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Poll: Senryuu Shoujo Episode 10 Discussion

Jun 7, 10:07 AM

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Tao is back with her fortune telling again lol

Amusing episode. We got the group going out at night together to look for fireflies. I love how Nanako came prepared. The amount of reactions this episode was off the charts.
Jun 7, 11:01 AM

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So this time we got a horror show which was nice.
And it ended really romantic which was a good thing, things are heading well for the couple.
Jun 7, 11:25 AM

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The test of courage was kinda scary.

Jun 7, 11:28 AM

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We need more of the onee-san in this.
Jun 7, 12:29 PM

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Fireflies vs ghosts huh lol. Still this desire did provide a great opportunity for the cast to visit the area at night. Tao's over dramatic attempt to help sure backfired rather spectacularly while Kino's was way too successful. The jump scare within the tunnel though sure was a great one. Despite the scares it was worth it as the pond and the fireflies provided an excellent setting for the club to both have fun and at the same time provide an opportunity for Nanako to show her true feelings.
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Jun 7, 1:48 PM

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The test of courage was surprisingly "scary", in particular, the part where the ghost grabbed Tao was well done xD

And watching the fireflies was yet another instance loaded with sugar. I swear, this is probably my all-time-favorite half-length episode series.

Can't wait for the fireworks next time.
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Jun 7, 2:13 PM

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One of the more "brutal" test of courage in anime lol
Jun 7, 3:58 PM
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That was the most well done horror in anime ive ever seen
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Jun 7, 4:28 PM
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All of supporting girls were preparing this courage, also directed by drama-loved President Amane. 😅

Surely become one of the best episode I've seen.👍
Jun 7, 6:03 PM

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Things escalated fast at the tunnel. But as always ends on a warm note, with Nanako spouting/scribbling some eye rolling supposedly warm romantic thing to Eiji!

How baiting as always, ahh mhmmmhm, yeah! ( drinking tea).
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Jun 7, 6:14 PM

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president Amane pulled off a good stunt this time! Actually scared me enough to go ahead and leave a comment on the forums. left my heart racing when the magic girl got YOINKED
Jun 7, 8:24 PM
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with every episode that I see Nanako I feel that my soul clears a little
Jun 7, 8:33 PM
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Amane has been the brightest to create fun and romantic moments for Nanako and Eiji, in this occasion the test of courage gave good results and I loved seeing how the girls were part of this terrifying event (I must admit that there were moments I was given A good fright)
How adorable was Nanako to think that Amane was talking about a cat when in fact she was referring to a ghost, I think that cat ears and cat whiskers should appear to Nanako when she did that imitation.
How amusing was to see how Nanako's face changed drastically, from a face full of enthusiasm to see the fireflies, to that face of fear when she think that a ghost will appear, without a doubt this makes me more fond of Nanako, it's also fun to know that she is afraid of the ghost.

Kino looks extremely adorable hiding behind her sketchbook for the fear that something scares her, but I admit that Kino also scared me when her red eyes began to shine while she drew that ghost, Kino knows how to enter in character when someone asks her.

Tao is so cute when she's blushed, but I laughed a lot when she tried to scare the group with her fortune telling and she failed, but like Nanako, Tao is also very adorable when she's scared and that tremendous scare she suffered when she was kidnapped by the ghost, I can not imagine how terrified the poor thing must have been.

The tunnel scene was very scary, but it had good times and I must say that Amane, Kino and Koto did an excellent job to scare Nanako, also is always well received a sensual ghost, good work Koto (as you always have).

Nanako has a lot of skinship with Eiji, when she was scared she always hugged Eiji's arm and that part where they discover that Kino was attacked ... Eiji is a man to trust, that way in which he embraces Nanako so that she did not suffer any harm and obviously Nanako was very happy.

I must admit that I love the animes where there are scenes with fireflies, they always end up being very moving and end up leaving very adorable moments and in this anime was not the exception, Nanako still keeps her feelings in secret, but even so, seeing her and Eiji playing in that landscape lit by the fireflies was beautiful and as in previous episodes, this ends with Nanako saying goodbye with a beautiful smile full of happiness.

