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Jun 13, 3:08 AM
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We (manga readers) don't what inside Eren's head right now. We don't yet if he will end the series in a bad way. So far it's good for me, the pose questions until this point has been answered so far, from secret of royal family, basement reveal and what lies further ahead in the world of SnK.
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Jun 13, 3:25 AM
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ThatShiny_Hex said:
Can't take anime fandoms seriously because they are basically feminist or SJW libtards isolated from society.

Stretching it a bit there with that generalization
Jun 13, 4:06 AM
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ok sexist ok sexist
Jun 13, 4:30 AM

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This is the most retarded shit i have ever seen on this site and that says a lot.
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Jun 13, 5:13 AM

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I all depends on the people really, not the gender.
Jun 13, 5:50 AM
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Darklycan51 said:
What is it with male authors that they can't give their stories a good ending? are they this insecure about themselves that they gotta "subvert expectations"? Take a look at FMA:B literally the highest rated anime on this site, had a good ending and wow what a coincidence, written by a woman.

I don't know about any of you, but I'm starting to give up on getting invested in stories if all they do is end up fucking it up at the end for a "wow" factor, as much as I like the story, Isayama would prove to be just another hack if he ends it up like that.

actually I agree and have some of the same opinions with you, the ishiyama mindset is clearly different from some of the other mangaka, because this series is from the beginning of the drama genre,

then there is a possibility that the end of the story can be dramatically full of death, or it can also lead to happiness such as FMA-B, where finally the main character manages to save his younger brother,

but the AOT manga will still be running and not over yet, so we still have to wait to see the end of the drama, by the way there are lots of anime out there that have painful, bad and unhappy ending.

1. DEATH NOTE (this event has a very high rating, with high popularity too) all the characters in this series are dead, so sad then what's the point of us watching.)

2. CODE GEASS (this program is very popular with fans and is an amazing mecha anime, and the ending is all characters are dead, MC is very selfish, doesn't care about humanity, doesn't care about peace, annoying shows.)

3. MIRAI NIKKI (this event is not as popular as the two anime above, but has quite a lot of fans, and the rating is quite high above 8.00, the ending is quite dramatic filled with death, all characters on this show die.)

4. and there are many more out there that I can't mention.

the point is you don't expect too much with the anime genre drama, the ending can change along with the wishes of the mangaka, if you want to avoid a bad ending with no dramatic scenes and death to characters, just go and watch anime shounen like ONE PIECE, there will be no scenes the death of Luffy and his crew,

You don't need to worry if in the future choper, nami, sanji, usopp or others will die, that impossible, the ending is clearly very legible, they will not die with executions like rogers, just because they are pirate criminals or only because their enemies are kaido monsters, which are cruel, the story will definitely end happily
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Jun 13, 8:48 AM
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Women is always "RIGHT"
Jun 13, 9:49 AM

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Incredibly weak bait
Jun 13, 12:50 PM
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Thread locked

Just a rant/bait thraed. Doesn't encourage discussion.
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