
Knowing that Furuhashi's mother died was really sad 😢 and more with that introduction to the book "The stars are the lights of heaven", that made the moment even more sad and emotional. Furuhashi and Nariyuki talking while looking at the stars together, rays! What a beautiful moment. And then, seeing them sleeping holding hands ... "ahhh, I can not handle this, it's too cute", I said: ').

Without a doubt, it is one of the best animes of this season that ends ... and one of my favorites. It is a great joy to know that a second season is already confirmed for the month of October of this year 😁👌. It only remains to wait. After this final episode, I can not help feeling excited about what decision Nariyuki will take at the end of the final exams. What will be the dream that you will choose to follow, and who will you fall in love with at the end?

Before this episode, I was going to give it a score of 7/10, but now I give it a well deserved 8/10 xD. It was a pleasure to follow this comedy / romantic anime with you.
Jul 3, 10:56 AM

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i'm glad that i could watch 2 great harem romcom animes these days. Gotoubun hanayome and BokouDek were amazing.
i gave both anime 9/10.
i think Nariyuki will end up with Furuhashi. unfortunately, tomboy style girls like Uruka and nerd girls like Ogata have no chances to win in romantic animes
Jul 3, 6:15 PM

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likable girls and likable anime, not a lot of what i haven't seen though. will watch the upcoming 2nd season though.
Jul 3, 7:10 PM

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it's been a while since I have watched a so good and enjoyable romcom + comedy anime

easy 8/10
Jul 3, 9:14 PM

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Loved it!!! Can't wait to see season 2!

Jul 4, 12:11 AM

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You know, I usually avoid the harem and reverse harem genre like the plague because the girls/boys are often annoying to watch. Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai was oddly more charming though. Way more palatable. I think one of the biggest things was that these girls are mostly all friends or get along with each other in a way that I actually kinda feel is genuine. Like people don't just say, "Oh I like this person. We're friends". Instead, they kinda show it. They go hang out with each other, not in the company of main character, they have their own goals, and like yo, look at Furuhashi and the lengths she's going for her friends.

I mean, I think Furuhashi's actions might be a little dangerous for her in the long run, but it really does show how far she's willing to go for her buddies even at the denial of her own feelings. But that also makes characters like Furuhashi more charming, because you understand what she's doing and though her feelings and actions are seen as positive/makes her seem like a good person, her actions are actually a flaw. That's some good stuff.

And I think something about most of the girls just really makes them endearing and fun to watch-- lord knows I'd have gotten annoyed a long time ago otherwise. I'm mostly talking about our three main girls, though Asumi was interesting too. I can't help but root for Uruka AND Fumino. They're the two characters I feel are probably the most understandable. Rizu is cute and all, but they could have done more with her. Still, she was also fun to watch somehow-- I'm actually more interested in what will happen between her and gay science rival Sawako. :U

But anyway, I think they did relatively well with Boku-ben. It's not the most amazing show ever and it's riddled with cliches, but they managed to make the characters interesting, and that's often what saves a cliche anime from the pits of "WHO CARES??". The only thing I can really say is "GET A MOVE ON". Like, harem anime usually bother me just because it's like aaaaagh, how long are we gonna mess around with people trying to low-key or high-key fight for some dude/girl?? Get on with it! But I think another thing that kept me watching was that I actually was interested in the progress of all the girls and their studying!

I especially hope Furuhashi achieves her dream!

Enjoy your anime!
Jul 4, 4:35 AM

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A highly enjoyable harem romance show. For a guy who mostly watches action anime, this was a nice change of pace. 8/10
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Jul 5, 9:28 AM
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Ok. To manga readers, without spoiling anything, could you let me know if Ogata will get more screen time in Season 2? 😁
Jul 6, 10:42 AM
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I enjoyed this episode so much! 9/10

Excited for season 2.
Furuhashi is best girl <3
Jul 7, 5:26 PM

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Finally finished this, kind of late trying to keep up with other anime.

Anyway, this was a blast, way better than I though. I kind of compared this one to Sixtuplets from the previous season as they both kind of share similar ideas, but this had a totally different feel.

