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Jun 11, 1:05 PM
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I didn't quite know where to start this, so I just thought this as a good a place as any. I'm sure by this point most Dragon Ball fans have played Dragon Ball Fighterz and are well acquainted with the new villain of the game, Android 21. Now I have to admit I'm not really a fan of the game but I really like 21 as a villain. Actually to the point that I really wish in some form or another they would make her canon. It could be in the anime, a movie or my personal preference, make her the next arc after Moro. While granted she's not the most interesting villain of the franchise, I at least consider her to be one of the more entertaining ones and I just think she deserves a bit more love. What do you guys think?
Jun 18, 12:56 PM
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there are lots of non-canon villains that should get that treatment first like Coola (especially nanomachines Metal Cooler), the demon couple on Xenoverse and their son (if im right) and ye even Android 21 just for her sexiness alone and since this anime lacks strong female fighters on par with the average or above average power level characters

but Broly just became canon now so its possible especially with Dragonball Super introduces alternative timelines (time travel) stuff too so they can just say Android 21 is from another timeline that wants to conquer other timelines for example

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