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May 29, 1:21 PM
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So far I'm like 11 episodes in and I'm wondering if the anime/manga go anywhere. In other words any important arcs or character progression? I like gag comedy anime/manga however it is important that they contain substance in the forms of underlying conflict that the characters must go through. Good examples would be Gintama, Sket Dance, or Yandere Kanojo where the characters deal with overcoming their past and the such. Does Saiki K have any of that? It's enjoyable but don't think I would want to continue if it keeps at the goofy episodes without any serious ones like Daily Lives of High School Boys?
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May 29, 1:27 PM

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Plotless comedy for the most part but the last arc of the second season takes a slightly serious turn and goes somewhere as you put it. I think at least, I haven't read the manga beyond that.

Aug 11, 7:54 AM
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plz help
which episode is where the hamster hides in ninduos uniform when he is a sleep in the class
where first the hamster was like a hunch on his back ?