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Is there an anime that you thought you'd love but ended up hating?

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Jul 13, 1:52 PM

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5 Centimeters per Second. Makoto Shinkai movies are meh
Jul 13, 2:26 PM
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For me it would be King’s game The Animation. There were some things I liked about the show and it had a great premise, but it left me highly disappointed. I just hope season 2 (if there will be one) does better because I really wanted this show to be good.
Jul 13, 2:29 PM
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RuBiXuitous said:
Shinsekai yori- The premise was interesting and it appeared to be rated quite highly, but after watching it, I felt the characters were really bland. Makes it much less memorable than it should be.

i second this. thank god i'm not the only one
Jul 13, 2:45 PM

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kuraharah said:
MeisterDM said:

What did you dislike about the third season of free and boku no hero? I'm curious since you rated their previous installments high.

Bad, dry, and pointless drama in Free.
Repetitiveness in bnha. Also more and more uninteresting side characters being added whom i just couldn't bring myself to care about.

As a fan of the BNHA Manga, I can agree that the Exam Arc that got stretched to fill the 2nd half of the season was one of the worst Compared to the rest. Mostly because of the Focus in the Academic Stuff and not that much in the SuperHero Aspect. Good thing S4 will adapt my Favorite Manga arc.

OT: I Don't think there are that many.

  • Welcome to the N.H.K-Had heard a ton of praise online and I loved the first 5 episodes but recently I tried picking it up again and Hated it. I just don't like the MC and his friend (The one he was making and Eroge with).
  • Darling in the FranXX (Episodes 14-18) The rest of the Show was Good. Its just this Middle part of it that felt Extremely Forced. The drama felt Forced, The subplot with Kokoro felt forced, The constant action that was present before this was Gone. 02's Whole Character was gone since she felt like a shell of her former self at that time, Everything went to shit there. Episodes 1-13 felt like a Modernized and More "Triggerized" EVA, Episode 19 was an interesting Info dump and Episodes 20-24 FELT LIKE A hOMAGE TO TTGL'S SECOND HALF. Looking back at it, Those episodes feel out of place and were enough to drop my score from an 8 to a 6. JUST BECAUSE THE REST WAS GOOD. If it had all been like those episodes it might've been even lower.
  • Yuri on Ice-Saw this one when it came out. The Animation was good but Couldn't get into the plot mostly for the Yaoi aspect. Its the same as some women who can't handle Yuri shows. It feels weird to watch a Homo plot of your own gender.
  • Tokyo Ghoul after Season 1-I really like Ishida Sui's original Manga. Too bad that it was botched in the Anime after S1. TG Root A completely strayed away from the Source making it feel like a Filler and instead of Course correcting and Adapting the secon half of The original TG they just went directly to :re rushing it worse than Russians Rush B in CSGO in Dust 2.

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Jul 13, 2:57 PM

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Eureka 7

I did love the first half of the show. Although a bit more episodic at first, it still manages to remain interesting as it goes, as well as building the main storyline and developing the relationship between Eureka and Renton. It's so fun to watch the Gekkostate crew members just living their every day lifes, as they are at war.

The episodes where
is Peak E7.

It kinda goes downhill from there. Unnecessary episodes, cheesy, over-dramatic dialogues. Even just 10 episodes before the ending there's the Football Match Episode, which is the worst in the series, totally skippable. And, it all feels rushed, and over-the-top.

It was simply disappointing, and I didn't end up hating it but, it's probably the biggest disappointment I've had with an anime.

Jul 29, 2:36 PM
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None, because I know my tastes well.
Jul 29, 3:51 PM

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Zankyou no terror, sadly.

It got super boring really quick, and the characters weren't realistic at all for the situation they were in. It was cringe as fuck at one point too.
Jul 29, 4:55 PM

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Mobile suit iron blooded orphans

Neo genesis evangelion

Jul 29, 5:00 PM

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probably your name, so many people hyped it up but i really disliked it.

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