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Onegai~~ minna-san <3
Jun 10, 9:11 PM

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The description makes it sound like a yuri Java tutorial. I'll prolly update that tomorrow, who is approving these things? xD
Nov 1, 11:03 AM
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we're still waiting
Nov 19, 1:06 AM
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we out here still waiting
Nov 19, 12:35 PM

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MAL takes forever when it comes to manga updates and specially hentai mangas (and even animes - some finished airing year ago but they are there still ´airing´status).

They need urgently people to approve submitted mangas. There are some I have submitted that are ´pending approval´status.

This is not a recent problem, but a very old one.

This is one of the reasons some people migrated or migrates to other anime websites.
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