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Jun 9, 5:41 PM
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Your Missing "The Life-Changing Manga of Tidying Up" from the database
Jun 9, 8:11 PM

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It is pending in the manga queue: (presumably with a couple things that need to be fixed).

If you would like to search for a manga in the queue:
1. Go to manga submission page
2. Under 'Relations', click on 'Find'.
3. Type in the name of the entry.
4. You'll see a list of IDs. Find the correct idea, and copy it to your clipboard.
5. Type '[ID_of_entry]' (without brackets) in your search bar.
or "name_of_manga" in Google (any search engine should work). Including the quotes will search for exact titles.

You can check up on this thread to see when things are approved:
However, keep in mind that there are over 7,000 entries in the manga queue and only a couple active manga database moderators.
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