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[OPEN] 2019 List Design Contest | REGISTRATION | OPEN UNTIL 9-9-19

Jun 27, 3:16 PM

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This post is one of my Achievements and contests topics.

We're holding a 2019 list design contest, and all are invited to participate! Anyone can enter and has a chance to win.

New to CSS list design? Don't worry! You can start with our CSS tutorials to style your list layout.
Not good at coding? We also provide premade layouts for you to use as a base and focus primarily on the image/color designs, rather than code.

How to Enter
Post in this topic before September 9 2019, specifying which list design(s) you would like to enter:
a) anime list; b) manga list; c) both list designs.

You don't need to have your list design ready when you post!
Until September 9 2019, you are free to modify your list design, or edit your post changing your registration.

Make sure you read the rules and guidelines below, to ensure your list design qualifies for this contest.

Rules and Guidelines
1. Each user can enter 1-2 list designs, using either their anime list, manga list, or both. Classic and modern styles are both allowed.

2. You can either code a layout from your default MAL layout, or you can use a pre-made list layout (a layout previously made by yourself or someone else) as the base of your design. However, if you're using a premade layout, you must change all images and the colour palette used on the layout; otherwise, your design may be disqualified.

3. You cannot use a private layout that someone else has made as your entry or as the base of you entry; i.e. no stealing.

4. You cannot use a layout you created before the contest registration was opened. This contest is for new list designs! You can, however, use an old layout as the base for the new one (see rule 2).

5. Your list designs must be available for public view by September 9 2019. If your list entry is still set to private on that date, it will be disqualified.

How to Win
By entering, you are eligible to win any (or even all) of these categories.
Member's Favorite · A category where a popular vote will determine all user's favorite list design of the 2019 season. A voting thread will be opened later which all users are encouraged to vote in. Winner to be selected by MAL member's votes.

Best Imagery · The list design with the best choice of images will win this category. Maybe you're not good at coding, but know how to pick good anime images for a layout and display them well? Then this is a category you definitely have a shot at! Winner to be selected by judges.

Best Table and Menu Design · Are you really good at making lovely tables and menus? Then this is a category for you to try and win! Show us your best table design. Winner to be selected by judges.

Best Top Bar Design · Top bar design is a whole skill in itself! If there are any customized top bars (MAL control strip), they will be eligible for this category. Winner to be selected by judges.

Most Creative Design · What layout is the most creative or brings cool new ideas to the art form? Here is a category for you coding experts to show off your most creative ideas. Winner to be selected by judges.

Most User-friendly Design · Many users find advanced designs too laggy or difficult to use, and prefer simpler or minimalist designs. We recognize designs made to be convenient with this essential category! Winner to be selected by judges.

Need Help?
We want everyone to do the best they are capable of, so I'm providing some resources for you here. We now have several videos to guide even a newcomer on how to make a list layout!
Make an original list layout
* step-by-step guide on making your own design
* ten minutes of bonus tips and useful links

Make a custom layout theme!
* Uses the popular Shelter and Clarity layouts
* Change layouts to any anime, manga, or game theme with pics you download!
* 12 premade layouts ready: (click here)

I've made a host of well-renowned list design tutorials to add cool effects to your list, including how to change the images and colors, etc. Many of them are made for beginners:

If you have questions, there are several places you are welcome to ask:
Ask a question topic (in my club):
Creative Corner (not my club):

This is a list of other really good image sites to search images for:

Here is an album of scenery:

If you know how to use renders:

Frequently Asked Questions
Click the spoiler for answers to FAQs in list design contests:

Any other questions can be asked in this topic.

Good Luck to All Participants!
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Jun 27, 3:21 PM

Joined: Feb 2010
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I'm definitely entering through my anime list (not ready yet), I have a cool idea :D
Jun 27, 3:41 PM

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I will definitely try to make both anime and manga lists for this contest. :D
Jun 27, 3:58 PM

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I will try to do my anime list for the contest.

It's ridiculous, but I love it.
Jul 8, 10:19 AM
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I dont know eng well but if it comes of design contest I made a cool one in my anime titles based on Overlord I think its look cool :)
Jul 16, 1:38 PM

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Half_Bl00d said:
I will definitely try to make both anime and manga lists for this contest. :D

Spoonmaster12 said:
I will try to do my anime list for the contest.

IndykPL said:
I dont know eng well but if it comes of design contest I made a cool one in my anime titles based on Overlord I think its look cool :)

Awesome! I'm looking forward to seeing all your designs :D

I've uploaded a new list tutorial on fonts as well, hopefully it can help with fonts which are a pain

Change fonts on your list
* Change font type, size, and color on any list type
* Learn how to change specific fonts on the list
* Thousands of fonts to choose from
* Use fonts off your PC


Calling past contest entrants! We hope to see you come back for this year's contest :D
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Aug 3, 2:50 PM
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I will entering with my anime list, watch with Firefox will improve the experience and obviously on PC
Between 1000 px and 1980 px of width
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Aug 3, 11:11 PM

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I will definitely participate
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