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Poll: Detective Conan Episode 941 Discussion

Jun 1, 6:35 AM

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Shinichi is screwed!
And about the code, it would be faster to check all the rooms one by one.
Jun 1, 7:18 AM

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Finally back to the mainstory.
Kokoro did nothing wrong.

Jun 1, 10:23 AM
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Finally we got to see some new events happening out there...

I loved how they showed all the rum's suspects...

Haibara is doing well...

Haven't read the manga but there's something suspicious about maria's case..How can a grandma be that smart anyway XD XD

Can't wait for episode 942...
Jun 1, 6:28 PM

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Sooooo gooood! Back to the main story and omg, Shinichi and Hattori are fcked lol they are all over the internet and media. And the kids going through some puzzles/clue to Maria's case seems interesting so far. Can't wait for the next episode.
Jun 1, 8:00 PM

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Next episode will probably be one the more important in recent years :p
Jun 1, 8:08 PM

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Fiiinally some plot development, lol. Black Organization is probs gunna make a move soon trying to track Kudo down. Maybe by going after Hattori? Are we getting closer to the climax and finale of the series? I hope so!
Jun 2, 5:28 AM
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Conan and hattori messed up pretty badly, shinichi kudo caught rumi attention.Even Hyoue kuroda was shocked.
I am not sure about black organization taking a sudden move bcoz, in case u remember, when IRISH tries to tell GIN that conan is shinichi (movie 13) GIN says he doesn't remember anybody with name Shinichi kudo
I think the end is quite near if we skip all fillers and side stories
Jun 2, 11:48 AM
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Loved the episode, if the anime could release episodes like this, I would be more happier. I mean 1 or fillers are no problems, but most of them are fillers. After the next episode there are again 3 or more fillers. They don't have to end series, they should keep it interested
Jun 2, 2:43 PM

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Do you guys know that after the next episode we have more fillers.
Jun 4, 2:53 PM

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Just me or are the openings getting better and better?
Not mad at the fillers in general but to have them after only 2 episodes of some plot development on the BO is damn disappointing.
Good episode overall. Will be interesting to see some identities being revealed..perhaps next week??

Jun 5, 5:51 PM

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Love the new opening ^_^

Finally we get a SHORT break from all of the horrible anime original episodes. (Sees that after this arc we get three more weeks of AOs: *Cue internal sobbing*)

I've been waiting for this chapter and every other chapter to be adapted for MONTHS. I'm really sick and tired of all of the AOs They even created an inconsistency with the timeline because of all of their AOs (It mentions how it's been two days since the field trip, and yet there's been, like, 10 AOs (plus a mention of "The Fist of Blue Sapphire", which took place over three days I think?) since the Field Trip episodes).

Cases I'm most excited to see adapted:
The Fairy's Lip Case (I think anyone who's read the manga/these chapters knows why, hahaha)
The end of the Black Bunny's Club case (manga readers, I think you know which scenes I'm referring to)

Anime only watchers, I can guarantee you're in for a surprise next episode, as well as with the rest of the manga chapters that still have to be adapted! ^-^
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Jun 8, 12:15 PM

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Ha so after all those filler episodes it's magically 3 days after the schooltrip? Conan can timetravel now?
Jul 7, 3:32 PM
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Oh my!!! This episode is awesome. First, Maria's grandma is seriously insanely good at making puzzles. Can't wait to meet her. Second, I wonder how Shinichi will get out of this. I am thinking that we will need the help of Kaito Kid.