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Poll: Touhyou Game: Anata ni Kuroki Ippyou wo Chapter 17 Discussion

May 25, 1:28 AM

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Well damn, I wanted to like this. I really did. It had lots of good points, but the lack of realism was just stupid. Plus, they never touched on why the voting game actually worked. I mean, what outside force actually caused all the deaths? It's not like the vote keeper killed them personally. They just died. What exactly caused it? Did I miss something? That part just didn't make sense. And once again...where the fuck were all the adults? The one teacher early on in the story told them they had to keep coming to class and screamed at them to shut up when they asked why. Then he stormed out and was never seen again. WTF? Then the kids were slaughtering each other, falling out of windows, gouging each other's eyes out, the one guy was forcing that girl into prostitution and no cops ever showed up...except the 2 detectives who only interviewed one student and then went off on a wild goose chase that did no good at all. You'd think the parents would at least want to keep their kids home after, I dunno, maybe the 10th or 11th classmate died?

At least one of the kids would have told the story to their parents or the police. They wouldn't have been taken seriously initially, but after kids kept dropping like flies, the adults would have put each kid into protective custody and monitored the voting website. The kids would have had no access to each other or cell phones or anything like that until the whole thing had been resolved. At least that would have been the plan and a good writer would have figured out a way for that plan to go awry with the police station becoming a slaughter house and parents and teachers getting killed in a hectic attempt to save the kids.

Lots of missed opportunities.

Again, I wanted to like it, but...


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