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Is there an anime that you thought you'd love but ended up hating?

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Jun 13, 2:23 AM
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If there is, what was it? For me it was Himouto Umaru-chan.
Jun 13, 2:25 AM
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I decided to watch Himouto Umaru-chan because a lot of people love it and it seemed interesting. It's now the anime I hate the most. It's a massive anti-climax because, despite the hype for it, I just found Umaru really bitchy and annoying, her brother a sissy who won't stand up for himself and all the other characters either bland or just annoying. Umaru turning into a chibi thing and trowing childish tantrums is not cute. I watched both seasons and the OVAs because I kept thinking "it's get good soon...right?" If an episode wasn't annoying, it was bland. Very rarely were there every any moments I kind of liked. The ONLY character I kind of liked was Ebina just because she's cute and wasn't annoying, although she was bland like all the rest.

Simply being moe or cute doesn't make an anime great. Yes, it can be great, which is why I love Is the Order a Rabbit. Himouto Umaru-chan does it wrong though. Heck it isn't even that moe. Yeah, Umaru's chibi form is kind of cute I guess, but I honestly preferred her normal form because that was actually a lot more cute and beautiful (only compliment I have for Umaru).

It's fine if you like it though, that's your opinion. Personally, I couldn't stand it and I regret wasting my time on it.
Jun 13, 2:55 AM
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The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.I start watching because of how popular it is.End up hating it.Haruhi is a bitch
Jun 13, 2:58 AM

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First anime that comes to my mind is Toradora

I saw it was popular on MAL, it's score is not bad either and I've heard it was a really good romance anime

I'm not saying it's a bad one, but for me it was the most boring romance anime I've seen so far
I've watched all episodes, but I wouldn't say I liked it too much
People on MAL in a nutshell

Jun 13, 3:11 AM

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Nothing I've watched expecting to like it did I end up hating, but...being disappointed, certainly. Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse is an example, with an absolutely stellar first couple episodes but I never felt the plot ever get up to that level of impact again. Similarly, Guilty Crown is another example with an absolutely stellar intro (particulary the first minute of the entire show) but failed to really engage me after that, even though I want to . And I had high hopes for Fractale but it just ended up feeling a bit weird and insufficiently satisfying.
Jun 13, 3:17 AM
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Grancrest Senki. Liked the romance build up between the protagonist and the heroine, that's it. Didn't really hate it till episode 19 where if u watched the show, u know why.

Golden Time. Enjoyed the development till the last few episodes where i almost dropped the show.
Jun 13, 3:22 AM
*sips coffee*

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Terror in Resonance. Premise looked great, it was created/directed by Watanabe (Cowboy Bebop), and the visuals/sound were downright amazing. Piss poor writing, though, and honestly the single worst case of "Engrish" I've ever seen in anime. Gah, I really wanted to love that show.

Fate UBW. I really liked Fate/Zero, so I was expecting the same kind of ride with UBW. Nope, instead I got some of the most bland and hilariously bad writing I've ever witnessed. Shirou, Rin, Archer and Shinji can all suck it.

Steins;Gate 0. Okay, this one downright pissed me off. As a huge fan of S;G, you won't believe how excited I was for this series. Instead of a sci-fi epic like the original, I got a series that dragged for 23 episodes, achieving what it could've easily done in a single cour. Too many pointless arcs. Just a monumental disappointment overall.

I could go on and list plenty of other shows, but these are just a few notable ones that come to mind.
Jun 13, 3:24 AM

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FilthyCasual666 said:
The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.I start watching because of how popular it is.End up hating it.Haruhi is a bitch

Basically, yeah. I was surprised by how unsympathetic is Haruhi and how much she gets away with. Also, people can't stop praising it for its "intelligent metacommnetary of the otaku subculture", but i only found it self-indulgent and the representation of everything wrong with escapism and otakus.

My life sucks, so instead of trying of appreciate it more, i need the world to revolve around me.

