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Jun 16, 10:03 PM

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Despite all of its problems, the anime community sometimes surprises me with moments of artistry, hilarity, wholesomeness or overall awesomeness. Those moments make me proud to be a part of the community and to be 'in the know'.

A recent example is this question on the CERN Google maps page.

Original source - This post on reddit:

I found it hilarious and wonderful. Have you had any moments like these?

(This post might just have been an excuse to share this joke I really liked.)
Jun 16, 10:13 PM
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Jun 16, 10:15 PM
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i am proud of everyone who rates anohana with 3/10 or lower.

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Jun 16, 10:24 PM

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This moment
Jun 16, 10:30 PM

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I'm honestly proud when anime fans find happiness and have fun not at someone else's expense.
Those are always really touching and proud moments to see.
Enjoy your day!
Enjoy your anime!
Jun 17, 3:16 AM

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does you garbage have any right to feel proud when u had zero contribution to it?

if yes then I feel very proud everytime I download a 8bit h264 hard coded anime.

I mean someone went thru the effort to encode it for us poor shmucks in lo def [mid?] and I feel proud to download it and see it.

torrent uploaders make me feel proud
Jun 17, 3:53 AM

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Ahmad_o said:
This moment

Damn it, you beat me to it. Was about to post the same thing.
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Jun 17, 3:57 AM

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peodsgns said:
i am proud of everyone who rates anohana with 3/10 or lower.

Where have you been all my life?

But now seriously, everytime i see a talented fan artist succedding, or just someone doing fan art of something i love that i thought i was the only one who cares about them.
Jun 17, 5:02 AM
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peodsgns said:
i am proud of everyone who rates anohana with 3/10 or lower.

yo dude I'm with you
Jun 17, 5:18 AM

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Usually the anime comminity is a major source of embarrassment but the Kickstarter campaign for the second Little Witch Academia movie - achieving goal in hours, stretching goal, doubling the duration to 53 min. and adding a documentary, was a pretty great experience.

Well the resulting product - The Enchanted Parade is not that epic as Little Witch Academia (2012) but it started the process which led to Little Witch Academia TV.

Another moment me being proud of some fandom: the Kickstarter campaign for the revival of MST3K.

CERN's LHC is important for at least one other anime - Ingress the no weeb point for those reddit posters.
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Jun 17, 5:24 AM
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It would have been more fun if it was written by someone from CERN lol
Jun 17, 6:46 AM

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I think it's a strange concept, to be honest. I like the community for the amount of like-minded people I talk to. There are times when the people I talk to are more like-minded, and sometimes less so, but I wouldn't say I'm ever 'proud' of the community.

Actually... the more I think about it, the more I think I'm constantly proud of the community. And the idea of being more proud of some things and not proud of other things reeks of judgmental negativity. I love the otaku community and that includes all aspects of it.

The concept of pride kind of appeals to social judgment. When you're prideful of something, you want to show it off to people. It's seeking affirmation and acceptance. I don't really care about society's judgment of me or my hobbies so I don't really relate to concept of pride in that regard.

It's like... that Elon Musk tweet. Why do you care if Elon Musk likes anime? I assume it's because it kind of pushes anime in a place of social acceptance. But why do you care about social acceptance? It seems to me that attitude comes from a place of self-loathing where people aren't proud of being an anime fan so need social acceptance to feel that pride.

I see this attitude so often. People are desperate for anime to be more accepted and popular. But, for me, it's the fact that it isn't so popular, and that the community is small and niche (I know this is less the case nowadays) that makes anime so special.
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Jun 17, 8:12 AM

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I am not proud of my friends when they are spamming in the internet.. But yeah this is not really their fault (maybe the poster was just bored so he/she had a little desire to trolling), google algorithm if at fault here.. In another example I always pissed when top search result of "Big Bang" is a boyband from Korea ...
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Jun 17, 8:14 AM
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/r/animemes on reddit made me proud sometimes since they post decent memes there but lately its all been about lewd memes though
Jun 17, 8:21 AM

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Never, the Anime community is filled to the brim with cancer and problematic folks so being proud of it in my case would be unlikely af lol.
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