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Jun 23, 4:18 PM

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So i started to read this one when it was published by June,
this year another publisher released the last book and i bought the remaining four i hadn't read yet; volume 5 had some really horrendous printing where the bottom of the page had been cut and there was an extra few millimeters on the top instead, effectively cutting off the last words of lots of speech-bubbles in that volume. number 6 had similar issues, but not quite as severe and everything was still readable.

So this was something i read a long time ago, then the publishers decided to call it quits on that manga and as i prefer reading things in paperback, and don't know other languages than swedish or english really, i just kept hoping someone would pick it back up again,
which someone did; in 2018, lol, 7 years after the ones i had were released.

I was quite enticed by the manga at first, being a big fan of sexy, dominant yokai and lots of smex. ....well; it was still a very nice story with lots of interesting characters; it would have been nice with some more focus on fewer characters rather than adding more, and when the troublemakers came into the picture i heavily sighed, since "of course there has to be some horrible little rat out there to cause horribly severe drama and/or murder of some kind just to stir things up". -i don't hate action, and i'll take pretty much all kinds of yaoi, but i thought the story was pretty good without introducing the "antagonists" during the latter half of the series. It would have been more interesting to find out more about the characters already there, see their relationships progress, and -of course- more smexy times... That last one took a whole four volumes + one chapter before they actually did something.

-I dunno, i just felt a need to get this out of my system really, but i'd say this could be a sort-of discussion for anyone else who's read it and share their thoughts on the manga .w.~!
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