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May 26, 5:21 PM

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Catalano said:
@GlennMagusHarvey I thought about that too but I'll give you the Noein plot hole: some guys in an universe create a different dimension for Earth but even though they can control time and space they always jump in that certain moment in time where the action of the anime happens, why not go further past if their plans are sidetracked? I saw that anime 3 times and there's no explanation. It's not an in-universe explanation.
I'm not familiar with Noein but my feeling on that is that we're calling something a "plot hole" because we perceive an inconsistency, and so essentially it's just an inconsistency by another name.

I'm not saying what happened in Noein isn't a plot hole. I guess you could say I'm chalking it up to "it's a plot hole if you feel it is one". Which is basically my original point anyway.

Also this leaves open the notion of "it's not a plot hole if you don't want it to be one" -- this is where stuff like "rule of cool" comes into play, where something happens and we accept it because it just makes a story more fun for example.
May 26, 5:39 PM

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Your question is a plothole. You could have sent a mail to WSJ or Toei, but instead decided to ask a group of people who might not even draw a proper circle.
May 26, 7:53 PM

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Complex rules and plots are harder to keep up with compared to simple ones, so there are more likely to be a mistake.

I don't really notice plot holes, but one in Accel World did irk me as it contradicted everything the antagonist said happened an episode ago. I don't think plot holes are "I feel like it is one" type deal. You can totally back it up. If X rule was established then when the show disregards it and doesn't follow through then you could point to both the establishment and breaking of it.

Do I care about most plot holes? Not really, I think build up and pay off along with atmosphere are my main values in a story, but I haven't talked about stories as much as characters. So it could be something else. The only thing I know is that I don't notice plot holes hardly any nor care when people point it out. It's probably on the lower end of my values.

May 26, 7:56 PM

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So....I think the best way to avoid this is to make a LIST of questions to ask yourself when you write a story and write the answers to each one that will be revealed in the story.

Evidently lots of people don't do this.

May 27, 2:13 AM

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Catalano said:
Platypus7 said:

I remember the most of the scene vividly, the setup is the hazy part. Pretty sure the Mikami thing is just OP forgetting he hadn't seen the names of N and his crew and therefore had to go to the meeting to see them.

I'm referring to why didn't mikami check if the notebook was real on a random person prior to the meeting. Of course he had to be there and he knew he would have to kill N and the gangrene gand by watching them.

Ah okay. That's a bit of a plot convenience, I wouldn't call it a plot hole. The N using the death note theory explains it ofc but that's never revealed to be true or false so it's not completely satisfying as an answer. Mikami and Light overlooking the possibility is reasonable imo, Light is very overconfident in himself at that point and there was no indication that the notebook would be fake. Still not 100% satisfying given Light's intelligence though.
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