The next episode we will have another important event of summer holidays, festivals and fireworks, I can not stand the desire to see Nanako and the girls wearing yukatas and I want to see what face Eiji will put on when he sees how beautiful Nanako will look.
Jun 7, 9:20 PM

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well each episode seems so wholesome... nice
Jun 7, 9:40 PM

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with each episode of this anime, my heart gets purer
Jun 7, 9:51 PM

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Well it's a good thing that they didn't tell Tao their horror scheme. It made it more scary for them. Nanako and Ei's relationship improved in this episode which is nice.

Jun 7, 11:42 PM

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I think Nanako's "...himitsu~" was the first time she didn't use senryuu. This episode was awesome with how close her and Ei-chan got.
Jun 8, 12:48 AM

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This episode was so good that I bumped up my personal score for it. Amane is just too good and her horror scheme with the trip to see the fireflies was very entertaining. The test of courage was honestly spooky + hilarious. Everyone played a good part in it - Kino and Koto + Tao's reactions made it all the better. And then the episode ends with a touching moment with the fireflies. Nanako was glowing as well!
Jun 8, 1:34 AM

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Great episode!

I’d no intentions of posting here but this episode was just super wholesome and amazing! And for once, the horror aspect was legitimately spooky. Kino-chan is far too good an actress and Tai is too bad of an actress xD. Good thing they didn’t let Tai know beforehand, it just made things so much more scary. President Amane is a wonderful schemer and just having a handful of her this episode was great to have. Koto’s outfit looks seriously creepy though, got to say, and she totally nailed the play. A delightful embrace from Ei to Nanako there, loved her priceless reaction! Some wonderful scenes to follow from here, the music and the animation totally delivered! It was totally worth it for the juniors I’m sure, lol. Nanako is just too good...

Fireworks up next episode! Here’s to hoping we don’t ignore Episode 9’s finale in the coming episode too! I want to see their relationship actually progress, after all!
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Jun 8, 3:30 AM

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The horror scene her is better than some horror anime I know
Jun 8, 4:22 AM

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It's getting hard to look passed how average this anime is. This episode fell flat.
Jun 8, 6:19 AM

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Jun 8, 6:20 AM

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Jun 8, 6:58 AM
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lol i legit scared at tunnel scene cz i forgot the onee-san..
Jun 8, 12:14 PM

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Tao scared was the best thing ive seen all day
Jun 8, 4:28 PM

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Ahhh Nanako you gotta share your feelings you fool. Prez is out her bustin her metaphorical balls to get you laid... basically.
Jun 8, 6:14 PM

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They could kill someone a bit sensitive lol

Funny idea though.
Jun 8, 10:15 PM
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nice that everyone is playing cupid
Jun 8, 11:01 PM

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Well that's the best test of courage I've seen done in anime, and for once it was actually slightly scary. The scene of Tao getting grabbed was actually really well done.
Jun 9, 6:18 AM

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This episode > Another

Fight me
Jun 9, 12:31 PM
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Nanako's smile can cure cancer. Best girl of spring no doubt.
Jun 9, 3:19 PM

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This was such a heartwarming episode!! I just love Nanako and Eiji

That test of courage was actually super scary~
Jun 9, 11:43 PM

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Tao's horrible acting and actual reactions to Koto's ghost were extremely funny to me. This was a good episode overall.
Jun 10, 9:32 AM
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another episode of Nanako cuteness
Jun 10, 11:08 AM

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The scene where Tao was dragged into the darkness was really well executed. Poor her tho, she didn't even know it was all fake. I honestly would have had an heart attack if I were her xD

Great episode as always. Really looking forward to the next one!
Jun 11, 12:30 AM

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What a masterful episode.
This short romance slice of life anime pulled a better horror thriller episode than a full length anime focused on that.
Jun 11, 7:09 PM

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Damn that was scary especially the part wherein Ootsuki freakingly pulled Hanakai into the darkness shadows!
Jun 20, 10:37 PM

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Neko Nanako <3

I don't know how I still haven't died of diabetes from Hanakana's noises, those of the beginning of the episode when Nanako switches between being happy and afraid were especially cute. I completely understand that Eiji wanted to keep teasing her xD

I'm surprised that at this point the president has not tried it with girls, it seems that she would have better luck with them.

Tao was so cute and funny in the test of courage, I lost it when she started throwing cards. lmao

Between the hug and the fireflies, it was definitely a great day for Nanako.

Koto-nee best girl.
Jun 21, 11:29 AM

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As always, Tao along Nanako's dad when she is not around are the best supporting characters in the show. I lost it when she started throwing cards LOL. The horror scene was creepy lol.
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