Other titles that gained a place in my black list are:

  • Akame ga Kill
  • Gantz
  • Ano Hana
  • Anything by Makoto Shinkai that wasn't Your name
  • Deadman Wonderland
  • Guilty Crown
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
  • Overlord
    Praised by everybody for how indefferent is to any other isekai. Turn out to be exactly like any other Isekai, with the expception this time the MC looks like Skeletor
  • KonoSuba
    I said it once, and i'll say it again. This is shit just isn't funny, guys

And i won't say hating, but i don't share the appeal of Psycho Pass, Boku no Hero Academia, Bungou Stray Dogs, Kekkai Sensen and One Punch Man.
Jun 13, 3:25 AM

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Haruhi, haruhi is a bitch
Toradora, Taiga belongs in a mental facility
Steins Gate 0, it’s just all around trash
Go read the One Punch Man manga please, this awful adaptation by JC Staff is a disgrace.
Jun 13, 3:30 AM
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For me it was Madoka Magica. Everyone seems to love it and builds it up as super dark and depressing, but I got none of that. What I got instead were annoyingly stupid characters and a messy and uninteresting plot. The supposedly dark elements were mild at best. The only things I enjoyed from that show were the music and animation, which were top notch. But overall watching Madoka was an unenjoyable experience.
Jun 13, 3:35 AM

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Flcl.I've started it because I liked the animation style;at the end I hated it so much:no story,no interesting character and noisy songs
Jun 13, 5:30 AM

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Also, currently airing hachigatsu no cinderella nine

"All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost."

Jun 13, 5:39 AM

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Shinsekai yori- The premise was interesting and it appeared to be rated quite highly, but after watching it, I felt the characters were really bland. Makes it much less memorable than it should be.
Jun 13, 5:47 AM
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There have been several examples of that over time. However I never end up hating the show (what's the point of that?), so it's more like shows I thought I would like but ended up not liking them at all. The most recent example (and thus the most memorable) of that would be Shield Hero, being heavily praised but imo turning really bad and illogical by episode 4 or so. The most memorable example of this overall was Seikasuru Kado which I really loved at first, but a bad plot twist made it into a complete garbage midway. Besides those there were many other examples, but I'm not going to bother listing them.
Jun 13, 5:50 AM

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Nothing comes to mind for me. I've never went in expecting to love a show and hated it, more like I've went in knowing I'd love it and love it or went in knowing I'd dislike it and dislike it.
Jun 13, 5:57 AM

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Gangsta. for one... I wouldn't go as far as HATE but it had a lot of potential and felt like the second coming of Black Lagoon but unfortunately, the studio went under and the series ended in an eternal cliffhanger.
Jun 13, 5:57 AM

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Danshi koukouse

I didn't hate them, just disliked
Jun 13, 6:00 AM

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Dies Irae

I thought it will be great but it wasn't.

I will suggest everyone to play it's visual novel, it's really great.

Jun 13, 6:03 AM
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Not hate, I don't keep watching stuff I hate, why would I.

Thought I'd like and ended up disliking (to greater or lesser degrees) though, yeah:

Ookami kodomo no ame to yuki
Samurai champloo
Angel beats
Boogiepop wa warawanai
Mononoke hime
Jun 13, 6:07 AM

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Re:Zero. It seems interesting and the hype helps it. Watched it and ended up disliking it.
Jun 13, 6:11 AM

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The iDOLM@ASTER - I thought that I would enjoy this for some reason, but it was just stupid CGDCT garbage. I dropped it halfway through the second episode.

Urusei Yatsura - Originally, I had high hopes for this, but after seeing how bad Maison Ikkoku(the worst Anime ever made) was, I wasn't so sure anymore. After I checked UY out, it was just as bad as Maison Ikkoku, and I dropped it halfway through the third episode. I really wish that I hadn't purchased that UY laserdisc box set, Lum figure and poster, because they were a huge waste of money. Since then, I never "blind buy" stuff anymore.

