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Poll: Sarazanmai Episode 9 Discussion

Jun 8, 1:21 AM

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Last week it was Enta, and this week it's Toi's brother, this trio knows no chill. Crazy how everyone is connected no matter how you look at it, I'm sure the play of words of “I want to be connected” that's scattered all over the episodes was there for a reason.
Jun 8, 5:24 AM

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Trainer_Green said:
Ventus_S said:
Can Toi's bro be count as anti heroes? (He's really evil but he still would do anything for his bro)
Eeeh, I wouldn't call him an anti-hero I would call him at the VERY MAXIMUM an antagonist. He's not an antagonist in the conventional way where he actively opposes the protagonists, he just indirectly fucks up Toi's future plans. He's an obstacle Toi must move past, even if he doesn't want to. He's an adversary. An antagonist.

In any matter I thought his death was a little less than impactful to the viewer. Sure his death was meaningful and just made sense for the narrative to carry on. However, I as a viewer didn't care about his death. The only reason we liked Toi's brother was because he protected Toi, a character we care about for other reasons, but the means he carried it out was disgusting, even to the point where he ripped on one of the most developed and empathetic characters Enta while he's in a hospital bed. It feels like Ikuhara wants me to hate him, but they dramatize his death like it's a sad tear jerking moment. Then they proceed to play a slideshow of Toi having fun with his brother, something I needed to see BEFORE his death not after, I need to see more good than the bad. It's why it killed the episode for me and dropped it to a 3 from a 5/5. I enjoy the show, but this episode doesn't do it for me.

I don't think we were supposed to care about Chikai, we were supposed to care about Toi, who was the only person who cared about Chikai in his entire life and even sacrificed his happiness to be with his brother, and it basically all went down the drain. The show isn't saying that he's a "good guy after all ", Chikai's a pretty tragic character who couldn't express that he wanted to connect with Toi which resulted in Toi carrying some serious baggage, and that montage we're seeing is from Toi's eyes. I appreciate how well their unhealthy relationship is written despite the short amount of screentime.
Jun 8, 9:13 AM
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I lost my shit at Sara's Doctor-X Surgeon Michiko Daimon reference.
Best episode so far, though I'm really sad that the insert songs are gone.
Jun 8, 8:55 PM

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I had a feeling that Toi's brother was going to die. I had that feeling especially after last week's episode. It was nice to see some flashbacks to when they were younger.

I'm pretty sure everyone knew that Enta wasn't going to die. He was pooped out as a kappa and probably will still find a way to live again. I'm not sure if the plates are strong enough to bring back someone so it's either Enta or Toi's brother but I'm sure it's going to be Enta.

Mabu is cheating on Reo with Otter Reo. lol
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Jun 9, 6:06 AM

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Well that's a wild episode. Im so sad for Toi's brother death, i haven't cried in awhile.

I wonder how they will save Enta...

Ok that shitty Otter better stop messing Reo's mind.
Jun 9, 8:24 AM
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So long Niii-san You weren't bad enough to survive
Jun 9, 5:01 PM

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Easily my favorite episode so far. I started crying at the end. I loved it wow. And it was even interesting before that, especially with it setting up Kazu realizing how much Enta loves him and understanding his jealousy, the jealousy that the person who saved him is leaving him behind. He engaged him, told him it was his business quite endearingly and will fight for him. It also paired that up, Enta on a ticking time bomb alongside Reo who wants to save Mabu, only one wish will be granted and they will need to steal those dishes from the cops. A lot was going on and all of it was quite emotional and high stakes, in fact I really like the main trio of this anime. Enta for his young uncontrollable emotions and cuteness, Kazu for his nuanced feelings with his guilt and the confliction he once had and how genki he is, and of course Toi for his two layered personality where he tries to be hard but is a sweet boy, and the past that led to this with his troubling relationship with Chikai.

So, I'll mostly focus on the Toi relationship with Chikai. Toi showed that he would leave Enta behind for his brother firstly. He decided it when he saw the news of his fate, and I think they need all three for a Sarazanmai! Then, we met the adorable, nice 14 year old Masa who had nothing but good things to say. He was so happy, and because Chikai was abandoning his gang for his own safety, he shoots this kid right after Toi was happy to get to meet him. A child, that's a way to set up just how low Chikai will go without hesitation! Toi is in outrage he can't believe it, and while shock is going through his head over the kind of person his brother truly is, Chikai gets confronted by the rest of the gang. In this moment Toi cries but clearly reasons what he later says, that it doesn't matter if he's rotten to the core, he's his brother and he has to continue fighting for him, he lives for him after all. So, Toi will leave behind his 'false' connections like Enta and Kazu, tolerate Chikai killing his gang, one of which is a child, and even join him in killing so they can escape.