The characters here were all damn amazing, and their interactions were really fun to watch. Personally I love Furuhashi, Kirisu, Kominami the most, which is weird seeing as they were the ones either not trying to get into a relationship or just sort of popped up out of nowhere. I'm giving this a 8 / 10, and I look forward to seeing season 2 when that hits.
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Jul 8, 6:30 PM
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All of those options & this dude refuses to step up or even listen. Garbage MC.
Jul 9, 10:52 PM

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This anime is far better tan gotobun. I don't speak well in english so I will only say that gotobun is totally empty and superficial and this show is the opposite. Obviously this opinion is for the first season of both animes and it could change.

And I like Fumino she is very well balanced as a character and as a girl. She have so much potential.

Well I'll give it a 5/10, generic romance and comedy but not stupid as gotobun.
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Jul 12, 7:57 AM
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This dumb fucks keeps comparing this show to 5toubon even though it's not similar at all. Is there any quintuplet's in this show? None! The only thing is similar is that the guy are tutoring them.

All things aside I enjoyed watching this anime and I'm glad season 2 is on the way. I'm rooting for Mafuyu Sensei though.

Jul 15, 6:45 PM
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Another awesome episode!

All girl with yukata looked really cute!

Kirisu is really overpower when it come to gun game XD Naryuki moment treating her was kinda lewd!

Fumino and Naryuki moment were really cute, their chemistry is also good, and they really slept together, how lucky xD We kinda saw some of Fumino past!

9 out of 10 for me!

And it didn't count as last episode for, anxious to see next season!
Jul 15, 10:16 PM

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JaoIn1080p said:
This dumb fucks keeps comparing this show to 5toubon even though it's not similar at all. Is there any quintuplet's in this show? None! The only thing is similar is that the guy are tutoring them.

The main plot is exactly the same, and both are romance-comedy use your fucking brain, retard.
Jul 20, 8:06 PM
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Great episode.

I'm looking forward for Season 2.
Aug 6, 9:27 AM

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Nice ending. All the girls each had their moments with Nariyuki. Except Kaminami had the least showtime unfortunately. Fumino has the last moment with him and ended up in a Inn together. It was really cute and sweet. Also a nice background about her. Its sad that her mom passed away.

I have to say, this harem anime is fun to watch. Lots of cute and funny moments. All the girls are likable. Hard to say which is best girl for me, but I would like all the girls to end up with MC. Sadly, its a pipe dream. Really prefer this over Go-Toubun no Hanayome. The MC isn't cringy to watch. He maybe dense but it feels he's a little more realistic I should say. Because he shows attraction to the girls like a normal guy would. Also the girls are easy to the eyes and not a pain to watch. I'm glad that both will get another season and it got announced already. So I'm already looking to it.

This is one of the anime series that I took my time to watch it slowly so it won't be over quickly as I'm always looking forward to watch the next episode.

Aug 7, 12:34 PM
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Uruka is the best girl but i like furuhashi

This anime is BETTER than Go-toubun, the characters have charisma and can bring a cozy atmosphere

My biggest criticism of the adaptation is the character design, the anime does not pass well the SENSATIONAL and delicate trait of the author

Eugenefindit said:
Ok. To manga readers, without spoiling anything, could you let me know if Ogata will get more screen time in Season 2? 😁

Yes, but in chapters 113-116 she has a AMAZING plot, she's not my best girl but is that its my favorite part

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Aug 7, 6:05 PM
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Yuki__02 said:
Eugenefindit said:
Ok. To manga readers, without spoiling anything, could you let me know if Ogata will get more screen time in Season 2? 😁

Yes, but in chapters 113-116 she has a AMAZING plot, she's not my best girl but is that its my favorite part

Finally, someone answered. Thank you very much.

Hoohoo. I can't wait. 😁
Aug 8, 11:36 AM
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Aug 8, 7:11 PM
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Finally I finish anime. Is good, i've a good time watching a harem 8/10
Aug 9, 3:22 AM
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Just finished it. I have to say I really liked it. In my opinion Gotubun fell off in the end, while this got stronger. I just missed his sister a bit. I kinda like these overattached sisters because they usually lead to funny situations.
Probably left her home because of her brocon attitude...
But I have to say that I really like Fumino with Nariyuki. I don't really care wether she "wins" (I have to admit that she would be my favourite though), but I really like their interactions.
Aug 11, 8:22 AM
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Good anime, so uderrated also
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