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Jun 16, 11:23 AM

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Big thanks to alextheriot and Naruleach for helping out this week!

You can find more details and an overview of all the results in the club's official FAL Spring 2019 thread.

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Jun 16, 2:05 PM

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657 (+5) OriharaShinra - 2697511

Ace and wildcard and only 5 up, really should have choose KnY instead of FG, oh the regrets. My long lost dream of at least reaching the first 500 is dead.
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Jun 16, 4:54 PM

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Ehh I though using double ace and wildcard this time would net me highest unique team score.
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Jun 16, 6:29 PM

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Bad miscalculation on my part with the Ace this week.

Jun 17, 12:53 AM

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13(+0) Thank God Senko san finally crossed 60k mark.
Jun 17, 3:54 PM
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So glad I swapped out Fairy Gone.