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Seiyuu Kentarou Tone and Yuka Takakura Announce Marriage

Jun 17, 10:57 PM
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Kentarou Tone and fellow seiyuu Yuka Takakura announced their marriage on Twitter last Saturday. The two shared personalized messages with fans, saying they are looking forward to supporting each other in marriage. Tone thanked his fans, and he and Takakura responded to an outpouring of support with further gratitude.

Tone, managed by I'm Enterprise, is known for voicing fictitious Weekly Shounen Jump editor Akira Hattori in Bakuman. He also had supporting roles in 3-gatsu no Lion and Gintama.

Takakura of 81 Produce made her anime debut in Level E. In 2017, she voiced Touta Konoe in UQ Holder!: Mahou Sensei Negima! 2 and performed the opening and ending themes alongside other cast members.

Source: Sports Nippon
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Jun 18, 4:04 AM
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Good luck Tone-sensei and Takakura-sensei!
Jun 18, 8:28 AM
Tsuyoku Naritai!
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Cuties!!! Happy marriage!! <3
Jun 19, 12:46 AM
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Congratulations! May you both have a happy marriage!
Jun 19, 1:46 AM

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I don't like how she voiced Touta in that non-existence UQ Holder! anime (To me, Yuka Takakura was miscast as Touta and the voice was unfitting), but still congrats both of them for marriage.