Gunbuster - I had heard good things about this, but it was pretty much garbage. The final 3 episodes were slightly better than the first 3, but they weren't enough to make it good.

Angel's Egg - This is another Anime that I heard was underrated, but it was just weird, and the ending was stupid. Amano's art couldn't save it from being bad.

Like the Clouds, Like the Wind - A friend of mine recommended me this. A Ghibli employee worked on this, but it's not a Ghibli production. Visually, it looks good, and it started out quite nice, but the later half was very disappointing. I didn't flat out hate it, but it wasn't good either.
Jun 13, 6:49 AM
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Aw man alot of stuff over the years. I'll just mention some that immediately come to mind
Cardfight Vanguard 2018: I loved the original but the new one has so many things that annoy me and I'm not gonna rant just about it. Also its appearance made a bunch of sites like Crunchyroll just cancel the old in my opinion WAY better series so you cant watch them on their sites anymore.
Nichijou: Depressed as I am comedies are my absolute favorite kind of show to watch and Nichijou is practically a legend of the genre. I'm not sure why I couldnt get into it when it doesnt take much to make me laugh. Really want to love it.
Anohana: Its not really my genre but I can still enjoy things like it. I heard it was amazing and was excited when I was in the mood to try watching but felt nothing but bored and a sometimes weirded out up to the end of Anohana where I did actually break down cause I'm easy to crack. I had so many issues with the show and just didnt like the characters.
Baki(The new one): I liked the original but this one is just unwatchable. By the end I finished it to be able to say I finished it. People just made up rules of physics so anything could happen in a fight there was no rhyme or reason. The animation switching between styles scene to scene mid fight was jarring and cringy. The blood and really everything was over the top. Baki is like a different character and it's like his training/passion went out the window and his mind has immatured making him aloof and cocky to where he immediately gets knocked out in one hit because he just let's people walk up slowly and hit him how they like when they're trying to kill him. I know you're supposed to watch it for the fights ignoring anything else about it and nothing else but I couldn't possibly turn my brain off enough to legitimately enjoy the show. It's actually decently rated on the site so I'm obviously in the minority and I'm sorry if I sound harsh towards it but I liked the previous Baki and just cant with this one.
Jun 13, 7:13 AM

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Seisen Cerberus
Akuma no riddle
Big Order

All three had potential, but ended up boring, generic and forgettable.
Jun 13, 8:01 AM

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None of these are really hate, more just disappointment
Everything Ufotable has released since Kara no Kyoukai
Fairy Gone. I love PA Works but this is just bad
Steins Gate 0, just didnt live up to my expectations I guess.
Jun 13, 8:03 AM
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Full Metal Alchemist - I think I need to watch it all the way through but initially I was quite bored.

Black Clover - God the main character just annoys me
Jun 13, 8:24 AM

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Sora Yori mo Tooi Basho: Everyone said it's one of the best CGDCTs and it has a great cast but for me it definitely isn't

Slam Dunk: I thought of it as one of the best comedies but it was just boring
Jun 13, 8:35 AM

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A lot, actually.

  • FMAB
  • Shokugeki no soma
  • LoGH
  • Shoukoku no Altair
  • Garo Vanishing line
  • Devil May Cry
  • Blazblue
  • Resident Evil Vendetta
  • Gundam seed
  • Jigoku Shoujo
  • Gundam 00
  • Basquash
  • Tatakau Shisho teh book of Bantorra
  • Persona 3 movies
  • Persona 5
  • Seikaisuru Kado
  • Days
  • Beck
  • Gungrave
  • Code Geass
  • Megazone 23
  • Utapri
  • Zetsuen no Tempest
  • Sengoku Basara season 3
  • Yuri on Ice
  • Free season 3
  • Inuyashiki
  • BNHA season 3
  • Sirius the jaeger
  • Fate/extra
  • Bakuman
  • Prince of Stride
  • Psycho-Pass season 2
  • WWW .Working
  • Texhnolyze

I don't exactly hate some of these but i'm rather salty over how they turned out vs my expectations
Jun 13, 8:56 AM

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Not sure if hate is the word but:
Dance with vampires

Jun 13, 9:03 AM

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I bought into the hype of Kara no Kyoukai and all of them turned out to be subpar or bad so far.

