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Jun 7, 9:18 PM

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Or should I wait for the blue ray version with better visual enhancements?

Read around that it has lot of gore this arc.
Jun 7, 9:43 PM

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Hardly any. One of the goriest fights in the series was left completely uncensored.
Jun 7, 9:44 PM
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Not much really, but if the bluray is available to you, watch it. If not, then it's still fine
Jun 12, 2:28 PM
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much less than previous parts. but id wait for blu ray since they are adding extra couple of scenes too
Jun 12, 11:35 PM
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Censorship is not a problem, but they do are adding a couple of new frames in blu ray version which they reused it in tv anime version. I would say watch both because they are putting a lot effort in tv version.
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Jun 13, 8:23 PM
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If u really want to see it in perfect form I would say watch both but it definitely isn't worth waiting and not watching just for that
Jun 14, 5:54 AM

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The goriest fight in the series was slightly censored with them just adding more blood to cover up the metal actually protruding in a couple shots but was left relatively untouched even to some pretty brutal close ups and dismemberment

If you wait for the blu ray, you really are only going to see a few shots that are gonna be marginally less covered up, and keep in mind part 5 is infamously the most violent so that should really hammer home how uncensored this one has been that its only been in like maybe 5 or 6 shots any form of censorship has happened and its subtle too.

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Jun 16, 11:13 AM

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vansonbee said:
Or should I wait for the blue ray version with better visual enhancements?

Read around that it has lot of gore this arc.

If I were to compare Part 5 to Part 4 I would say Part 5 has way less censored gore elements than Part 4 has. If there were some greatly censored gore scenes in "Vento Aureo" anime adaptation then frankly I can't recall any, because the level of censorship was almost not visible and therefore not problematic to fully experience the scene.

About your question, I would watch both version, but wouldn't wait with watching Part 5 TV series until it ends airing if I had time and will to watch it right now. My advice is: see TV series first, and then (if you wish) watch Blu-ray release.