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Poll: Fairy Tail: Final Series Episode 35 Discussion

Jun 8, 3:24 PM

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It's about dam time they took Larcade down. What a long dragged fight.

That Erza vs. Minerva vs Kagura scene though...I remember that from the other season. Also got the fight against Irene. Honestly, I think the flashbacks could of been condensed for this episode but whatever. Erza vs Irene so far has my interest.
Jun 8, 4:40 PM

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Looking forward to the flashback.
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Jun 8, 4:42 PM

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They copy pasted those scenes for the Minerva flashback, so they had less time they needed to fill themselves, and yet the rest of the episode isn't really animated. What are they saving the animation for?

The backstory of Irene has me curious though.
Jun 8, 5:00 PM
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Yet another spectacular episode!!!! I loved it!!!!!! As always. :)
Jun 8, 5:16 PM

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Sting did a great job in defeating Larcade thanks to Kagura's gravity magic.

I miss the old Minerva though, she was way cooler than she is now. Can't wait for the LucyxNatsuxHappy body bonding moment!
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Jun 8, 5:24 PM

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Well, larcade turned out to be a pretty minor character, but it was still a bit crazy to see the white shadow dragon and all the additional power boosts with no prior build up... you dont need to get to a certain power, you just get the power. Eh.
Minerva was so badass though, but now shes mellowed out and it seems like her magic actually wasnt that great.

Things will be heated next episode as we delve further into Erza's past; now what era is she from?
Jun 8, 5:38 PM
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Irene backstory is very interesting! I thought Larcade will be one of the strongest opponent though.
Jun 8, 5:42 PM
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Sting vs Rakheid was a very good fight this episode and it was pretty animated, was fun to watch!! Can't wait to see how will they adapt Irene's back story :3
Jun 8, 5:56 PM

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Damn.. i already had a strong hunch that Irene was Erza's mother (wich was confirmed today), but i didn't see that other revelation coming at all, the Queen of Dragons huh? I wonder what is her story, and also Erza's past right after her birth, and why was she abandoned by Irene. Quite interesting development, waiting for next week!

Also, Anna made that scarf for Natsu? Didn't see that one coming too.. I believe that Anna and Irene probably met back in the day as well, i wouldn't be surprised if there was any interaction between the two of them.
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Jun 8, 6:19 PM

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nice ep and all but did they really need that flash back to be that long?

my god was that annoying

next ep looks good as the flash back in next ep is needed so i wont mind that and it's gonna be interesting

anyway looking forward to next ep
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Jun 8, 6:32 PM

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who thought sting would actually take down an enemy of this caliber clearly not me so a pleasant surprise

next ep gonna be interesting

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Jun 8, 7:40 PM

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Queen of Dragons pogg, this season is indeed very informative on what kind if past did their ancstors had, the flash back will give us an idea if they used to be civilized with dragons or having their magic/power some sort.
Jun 9, 12:44 AM

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Sting needs to ensure that Larcade is out for good. And Lucy going to get nakey to warm up Natsu lol best part was Erza vs Irene. I thought they were going to do Empire Strikes Back styles - she's Queen of the Dragons, interesting. Looks like we are going to see Irene's backstory.
Jun 9, 12:59 AM

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Longest flashback ever...jeez. we get a look into best MILF of the series, Irene.
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Jun 9, 2:08 AM

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Sting beating Larcade!!!

Looking forward to the next episode
Jun 9, 3:43 AM

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And Larcade is out. Too bad he was beaten by Sting the jobber, but at least lasted more than some of his partners, so...

The flashback of the Kagura vs Erza vs Minerva from the last season was way too long and it was an obvious attempt to drag out the episode, but at least it reminded me of how good the animation of the fight was, compared to the ones of this season.

Irene flashback next week.
Jun 9, 4:11 AM
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WaterLord said:
Also, Lucy's mother made that scarf for Natsu? Didn't see that one coming too.. I believe that Anna and Irene probably met back in the day as well, i wouldn't be surprised if there was any interaction between the two of them.

