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Jun 6, 2:16 PM
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Should I continue after Episode 3 if I find the 3rd episode really bad? And I found nothing interesting in the show so far?
Jun 6, 2:50 PM

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Uhh I have no idea what you should do. I would continue till part 2, which is a few more episodes in. I found it enjoyable to watch.
Jun 6, 2:52 PM

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Part 1 (Episodes 1-9) may be boring, but why would you watch it if you're not interested in it?
I dropped it in the 5th episode, but 15 days later I continued watching it and now is one of my favorites btw.
Jun 6, 2:53 PM

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I forced myself to watch the first few episodes, even though I absolutely hated them; I loved the episodes later. Believe me, people wouldn't praise this anime if it was bad, continue watching, it will definitely become really good, the first couple of episodes are just bad.
Jun 6, 3:20 PM

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I dropped on the 3rd episode and never been back. I found it unbearable to watch.
Jun 6, 3:29 PM

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Yes, because after part 1 comes the best animated part so far (and best jojo as well).

Swizze said:
I dropped on the 3rd episode and never been back. I found it unbearable to watch.

Too bad you dropped it since the later parts are better but its your choice...
Jun 8, 1:46 AM

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If you came to be told a story? Give up.
If you came because someone told you it was good (with no reasonable explanation) ? Give up.
If you came to watch moving pictures? Give up.
(I could find many more bad reasons to watch this that would turn it into a bad experience but I'll stop here)

Jojo's first parts (up to Stardust Crusaders) are basically a giant pot-au-feu/stew where the author threw in whatever he fancied:
- the frst part surfs on those XIXth fantasy/science novels, breed with old HK mystic martial arts movies movies and exploiting the classic pre-colonial civilisation exotism.
- the 2nd uses another beloved fiction setting, the pre-WW2 USAs (and more), adds some kind of "origin of the life" element, etc
- the third one is a "buddies road-movie" like series (the group dynamic and balance is classic but excellent in my opinion), where the author blatantly exposes his structure base (a barebone series of fights, one after the other, very good suspense management for a weekly series), that borrows from more recent "horror" stories, has a certain exotism for it (the travel covering from Japan to Egypt for a good chunk of the series). And suddenly turns back into a big long physical fight right at the end (but with many fun elements added).
- and I could go on even with the 4th o 5th parts...
But every time, it simply revolves around series of fights (especially with the 3rd part and some others after it) that must chain multiple turn-arounds (or at least make it believe), the author often not even taking the "care" to link the battles seemlessly.

In other words, it's great (for some people) and entertainig as long as you blindly love one of those aspects (enough to stand the others) or if your inner child still has those gloubiboulga fantasies of mixing the most improbable things he liked together.

Also, TV series-wise, the adaptation went with a very non-animated style with lots of emphasize on still pictures (colours/hue, characters positionings, etc). It works pretty well in the first series (parts 1+2) but seemed less pleasant to me with the second series (part3) onward. I prefer to warn you.
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Jun 8, 2:17 AM

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I believe Part 1 is generally accepted as the weakest arc in JoJo. Part 2 is where the real fun starts when you meet Joseph.

Phantom Blood is definitely flawed, but if you genuinely don't at least find the unique visuals and old school charm interesting then maybe you should just give up.

Jun 8, 9:31 AM

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First 9 episodes are the weakest part of jojo.
You should power through them to get to the second part where things become really good as we get second jojo Joseph who is so much better then first and one of my favorite jojo's antagonists the pillar men.
And then Later in a Stardust Crusaders jojo's bizarre adventure becomes god like.

Jun 10, 6:46 PM

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if u dont like it then u dont like it. ep 3 we already have the time skip and them grown up, the only thing missing is what actually makes the show "bizarre" which occurs a few eps later but no point in continuing if u dont like it
Jun 11, 5:16 AM
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If you don't like it then there is no need to watch it, part 1 which only have 9 episodes is consider as the weakest jojo part (don't skip this btw) but if you're interested in a series which has battles where you win in a ridiculous and unexpected way that you find it bizarre, jojo is there for you and every jojo parts are really unique too. jojo currently have 8 total parts in manga and 5 total parts in anime, I find this show entertaining because I really love the characters of each part and even the main antagonists are really likeable and over the top, you can say jojo is definitely something of it's own but there is no need to forced yourself to watch it.
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Jun 17, 12:02 PM
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It gets better with each seasons. Just force yourself to watch and you might like it over time

I personally did not JoJo when I started, but overtime I could not stop myself from watching it. It gets a lot better, has some amazing and twisted main villians in later seasons. For me, JoJo is one of the best anime out there
Jun 17, 12:08 PM

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I recommend continuing to watch until you finish part 2. If you do not like part 2 you could give up or give part 3 a chance.
Jun 20, 10:09 AM

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no, JoJo is not like that. you need to at least watch the first few episodes of stardust crusaders after you finish this season and after that if you don't like it, drop it
"A world a person perceives is filtered by their own fantasy and paranoia"
-Satoshi Kon
Jun 28, 6:26 PM

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Currently watching for the first time (Episode 10 as of now) and I can assure it gets better as it goes on.

Mind you though, it isn’t masterful just yet but just about ‘good’ now. With the momentum though, I can certainly see it going up to ‘really good’ by the end of the show, if not better that is.