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Poll: Dragon Ball Super Chapter 49 Discussion

Jun 20, 11:36 AM
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damn when will Goku and Vegeta gonna be able to breathe in outer space? their god modes should be beyond saiyan biology already imo

and they mention evil Boo is needed but he is now reincarnated as Uub so foreshadowing?

and the fight is awesome
Jun 20, 11:41 AM

Joined: Oct 2017
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Pretty nice chapter,fight between goku&vegeta and moro has begun.
Im wondering how big impact on fight between them will have third wish :D
Jun 20, 11:58 AM

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Another bridge chapter, it annoys me this chapter ends with the same cliffhanger as before. Regardless, cool action pieces with Merus and Grand Kaioshin, and interesting revelation about Majin Buu,

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Jun 20, 12:05 PM

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I've been waiting to learn what the 3rd wish was, and what do we get at the last page? They just remind us that there was a third wish.

They can still transform, and the wish is something that won't allow Moro to be defeated, or cannot be attacked, probably.
Jun 20, 11:12 PM

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Lol same cliffhanger again. At least the action was good.
Jun 21, 6:48 PM

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So why do Goku and Vegeta think that they can win using the same strategy this time? When they fought him in Blue while he was weaker than he is now he just drained their energy. What's going to stop him from doing the same thing again? Not to mention whatever this third wish is.

Definitely a step down from the last chapter for me. I guess it was kinda cool to see the Dai Kai-Ou Shin in action, but he kinda just got his shit kicked the whole time. Then Merus did more of his (admittedly badass) jet boots and sticky gun action, and we're right back where we were at the start of the chapter.

Without intervention from Beerus or Zen-Ou, I really think the only way for them to have a chance against Moro is for Goku to bust out Ultra Instinct. If it works how I interpret it in the manga, UI is all about your mental state and not how much ki you have, so Moro's energy drain shouldn't affect it like Blue. The only question is if UI Goku can even hurt Moro enough to put him out of commission...
Jun 23, 5:52 PM

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Enjoyed the arc so far, but this chapter is dragging things.
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Jun 25, 11:05 PM

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Man I swear my SJ app don’t tell me when new chapters release, I missed this by damn near a week now , but this is everything DB should be, the feeling of anxiousness and tenseness in every chapter, I hope we get to see this animated, it’s a different type of fight and different type of villain that doesn’t overwhelm you with strength but his intellect
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Jul 14, 10:30 PM

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The action was really good. I gotta say I really like Moro so far. He's very intimidating.
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