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Jun 8, 8:32 AM
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It would be great if I could change the colors of my profile page in a thematic style similar to how I can with my anime/manga list page.

A night mode would be great.

Also, I would love to pick the image of the anime/manga/char/people that I added to my fav list out of their own available selection. This way, I won't have to stick to the same boring image or to one that I don't like.

I'm sorry if the statements above are not comprehensible.

I hope some minor things get changed with this in mind.

Thanks for reading and have a good one.
Jun 18, 2:31 AM
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i totally agree with on the night mode thing nad i know i am asking alot but if we can but an app that would be epic thanks!!! :)
Jun 18, 3:03 AM

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+1 for the night mode. My eyesight is shit and having the option to enable a darker theme would make browsing the site so much easier.
Jun 18, 10:15 AM

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DC_David said:

A night mode would be great. Pending request that has already been made.
the other two, especially the picture one are ones that I could go for as well.
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