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Jun 10, 3:09 AM
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Me and my friend are having an argument over anime teleportation and how many characters can use the ability.
TO be specific we want to know characters that can instantly teleport, not using a magic circle like Rias Gremory but rather an ability like Kuroko from 'A Certain Scientific Railgun' or Shimazaki from 'Mob Psycho 100'
Jun 10, 3:16 AM

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Goku from Dragon Ball, He can sense another lifeforms Ki and with that teleport to the target

And if he have touch a other person he can take him/her or them with him and teleport together, Awww i just think he like to hold Vegetas hand!! ,,, They are so cute

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Jun 10, 3:31 AM

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Alucard can do it although pre-battle of London it's more of a taking another form like mist and reforming.

After the battle of London he can do it freely.
Jun 10, 3:48 AM

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It's a moderately rare ability, so you'll likely be stuck counting for a long time.
Nogami Aoi from Zettai Karen Children is a teleporter like Kuroko.
try using AniDB:
Jun 10, 3:54 AM
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Minato (father of Naruto), Sasuke (with rinnegan) and Obito all from Naruto can teleport
Jun 10, 4:01 AM

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That villain from Mob Psycho 100 Season 2. That fight was sick btw.
Jun 10, 4:13 AM

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The Dragon Knights from Noein can teleport anywhere with their special devices, Haruka too because she is literaly god and Noein with the power of a quantum science device.
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Jun 10, 4:31 AM

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Like anyone who has one of those and is in the range of The Liberator

Jun 10, 4:42 AM

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Mest from Fairy Tail can instantly teleport, as well as bring others with him.