Shigatsu looked decent and I ended up hating it.

Ansatsu second season: Couldn't take the show about the tentacle hentai character seriously when it turned serious. Found it to be dull and random, unlike the first season where it was energetic and random.

Jun 13, 10:01 AM

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Yuru Camp comes to mind personally, although that also has to do with me having too high expectations. I thought Shinsekai Yori might be good and then I actually watched it

<--me rn

Jun 14, 3:49 PM

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Code Geass looked like it was going to be the next Death Note for me. Unfortunately, it never was, not even close.

Nichijou - I wanted to like this Anime so badly, but it was just so boring.

I like how the Anime community acts like a bunch of Commie hippies, "We the Anime community!"

It's just a bunch of different circlejerks who all hate each other and their own kind.
Jun 14, 3:54 PM
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Clannad. There was 47 episodes between both parts and only about 10 were actually good.
Jun 14, 3:59 PM

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Clannad, Goblin Slayer, Cowboy Bebop, Evangelion, and Konosuba.
Jun 14, 4:02 PM

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Isshuukan Friends
I didn't hate it, but I didn't like it either.
Jun 14, 4:04 PM

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Clannad after story

Tokyo ghoul re

This are anime
Jun 14, 4:04 PM

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Since I talked about it in another thread today, I guess Re:Zero can be talked about again. Not so much hate, but a profound amount of disappointment. Psychological thrillers tend to be my favourite and I'm also big on the Groundhog-Day-reset-from-a-certain-point premise. The show just failed to meet any of my expectations and was lackluster at best. I felt the excitement get completely sucked out of my after the first episode and I hung on to watching it with the hope that it might just get better. Not the case.
I'm also filled with pure-hearted ulterior motives.

Jun 14, 4:05 PM

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Parasyte, expected a good character driven story filled with smart sci-fi elements and goretype horor, ended up with one the most trashiest show ever created, ugly, dumb, moe shows scared me more than this, uninteresting plot, unappealing characters and a complete clusterfuck of plotholes and anticlimatic scenes.
The fact some people consider this as a masterpiece is an absolute mindblow and I really think I haven't watch the same show as them, but eh, tastes I guess.
Jun 14, 4:13 PM

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Praised to high heavens, often by people that enjoy similar shows to me, so I thought I would like it.
It was just unpleasant to watch, I couldn't stand the characters (if you can even call them that) and didn't care for their suffering. Completely devoid of anything fun, and on the other hand it's not doing anything interesting or innovative to compensate. It's all this 'omfg this world is so dark and horrible'. Angst sold as serious.
I consider this wasted time tbh
Jun 14, 4:14 PM

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I want to eat your pancreas

I wasn't sure if it would a top tier movie like A silent voice but I thought at the very least it would be halfway decent like Your Name.

One of the worst movies I have ever watched.
Jun 14, 4:19 PM
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re:Zero and Boku no Hero Academia
They both had so much potential but awful MCs (and males in general, in re:Zero's case) and the females had little to no development or personality. And there were only two villains in BNHA I ever liked (Gentle and La Brava).

There's also Tate no Yuusha, which I didn't expect to like but didn't expect to hate as much either. I don't get the hype or the controversy (there were much worse things than a fake rape allegation).
Jun 14, 6:00 PM

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Mamotte Lollipop.

Never have I EVER seen LESS effort put into an anime. If I was the manga author, I'd be crying. EVERYTHING is terrible....I mean bloody everything.

