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Poll: Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san Episode 11 Discussion

Jun 19, 6:52 AM

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Senko prepared a lot of drinks this episode :o

Nakano looks more tired than usual but having someone like Senko taking care of him eased some of his stress. Senko and Nakano's character chemistry in this show continues to carry with a good amount of momentum even at this point. Senko's energy and personality is just so positive.
Jun 19, 8:28 AM

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Nakano had a hard time in his work. He looked more tired.

First time seeing Nakano being drunk. There were a lot of drinks.

Jun 19, 8:58 AM

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my favorite scene might not get animated (I hope in the next episode though)
why did they make this more dramatic than it really is lmao
Jun 19, 9:19 AM

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This was a good episode, I liked the little flashbacks and how it was building up to the finale.

Best post credits scene this time btw xD
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Jun 19, 9:33 AM

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This episode earned back lot of respect for this show in my book. It had lost some during the overly fanservicy and borderline submissive middle part. I hope the final episode follows it's bitter-sweet tone, rather than producing a wish-fulfilling Disney ending.

Senko's good-bye party, the moving and wise yet misunderstood last words, and the final lone walk into the rain hit sentimental notes in quite a subtle way. Motives like sakura now in the origins backflash, little details like her shoes pointing away from the apartment while his point inwards, and avoiding to become too whiney and cheesy really are all positive suprises and hallmarks of good story telling.

One of the best episodes in the series so far.

Jun 19, 11:35 AM

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things are starting to heat up?

Imma guess that it's all troll tho
Jun 19, 12:08 PM

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Nice episode. A bit more "dramatic" than the previous ones but I can understand why.
The sequence with Senko comforting drunk Nakano was very sweet to see, by the way.

One more episode to go. Let's see how things will conclude for both of them.

P.S.: That post credits scene tho xD Sora might not be as good cook as Senko but hearing her saying "Danna-han" really makes up for it. For me, at least.
Jun 19, 12:32 PM
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The second half of the episode wasnt in the manga right?
Jun 19, 1:26 PM

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Wasn't ready for these vibes, but I predict they pulled a sneaky one on us she's just headed to the supermarket
Jun 19, 6:46 PM
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I never thought that this anime will make me want to cry. Seeing Nakano crying made me feel sad too. But Senko was so sweet to him. She is really amazing. I love. Although I thought it was kind of funny that it would intoxicate Nakano with so much wine and sake πŸ˜….
Wow! I can not believe it's been a year since Senko came to sweeten Nakano's life.
The end of the episode was sad. Senko left? I guess everything has its end, as well as this anime. There's only one episode left 😒 I'm really going to miss her.

PS: Hahaha I died laughing with the "Super Time of Sora." She is a perverted old woman πŸ˜‚

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Jun 19, 8:05 PM

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aaa this episode made me tear up a bit
Jun 19, 8:17 PM

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Oh no! Nakano's drug is gone, what will he do?
Jun 19, 8:36 PM
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ohmygod noooooo! Senko where are you baby? he needs you, WE need you! hope she comes back :( the part of this episode that really got to me was when Nakano started to tear up while talking woth Senko, i felt that. it was really touching and emotional, and perfectly executed, nothing too dramatic or corny.

what i really liked and enjoyed was after the ED it was "Super Sora Time", and she was pampering him. her voice and the way how she talked was so seductive. so fucking hot, sexy thick fox cougar
Jun 19, 10:20 PM
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This episode has filled me with doubts... Nakano was more tired than usual and with a rather sad expression on his face :c
Senko also seemed to notice that Nakano gets a little worse and maybe she won't be able to reverse the situation.
Jun 19, 10:38 PM
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The feel and tone changed completely in this ep. At first I didn't understand why she was getting him drunk, it didn't make sense. The happy moments were overshadowed by melancholy. Like many anime, the 2nd to last episode sets up a drama that is usually happily resolved in the final ep. But it's not always Happily Ever After. That's what makes anime special, keeping it real. So we'll see which way things fall. One of the best eps, 5/5.
Jun 20, 1:11 AM
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Are we gonna get a second season?
Jun 20, 1:16 AM
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If this ends depressingly i'm going to banzai charge a goddamn aircraft carrier
Jun 20, 2:00 AM

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I came for wholesome and left with feels!

