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May 25, 12:26 AM
*sips coffee*

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So I often encounter people who refuse to watch anything that deviates from the "norm," particularly in regard to the art styles of certain anime. The most notable cases would be with the Monogatari series (or other Shaft productions), as well as Masaaki Yuasa's works (namely shows like Ping Pong and The Tatami Galaxy).

For me, personally, unique/unconventional art styles are a huge draw, as I can't help but find enjoyment in seeing how a studio pushes the boundaries of the animated medium, showcasing their creativity by utilizing techniques that stray away from the typical "anime formula." For example, take this scene from one of my favorite series, Mononoke:

Anyway, what do you guys think? Are unique art styles a pro or con for you?
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May 25, 12:32 AM

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I actually like an unconventional art style when it is done right. Some of my favorite Anime have unconventional art styles. Ping Pong The Animation is an example I can think of, I actually really liked the unique art style that Anime had. Same thing applies to Kaiba, the show was not the strongest, but the unique art style gave it a push in terms of memorability.
May 25, 12:33 AM

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I also did not mind Aku no Hana's art style, I ended up liking the Anime and did not have much of a problem with it's style.
May 25, 12:33 AM
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Nah, not really, in fact I get excited for the show because most probably the plot is gonna be amazing
May 25, 12:33 AM
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damn you should include a poll lol because im sure a lot will say yes

i mean some people call "too much animation friendly" or simple character designs as ugly like with Mob Psycho, Gurren Lagann, Kill la Kill, and ye Yuasa's character designs too like Ping Pong and Devilman Crybaby

the most recent controversy about this that was big on anitwitter was the new Pokemon anime character design
May 25, 12:36 AM
*sips coffee*

Joined: Jan 2018
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deg said:
damn you should include a poll lol because im sure a lot will say yes

i mean some people call "too much animation friendly" or simple character designs as ugly like with Mob Psycho, Gurren Lagann, Kill la Kill, and ye Yuasa's character designs too like Ping Pong and Devilman Crybaby

the most recent controversy about this that was big on anitwitter was the new Pokemon anime character design

Oof, yeah, didn't think to add a poll. I'm a little tired, lol. Can't add it now :'(
May 25, 12:38 AM

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Yes, they do, that's the main reason I couldn't get into One Piece, JoJo, Crybaby and Ping Pong.
May 25, 12:43 AM

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I think its quite refreshing to see some animation that differs from ''normal'' animation. It's really interesting to see animation taking different formats from serious grim looking style like Death Note to some more wacky, comedic animation of Kill La kill.
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May 25, 12:44 AM
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ah ok no problem

just gonna add this good article about why the new animation friendly character design of the new Pokemon is important
May 25, 12:44 AM

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I definitely share your feeling, while I don't mind convenntional or kinda generic looking anime, it certainly is a nice change of pace and a bresh of fresh air when they try to be more unique and creative in what they're offering, it's one thing that can make me give it a good score even if the actual story is eh. Def agree on that mononoke, was also one of my favs before and has one of the strongest directions I've ever seen.

May 25, 12:48 AM
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if anything, I outwardly look for them. Mononoke, Gankutsuou, Kaiba, Ping Pong, Tekkonkinkreet, Cat Soup, basically all of Imaishi's directorial works, all of these I was originally drawn to them BECAUSE of their art styles, and I think that's a common conclusion people come to once they've watched enough anime.

To be fair though, I can see how with anime being strange enough for most people just getting into it, for the art to be even more skewed and outlandish than anime already is might be too much for some
May 25, 1:09 AM
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I would file that under the 'pro' category.

With the few episodes of Madoka that I've seen I must say that I did appreciate the design of the witch's labyrinth.
May 25, 2:12 AM

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I don't consider Bakemonogatari to have a particularly unconventional art style, so I may be thinking of different things from others, but I think I would have to say yes. At least for the 3DCG stuff. Aside from Kemono Friends, when I see that style, it's an instant no for me. One of the things I like about anime is the art, so if I find the art unappealing, I'm not interested most of the time.
May 25, 2:15 AM

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An unconventional art style will definitely make an anime stand out above the rest. Mob Psycho 100 and Osomatsu-san are two of my favourite anime and they are extremely unique in their art style.

Although i appreciate Masaki Yuasa's style, i haven't found any of his works i enjoy aside from Ping Pong. I also don't like any of Imaishi's works, so the art style alone can't carry a show for me, but i'm sure that's the same for most people.

May 25, 2:49 AM

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Depends on what kind of artstyle it is in the first place. Sometimes I can deal with it, sometimes not.