Kamichama Karin. Wonderful manga. Atrocious anime. The execution is ALL wrong. The animation is so God-awful, IT IS A MEME.

Rinne. It's boring. I'm not angry at it but I really wanted to like it and it's SO boring. D:

Sailor Moon Crystal first season. Expectations CRUSHED.

Jun 14, 6:12 PM
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I think the two most disappointing shows for me are two that are both very very hyped up with poor or just plain bad presentation.

I tried really hard to get into Attack on Titan. Its a great premise and Im a huge fan of both horror and thriller material. I was horribly surprised by the end of the first season. Most of characters seem very throw-away. Even the ones that they flesh out more just seem to be killed off without a thought. I dont have a problem with character deaths, but character deaths without development feels hollow and pointless. Most people also seem to love the ost, and I cant see that. Most of it just seems like stock action orchestra stuff. Maybe I missed something crucial, but this was one of the worst animes Ive seen that looked as good as it does.

I absolutely still want to enjoy the Fate series. The premise and overall story seem very good and the characters have potential. I first watched Stay Night at the behest of a good friend. I went in expecting a cool fantasy-esque battle royale set in a modern environment. I was met instead with whiny characters, seemingly endless plot holes, and just plain out bad writing. I stuck with it all the way through, and as most people said Zero was better (and possibly the best), decided to watch that next. The characters were quite a bit better and the story somehow had even more potential than the original series. I enjoyed it up to halfway through season 1. Suddenly it was bogged with bad writing, somehow most of it worse than Stay Night. Specifically, characters acting in a way that contradicted their personalities or even breaking the rules established by the universe. Thats not even counting the diluted timing of certain events and seemingly endless "teleporting" of characters between scenes. I still really want to enjoy this world and characters, but had to drop Zero halfway through season 2.
Jun 14, 6:12 PM

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Grandblue, parasyte (dont hate it, but it's meh) shield hero, fate series mainly cuz saber for being a dull and boring character.
Jun 15, 1:25 AM

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Cossette no Shouzou, Citrus, Angel Beats!
Jun 15, 1:38 AM
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Bunny Girl Senpai                                         
Jun 15, 1:45 AM

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Mucosa said:
Flcl.I've started it because I liked the animation style;at the end I hated it so much:no story,no interesting character and noisy songs

Finally someone who thinks FLCL's OST (and everything except animation) is plain bad, thank god. I felt asleep during the whole last episode.

Another anime I went into with high expectations but ended up hating was Evangelion. Just one good character in the entire cast (Katsuragi), a complete chaos in the last two episodes, no character development, absurd and pointless symbolism and the lazy villain-of-the-week writing.
Not to talk about the movie...
Jun 15, 1:51 AM

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That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime. I thought this was an Anime made for me since I am a big fan of Isekai Anime and I expected something on par with Re:Zero, but the plot ended up being predictable, safe, and boring.

Jun 15, 2:57 AM

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Honestly, I go into nearly any anime hoping I'll like it. For the ones I go into thinking, "Everyone hates this" or "This is one of those weird anime people post as a joke", I often go in thinking, "Watch. I'm probably going to end up liking this a lot. Lol" Sometimes I do! Shitcom is definitely one of my favorties. It's simple and gets its message across clear. I was surprised with how much it resonated with me-- and how much the "side messages" made me laugh. I always go in optimistic, but sometimes the anime will just, unlike Shitcom, not be enjoyable.

So in short, pretty much any anime I dislike began with me hoping/thinking I'd love it.

Enjoy your anime!
Jun 15, 4:22 AM
Octopus Sausage

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Back in the day, it was Gantz. I started off really liking that show, but was hating it by the end. It was during my starting/experimental phase of anime and it almost made me stop watching, lol.
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Jun 15, 11:31 AM

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Boogiepop wa Warawanai (2019) - bland & forgettable characters
Carole & Tuesday - I don't actually "hate" it but it was mediocre & boring
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