Don't go doing this to me, I need my wholesome anime to stay wholesome!

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Jun 20, 5:50 AM

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I'm still clueless by what's Yozora meant by bad thing will happened by making Senko sad
Jun 20, 6:33 AM
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no clue what Yozora means or is up too , or why senko is leaving
Jun 20, 7:10 AM

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I wonder where this is going. We’ll see next week.
Jun 20, 10:05 AM

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Owww, the drinking scene really sounded like it was the last moment they would share together... I hope she ain't going forever but will come back later.

But at least the episode ended up on a funny after-credit scenes with Sora eheh
Jun 20, 10:08 AM

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papsoshea said:
Oh no! Nakano's drug is gone, what will he do?
Go down the downward spiral. Substitution attempts with smuggled tanuki tails, later on armed robbery of a furrier's shop, and eventually death in peltmonger prison. All we can do is to pray to Sora to not allow this to happen.

Jun 20, 10:42 AM

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Great episode! A bit of a more serious episode this time around but it was glorious all the same.

Kuroto’s sure got it tough, the boss is a real prick for always scolding him despite the insane work quota. Seeing him break down to tears like that was really heart-wrenching! Senko-san taking extra care of him, like the usual, was very pleasing to see but it seems as though it isn’t exactly helping. While Kuroto has remembered a crucial detail from the past, it might just be a little too late now. Good thing his father’s case isn’t nearly as serious as it was portrayed, on the other hand. Ending with the phone ringing without any response isn’t a good sign but here’s to hoping things will look bright by the end of the next episode! Super Senko Sora Time was rather interesting this time, lol.

Final episode next week! I really hope we get a 2nd Season of this, please Doga Koba! “No matter how far you are, I’ll always be watching over you” ;-; ;-; ;-;.
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Jun 20, 11:29 AM

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Welp, I guess this was the part that Senko's takes her exit , besides what Kuroto needs to do is to punch his over demanding boss in the face and then quit...... where to work?????? Ans, go back to where he came from and be a farmer.
Jun 20, 12:06 PM

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did senko leave like that in the end..... hmmm kinda sad...
Jun 20, 12:34 PM

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Looks like we're going for a dramatic ending of some description after all, if Senko has indeed left Nakano now.
Jun 20, 8:51 PM

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damn i knew something like this was gonna happen
Jun 21, 5:32 AM

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Well that sure is a lot of drinks. The scene was more dramatic here.

Jun 21, 8:24 AM

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Well finally a bit drama at the end. This was such a peacefull show so far. I hope it ends in a peacefull way and get s2 soon.
Jun 25, 12:30 PM

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Ah fuck, im already crying cause i didn't want her to leave :(
I really hope something good will happen next episode...
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Jun 27, 5:14 AM

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I need more of that Super Sora time.

And of course there's some drama in the last two episodes...
Jun 28, 3:26 AM

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Oh no, this episode left us with a bad premonition. I just hope Senko doens't leave.
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Jun 29, 12:10 PM

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Noo, Senko... don't leave. How will I survive without the fluff?
Jun 29, 10:32 PM

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Why did Senko leave? -.-
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Jul 1, 2:35 PM
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the scene after ED was the best of this show 10/10
Jul 3, 2:12 AM

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Nurguburu said:
Why did Senko leave? -.-

her job was done, its the work they do

but i think boss has bogger plan cause she sees their bond so she wants to test them
Jul 10, 1:48 AM
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I'm a bit lost at the ending :/
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Jul 12, 4:51 PM

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oh no senko's gonna leave.. time for last episode to be "ayo girl dont leave me"
Jul 21, 4:55 AM

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Oh no the end of fluffly time... OwO
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Sep 18, 8:42 PM

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Super Sora Time needs to be a whole episode season.
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