But it was too late, the weak die so you have to use other people, you only live once, but you burn enough people you're going to get fried too. Fate came to Chikai, he was kinda asking for it the way he lived. I guess if you're too good you die but if you're too bad you die too, huh? In fact, if only you had a strong group of connections, maybe they'll fight through everything with you, it's a shame his past led him to think so radically. The final moments where he pulled the second gun on Toi were powerful, I wasn't sure if he'd shoot but I don't think he could have. He did keep a picture of him this whole time.. To go Devilman Crybaby style and give a post credits montage was the icing on top. I didn't care about Chikai outside of enjoying his stylish looks, great voice acting, and pessimistic outlook on life. However, I cared about seeing how much it put Toi through and how he still accepted and fought for him, especially with it all being for nothing...

So, as people have suggested, Toi has killed probably totally killed for sure now, and his brother is dead! He couldn't even keep the blood money which led to his demise, it represents why he's dead now and everything leading up to it, he tossed it. He's not going to be mentally stable, there is no way he wouldn't want to save his brother with a wish, so if it doesn't go into a three way wish battle I'll be surprised. It has to at least touch on it, and just earlier we saw how he wasn't going back to save Enta so he does ultimately hold Chikai first..
Jun 10, 5:04 PM

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Oh shit, Toi's brother is dead. RIP.

Good episode, can't wait for the next.
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Jun 11, 9:24 AM

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I haven't been despairing over an anime to such an extent in ages. The last two episodes might kill me.
TV trope for this episode is: From Bad to Worse
Jun 11, 1:26 PM
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PerlaNemesis said:
This ep. destroyed my poor little heart. ;_; I just hope that at least the trio get the happy. Please. T_T

Not in a Ikuhara anime
(i really love them, but I need to keep myself in the "They're gonna die/retcon out of existence/something something cosmic travels or I'll cry worse than I cried in this episode)

Anyway Ikuni, I'm ready, bring the pain.
Jun 11, 6:35 PM

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This episode go way beyond emotional!

Jun 13, 6:08 AM

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To be quite honest, it seems obvious Masa talking so much about the fact Toi was actually the one who was guilty of the murders - Chikai tells him to 'shut up, remember it was ME' - it seems the reason he probably wouldn't let him go is because he was so chatty about things that involved his little brother.

Then we have the reason Chikai pulls a gun on Toi. He pulls a gun on Toi because he sees Toi shooting again. It's probably to scare him off.

Obviously Chikai is a person who is Willing to do those things, regardless of Why he did those things, but I think its clear he cares about Toi through all of them.
Jun 16, 1:08 PM

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So it looks like each person in the opening that appears next to each corresponding boy has the death flag, holy shit.
Jun 20, 3:15 PM
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What a turnaround!!! For a moment, I thought Chiaki shot Toi which would force Kazuki to choose who to use the wish on. The episode was heartrending.
Jun 25, 2:12 PM

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Chikai dying was more expected than Enta being shot. I feel bad for Toi for losing the only connection he had left but I never liked the guy, being honest. So I'm somewhat happy he's gone.

Good episode in general although the transition from sad sequence with Kazuki at the hospital to comic scene with Enta appearing as a kappa was a bit too awkward for my taste.

P.S.: "Lionel"... Kappa?... and being represented as a brazilian football player... eh, I don't know if the name was intentional but as an argentinian, I don't know how to feel about that...
Jun 27, 6:25 PM

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It just keeps getting better and better, a truly great episode, loved the directing
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Jul 4, 9:01 AM

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Great episode with some wonderful direction!

Sad to see Chikai-onii pass away like this! Got to feel for Toi here, things just keep getting worse for him by the episode and this just takes the icing on the cake. Meanwhile, Enta is back in Kappa form and Keppi too and now they prepare for the ultimate battle. On the other hand, their oppositions appears to be in disarray but the Otters definitely have something nasty in mind. Can’t wait to see how this showdown goes! How evenly poised that both sides need just one more Dish and I’m really curious as to what exactly is Sara’s role here. By the way, more real-life additions with the river water scene. I love the ED because of it and it’s great to see more of such usage!

Looking forward to the two final episodes!
Here’s to hoping it leaves in a bang!
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7 hours ago

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Feeling sad for Kuji for losing his brother, but his brother was already to deep in to the underworld to live a normal life

The animation was really highquality at the death scene
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