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The protagonist doesn't choose the best girl. Your impressions and feelings

Jun 25, 12:45 PM

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Don't you just get mad when the main character doesn't choose the best girl? (or best boy if the mc is a girl). What do you do after the anime end? how do you cleanse your soul?

And when I say best girl I'm referring to your personal favorite, let's not start a waifu war.
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Jun 25, 12:56 PM
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I felt very very angry on the main character.
Jun 25, 12:57 PM

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I get very upset, but then I move on. I'm already writing a novel where I make my own best girl anyway.
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Jun 25, 12:58 PM

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I don't even do "best girl" designations, though it's rather frequent that my favorite character in a cast isn't necessarily a lead character.
Jun 25, 12:59 PM

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The classic Subaru x Rem ship sunk. Of course it sucks, but if anything Subaru just needs happiness, and as long as there is hope for the ship then I'm fine with it.
Jun 25, 3:08 PM

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I never get mad because usually the protagonist is cancer and I don't want best girl ending up with him anyway.

What's the difference?
Jun 25, 3:15 PM

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I honestly don't care that much as long as there is no significant character betrayal.

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Jun 25, 3:18 PM

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I don't care. She might as well be better off without him. Most of the times it's not like the MC is the best of boys himself.

Jun 25, 3:24 PM

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Of course I burn my house down.
Nah, uh I don't think I've ever had this issue. I mean Washu was best girl in Tenchi but that is a harem so who cares.

Jun 25, 4:32 PM
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id be hella disappointed like in Nisekoi (Onodera was better)
but i mean nothing u can do abt it

Jun 25, 4:36 PM

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From my experience, they almost always do choose the best girl. Can't even come up with a counterexample right now. Maybe clannad, but that one I found so boring and annoying I couldn't give a shit about who the MC ends up with - even if I liked one girl more. And well, it's a VN adaptation, technically all are canon, no?
Jun 25, 4:39 PM

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I’ve fortunately haven’t encountered this yet, but I’d like to think that I’ll probably be sad about it for about 2 seconds then move on.
Jun 25, 4:47 PM

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Actually, looking at all the romances I've seen where the MC actually ends up with a girl, not that many I was surprisingly upset with the pairings

But in the cases I was, it can actually really hinder the enjoyment aspect, especially for shows like Just Because and Anthem of the Heart, which actually really killed that part (particularly the latter, fuck that ending). Some shows like True Tears, Fuuka, Suzuka it's obvious at the start that best girl is gonna lose so it is kinda damage limitation, but still has a similar effect
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Jun 25, 5:37 PM

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All that mater is that how the story present it. If the story make sense and the narrative is pointed that way then I'm not gonna mad. Upset yes but not mad.
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Jun 25, 5:43 PM

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if the MC is trash then I don't mind him not choosing best girl, after all, best girl deserves someone better. Still most of the cases this "best girl" isn't even best girl to begin with.
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Jun 25, 5:52 PM

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It depends on if I like the character who is chosen or not. I usually do like them, and would probably only complain if they were a Bitchasaurus Rex.
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Jun 25, 6:04 PM

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Most male MCs in those kinds of "multi-girl choice" anime are generic and boring, anyway.
In most cases, they don't deserve the Best Girl (whoever it may be) in the first place, so i don't really care.
Jun 25, 7:40 PM

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Never had that issue. I imagine it would ruin the anime for me though. If the whole point is the harem romance element and I'm not happy with the romance that the series ends on... Yeah, I'm going to be pissed.

So I looked over my list and there are two animes I'm awaiting second seasons for where there is a chance the MC will end up romancing the wrong girl (High Score Girl and DanMachi). It wouldn't really ruin either, but I would be bummed out.
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