That wasn't. Layla is her mother
Jun 9, 4:12 AM

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So that's why Erza is so strong, her mother was the queen of the dragons!
Jun 9, 4:16 AM
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This flashback... Urgh ! That was never ending...

Irene's backstory, very interesting you'll see.
Jun 9, 4:27 AM

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They like put a fucing 5 minutes flashback in this episode. Nothing new in post Tenrou island Fairy tail...

Soon...overbullshit fight is cumming.
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Jun 9, 4:28 AM

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Folken-sama said:
WaterLord said:
Also, Lucy's mother made that scarf for Natsu? Didn't see that one coming too.. I believe that Anna and Irene probably met back in the day as well, i wouldn't be surprised if there was any interaction between the two of them.

That wasn't. Layla is her mother
Ahh okok. I totally forgot about that. Thanks for correcting my wrong idea!
Jun 9, 5:51 AM

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Irene's past will definitely be one of the better elements of this arc, I'm looking forward to reliving that part of the story, her battle however, not so much.
Jun 9, 6:00 AM

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well nice to see the fights and can't wait to here Irene back story
Jun 9, 6:29 AM

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Looking forward to Irene's backstory.

Jun 9, 9:35 AM

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They finally begun change parts of the fights the first change was Larcade's Cross attack on Sting In the Manga it stabbed him Where's in the Anime it landed on Sting's Shoulder
Also this fight We got a change for Erza and Irene, here Erza used a new armor as seen in the Avatar Arc, And She used another armor to protect herself from the explosion where's in the Manga she only used Heaven's Wheel armor, these final Episodes is straying away from the Manga in some parts
And the OST played at Erza parts was a remix of Sabertooth theme
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Jun 9, 12:48 PM

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So the whole 'Irene is Erza's mother' thing wasn't much of a reveal but Irene's true identity? I did NOT see that coming!

Also Anna looks just like Lucy so i'm guessing that there is a shit tonne of fate at work here since all of the characters pasts are starting to link up from events waaaay beyond the story!
Jun 9, 1:06 PM
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Minerva is sexy hot now ever since her eyes is not so evil looking anymore just like how Ultear's eyes become calm when she became a hero

Irene's backstory next episode should be good
Jun 9, 2:18 PM

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damn it Erza! Let the the woman tell the story i want to know
Jun 9, 4:28 PM

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Fuck I wanna know more about Irene now '='

she got too fucking hot after all that time, Erza's father looks pretty strong.
Jun 9, 11:17 PM

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That flashback was annoying coz it was, one, too long and two, it really showed the difference in animation levels then and now. Smh.
They made a joke outta larcade lol.
Jun 10, 9:32 AM

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I forgot how stupid Porlyusica idea was in the manga.....Thanks you anime version for reminding me.

Why did they waste time on the GMG flashbacks?
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Jun 10, 10:55 AM

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So she's her mother anyway, I assumed as much. Even though sister would've made more sense given that she looks so young, but I guess that's anime logic for you. Her father might be Acnologia if she is the queen of dragons?
Jun 11, 11:06 AM

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Im very interested in Irenes story and how Erza was born. Looking forward to it.
Jun 13, 4:11 AM
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The fight between Erza and her mother is awesome😍😍😍👌
Jun 14, 9:11 AM

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what is happening next episode, get disturbed and weird feeling lately
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Jun 15, 7:21 AM
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best thing so far has been mavis and zera flying around while hugging in the op. fairy tail zero feels
Jul 1, 8:00 PM

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Man that flashback had better animation than most of this season. Well Irene is reveled as Erza's mother which by now is no surprise. Well her backstory might be pretty cool anyway.

Man FT is just so dumb tho. They will stop at nothing to find a way to get Lucy naked. "Lucy rub your tits all over Natsu's face. It might wake him up."
Jul 25, 11:29 PM

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Ok ending for the fight. I like Kagura's casual comment about her contribution to Sting's final attack.

Erza and Irene's connection is finally revealed. It's flashback time!

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