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Is English dub really that good? Why do people keep being hyped over new dubbs?

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Poll: Dub or Sub ?

Jun 18, 9:10 AM
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AncapAnimeGod said:
Sub elitist like to bitch about dubs even if they don't watch them.
Dub this days are better then ever.
And yes dub are better then subs cause subs distract you from animation.
If i want to read something I'll read manga.

Also don't tell me how subs are the intended experience cause they are not the intended is japanese raw version. So unless you watch it raw you have no right to bitch about dubs.

Agree with everything except sub distract you from animation. There are two reasons why I think it does not.
1. You don't need to read whole sentence. Our brain is good at processing incomplete information and make it whole. You need to glace at sub. (If you are still learning English maybe then it is hard)
2. In anime usually when characters are talking they don't fight. They just stand still. When they are actually fighting they don't talk a lot during intense fight. Sure they take breaks often and talk. They don't talk during action scene (Obviously there are exceptions to this as well)
Don't be a self pretentious that is the most gayest thing ever
English Dubs are better than subs
You all have anime profile pic so you opinion doesn't count
Your Waifu is trash
Cory in the house is the best anime
Japanese are one of the most xenophobic nations
My Anime List looks like a website from 1990s
Jun 18, 9:10 AM
Grim Anime Fan

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I just don't like dubs by concept already.

Plus I like Japanese as language and how it sounds. A.k.a I stick to subs.

but eh.. I watch anything in it's original Audio. Dub comes afterwards. Or if original language sounds way too horrible for my ears.
Jun 18, 10:46 AM

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Saku_k said:
GlennMagusHarvey said:
Ironically, the Japanese have laxer standards when it come to their own lip flaps.

Sure. An episode of the average anime doesn't have the budget of something like the Simpsons so they have to cut corners. But I'm generally meaning the length of mouth flaps and stuff.
As a simplified example, in Japanese, a character could just say the word suki, and the mouth flap could be timed for that short one word. But English doesn't work like that. We can't just have the word 'like' (or love) by itself. We need the subject and the object. The original Japanese could just be the single word, while the English translation could be I like you, I like travelling, etc which obviously wouldn't fit into the mouth flap.
Eventually you just have awkward/stilted dialogue to fit, or having characters say different things to fit.
I meant that English dubs ironically put more effort into matching lip flaps than the Japanese voicework does, arguably due to the stigma in the west of badly-timed voiceflaps in English dubs.

As for rephrasings, "suki" meaning "like" or "love" by itself is actually a bad example since even a sub would be required to give some more context for English fluency, since people don't just say "love" as a standalone verb like this in both written and spoken English. "Love it", "love this", "aww", "d'aww", "I love it", or other possibilities might work, depending on context -- it would have to be recited quickly, obviously.
Jun 20, 4:52 AM

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I prefer subs (or lector [Boku no Hero Academia PV])
and not just for anime, but generally for other foreign shows.

I checked "Nanatsu no Taizai" with polish dubbing and I crying how bad it is...

When movie/series got original dubbing everything feels so right, when you add dubbing to this it feels so "fake" and "not natural"

When characters say something or make something strange with japanese dubbing is like "oh, well... Japan", but when you try to translate it and make it fit for other audience is like "OMG?! What is wrong with you?! -.-"

Original dubs gives anime more charm and I love "sound of this language" *.*
Jun 23, 12:09 AM

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I am less critical of dubs than I used to be, there's a few old ones I treasure and a few newer ones I actually respect. I'm a minor fangirl of some male dub VA's (DC Douglas in particular, give him more voice roles oml, I adore that man's voice, I also like Ian Sinclair, Kirk Thornton, J Michael Tatum, Steve Blum, JYB, Crispin Freeman, to name a few) who I think are quite good. There's others I'm not so fond of (gross sex predator Vic Lasagna, Bryce Paperbrook) though.


Jun 23, 12:10 PM

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This thread in a nutshell: "Why are you people watching the fucking dub stop watching that horrid shit all dubs are shit waaah!"
Jun 23, 12:32 PM

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Subs are easier to understand, and a lot of dubs are harder to understand certain character's dialog. If a series is well dubbed and easy to understand, then that would be OK.
Also, I do not have to worry about wearing headphones if I do not want the audio to be heard, that may disturb other people.
Jun 24, 12:15 AM

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If a dub is available ill watch that, iv'e never cared about voice acting but i still watch sub if no dub is available.

The Main reason for me would be id rather focus on the animation than read subtitles.
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