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AOT s3 part 2 might beat Legends of the Galactic Heroes or even Hxh2011 for a short while

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May 28, 9:02 AM

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Akhdas said:
papsoshea said:
Just that no one is saying that people can't rate it below a 10 or 9. You came to that conclusion yourself in your little brain. How about you shoot yourself in the head?

Short_Circut said:
If they keep up the quality, then it may just, even more than a while. Hell I wouldn't deny it could probably go top for a while assuming consistency

Then again from what I've been hearing, the basement stuff seems to be a mixed bag so that could be a potential drop in score

that's not really due to haters though, most if not all big shows tend to have a higher score at the start and then settle down after a bit. Tbf though judging by the ratio of 1's compared to 2's, 3's and 4's haters are definitely present
keragamming said:

The rate at how it is going, I can see it possible being number #2 on mal before the next episode airs, in terms of mix bags for the basement stuff, its kinda hard to predict tbh, I remember a lot of manga readers were expecting anime only to not like the Reiner and Bertholdt reveal, but when it came out in season 2 it was surprisingly the most highly rated episode of that season, even I was shock just how much praise it was getting and how well Wit adapted it.

imo I believe anime only will go nuts over the basement, because there is some real plottwist coming out in that one.

And then there is season 4, which imo is when snk reach S class level the arcs in season 4 is my favorite arc in the series, I would put this current arc in 2nd or third, but this is another talk for the future.
ABDoesThings said:
BTW where is the down vote squad? Sure they managed to bring it down from 9.19 to 9.04 a while back but now its back up at 9.09 lol. WHERE ARE YOU DOWNVOTE SQUAD? COME AT AOT
Dmitrihonev said:
Dude. I just want S3 Part 2 to have a final score of 9+ once it ends. It doesn't need to overtake anyone, even if it's just barely there, i just want it to stay there. That'd make me a happy man. Is that so much to ask i wonder
keragamming said:

Its like being in the world cup, your Country is in the quarterfinal and now you have this feeling since you have reach this far, why can't your Country go beyond and try winning it all?

I'm fine with snk having 9 score, but if it can go higher than that I wouldn't mind either.
laviha said:
Hxh trolls will not allow it lol
haunted said:

You're completely wrong.

I'll be generous and say people are allowed to rate it all the way down to 5. You could sincerely be watching the THIRD SEASON of an anime and give every season a 5.

Anything below that is illegal. :P

The fucking fact fucking says the fucking opposite so i fucking guess i fucking won't kill myself fucking too bad

hey I never said anything nor implied anything about not being allowed to rate it < 9. I was simply saying the show more than likely has a higher percentage of 1's that stem from something more than "I don't like the show so far"
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May 28, 9:39 AM
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Thread locked

Score threads only encourage wars between people who like and dislike the show, not discussion. They basically sum up to people stating that it deserves higher/lower rating and/or baiting. With that it also duplicates already existing thread: Most Overrated/Underrated Anime Discussion Thread v.5
This topic has been locked and is no longer available for discussion.
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