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Poll: Kono Yo no Hate de Koi wo Utau Shoujo YU-NO Episode 12 Discussion

Jun 18, 7:21 AM

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Damn, Eriko really dressed up for an occasion. What a gorgeous woman.

Still, she and Takuya makes an unusual duo in this investigation. I was also not expecting her to have all that strength in her arm when throwing either. As usual, this show has a lot of cliffhangers.

Jun 18, 8:29 AM

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Takuya suffered from a headache in the beginning due to the effect of traveling between parallel worlds.

Eriko in that outfit.

Jun 18, 9:04 AM

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Eriko-sensei is hot! Let me be Abel! Looks like she is a major player here, is she a shinobi or something? Also, Takuya's headache's are getting worse so there is a cost to all this time traveling after all. But the pain was soothed by Eriko-sensei's bazooka's (yay tropes). Ryuuzoji is trying to kill off everyone that he's paranoid about. Is Mitsuki dead? Everything happened quite fast and then it ends on another cliffhanger.
Jun 18, 9:05 AM
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the only thing i dont like about this anime is that it always tries to add some sort of adultery or sexual harrassment in every arch. other than that its a good anime that has its own unique twist on the plot.
Jun 18, 9:27 AM

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Glad they kept at least what little perversion they could with the locker scene, as it's one of my favorite scenes from the game (as well as this being my favorite route overall.)

Bit bummed that Clair De Lune didn't play like in the original, but that's only a minor complaint.

Also, it seems they skipped this really heart wrenching jumpscare, so slightly also bummed.

But at the same time, the jumpscare probably wouldn't have worked in the anime, as it depends heavily on the way that sprites pop into frame in these old VN video games.

Certainly one of my more favorite episodes so far with just a nice tough of horror.
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Jun 18, 10:20 AM

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Eriko-sensei arc, finally.
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Jun 18, 10:25 AM
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So the Malty Melromarc look-alike was Eriko the whole time. I suspected that because of the hair color, but the hair style was completely different.

With Eriko calling out non-Japanese names in her sleep, and talking like she was on some sort of mission, and her ninja moves there at the end, plus indicating to Takuya that she knows about the Reflector Device and may even use one herself, I am suspecting perhaps she is from the civilization that created the reflector device and she is after Ryuzoji, who is perhaps a fugitive from her civilization.

We still see Ryuzoji scheming with Kaori in this, and Mitsuki again gets hurt, possibly killed, but this time Takuya never set a jump point for a redo.
Jun 18, 11:02 AM

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Well, if there is one thing that the hentai version was in sync with this one was

Anywayz, it nice to see her in a sexy outfit, not like here Gothic whore nurse outfit.

Nice to see her black panty.

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Jun 18, 11:28 AM
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Now the story takes another direction towards the discovery of the mystery. This time it will focus on Professor Eriko and Mitsuki.

Professor Eriko is super great. She is athletic and very beautiful 👌. Who will be Abel ?. I never imagined that Professor Eriko had to do with all this. I guess every character is important in this story.

If Mitsuki was hypnotized by Ryuzoji's bastard two months ago, then I think it will be impossible for Takuya to save her :(.
That damn sent her to murder her mother.

I find Takuya's attitude surprising in the face of all this. He is always calm xD.
Jun 18, 11:58 AM

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I guess we finally going to Eriko route now, it's not like I'm playing the vn.. just guessing
man, this anime is so underated, at least for my standard
Jun 18, 12:05 PM

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OK so we are almost half way through and I need to say that this is WAY better than I was thinking after the first few episodes. I'm glad that I did not respect the 3 episodes rule this time!
Jun 18, 12:24 PM

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Eriko's a ninja! If not, how can she jump like that, especialy with that kind of dress?? XD

I am curious how this new arc will play out. Ryuzoji's the main vilain and his secret must be exposed!
Jun 18, 1:28 PM
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Jun 18, 3:10 PM

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Very plot-driven episode, even with that infamous closet scene (well not quite but still), I really liked it. Some things were different to maintain the pacing but all-in-all it fit quite well.

Mitsuki's fate is really unevitable, right, she has to be the sister of Sean Bean :D

Also, Eriko with both of her eyes revelead = sexiness overload.
Jun 18, 3:46 PM

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Interesting episode, it seems Eriko knows something about the current mystery... she ain't a simple teacher appearently.

Though the one who intrigues me the most is Kanna : been there from the very 1st episode & we still ignore what's her role.
Jun 18, 5:52 PM
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Really like the mystery and OST

Sensei seems to come from another world... and I think the principal too
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Jun 18, 6:42 PM
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New arc focus this time on ryuzoji and the revealing of secret and this time the pair in this arc is Takuya and Eriko... yeah.. lets see what they can discover..
Jun 18, 11:49 PM

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Even in this arc Mitsuki keeps dying lmao
Jun 19, 3:06 AM
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god dang Eriko sensei looking like a snack this episode
Jun 19, 4:00 AM

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I straight up dropped this show after episode 8 but after I saw a meme about this I had to decided to pick it back up

Damn Eriko Sensie is so gorgeous.
Jun 19, 4:02 AM

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We need an NTR and dirty old man tag here yo wtf.
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Jun 19, 7:23 AM

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could the milf factor be any stronger? XD

holy hell are there some FINE ASS women in this anime and some good fanservice to go with them<3
Jun 19, 9:37 AM
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I expect that Eriko knows about this situation but didnt expect that she knows that much. Kanna is still hiding something. Good series so far.

Sorry if bad grammar :(
Jun 20, 5:42 AM

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Eriko Sensei's outfit is always too HOT and ERO!
Jun 20, 8:10 AM
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So it seems that the plot to Ryuzoji and his hypnotism power (Niarb) is more sinister than ever seen on the iceberg.

With the restart of the route and the obnoxious headaches with every time travel, Takuya has a plan on his hands, problem is how to tackle it.

And also, Eriko-sensei's arc, is by far the most intriguing yet, with connections to Ryuzoji, his curse and more.

So far, Ryuzoji's Niarb has claimed Mitsuki's life, the easily vulnerable one, while the meet-up with Kaori still hangs in the air.

What is truly happening???
Jun 22, 5:52 AM

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This show is underrated damn. I don't know why it only scores 6.37 !!
Jun 22, 7:08 AM

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no offence but the Rie kugimiya (Tsunderequeen) yelling "ARIMA" is love. So many nostalgia feels. To bad she is not the main girl. XD
Jun 25, 12:15 PM

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This show can really provide some exciting twists and turns even if it isn't technically logical or well written. Mitsuki is once again remembering things and consequently crashed her car into a pole. As predicted Eriko had more to her than met the thigh. I mean eye.