May 25, 2:50 AM
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I don't care if it's conventional or unconventional, it if looks like shite *to me* then I won't watch it. Hakata tonkotsu ramens made my eyes bleed and I couldn't make it past the first episode. One piece managed to make me think "tf is this crap" the second it came on screen. Things that looked like crap but I managed to watch include Asura, Lovely Complex and Yoake tsugeru lu no uta. I checked the latter's studio and when I saw it had also done ping pong and cryfest I watched trailers for both and pretty much erased them from my ptw list at once.

There's no intrinsic value in being unconventional. Being different from most other shows only gives you one more glance than most other shows, that's about it. I can appreciate the fact that an artist goes "against the grain", so to speak, rather than sticking to the normalised standards; if doing that creates stuff too ugly for me too watch though, well sorry mate but it's a sodding anime, not a book, so I'm not going to watch it, simple as that.

Honestly wish I liked them, plenty of people seem to find those anime absolutely amazing, but it is what it is.
May 25, 2:57 AM

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It used to, but I've gotten past it.
May 25, 3:06 AM
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They usually don't...unless they're unappealing. I mean, art usually doesn't determine whether or not I watch an anime. In some cases, it's distracting but, if the show is good enough, I'm still willing to watch it. If not, then it's just not worth subjecting my eyes to art I don't like very much anyway.

In some cases, interesting art styles actually catch my attention and make me want to watch an anime. For example, Mob Psycho 100 has a unique art style that you usually don't see in anime. It's definitely unconventional but it certainly isn't an eyesore. The plot made it even better. The Flowers of Evil on the other very weird for an anime. It's odd looking and somewhat realistic. The art for that anime actually did turn me off and, it still does, but I might be willing to look past it more now than I would've before.
May 25, 3:39 AM

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the only anime series that has turned me away with its artstyle was Aku no Hana, the rotoscope was really bad.. I've seen some like Kuchuu Buranko and they never turn me away, this is probably the only one..

but to answer the OP, no, unconventional artstyle doesn't turn me off normally, depends on what type of series it is I guess. I don't want rotoscoping in my everyday romance anime, that if that's the case I could've just watch the average TV drama instead of anime
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May 25, 3:42 AM

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Depends. Some unconventional-looking series have fun and interesting styles (Kaiba, Tatami Galaxy) while others look nauseating (Ping Pong, Devilman Crybaby).

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May 25, 3:53 AM

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No, I don't, because the visual freedom animation has to offer makes it so engaging in the first place.

Many favorites of mine differ from the norm and offer their unique flavor. Being creative and trying out new things is what I consider to be praiseworthy, hence my appreciation even for an anime like Hand Shakers, who failed in almost any department.
May 25, 4:29 AM

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Yes, I don't mind different art styles like Monogatari but the ren and stimpy type stuff is just horrible to view. So much so that I cannot even remember an anime that looks like that.
May 25, 5:37 AM

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The author of Ping Pong also did Doraemon. I'll read it after reading the main manga. This deserves an adaptation too.

May 25, 5:45 AM

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It is a huge draw for me too.. More unique something is, more reason to watch it ...
It is not like I watch anime for it's attractive characters.. I have another time for that thing, I can search for some doujin or h*nt*i if I want that thing lol ...

People who said "Most of the times I don't mind, but if blah blah blah" are really in the group of people who don't want to watch something unconventional ...

But maybe it is true that it is easier to feel sympathetic to attractive and beautiful characters ...
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May 25, 5:55 AM

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Usually I like them, because besides the art they tend to have some crazy ideas or abstract animated scenes and I love that shit.
May 25, 6:04 AM

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Actually no, for some reason i'm enjoying it so much. Some people have preferences with good or smooth anime designs but they dislike unconventional ones. For me i like both since the way they animate it doesn't really affect the story. but if it does, i don't really mind or I'm super fine with it. Some of the cases that i really like it is the monogatari series
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May 25, 6:09 AM

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I don't have any strong feelings towards such. I won't go out of my way to look for unconventional styles but they won't be unwelcome. I really appreciate it when a director/staff of a show like to express themselves in any aspects of an anime. That said, it can be annoying if I can clearly see the anime is getting way too self-indulgent with it's own style at certain parts *cough Mawaru Penguindrum cough*.
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May 25, 6:09 AM

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since i put great emphasis on the writing, experiencing visuals that i'm not familiar with is just a potential bonus
May 25, 6:17 AM

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Not at all, new art styles are always welcomed, if the story is great, but the art style sort of weird, then I will watch it, to be you think there is a 'cliche' anime art style that everyone uses? I don't think so.

Every art style has it's quirks and uniqueness, some may look the same, but even those are quite different.
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May 25, 6:22 AM

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lol the opposite

I rarely enjoy anything conventional these days
May 25, 6:24 AM

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They don't, but it's not that super clear element that absolutely drives me into watching a show, always, inequivocally. It's just a plus to my interest that may or may not signify the differential factor to make me pick the show.
May 25, 6:40 AM

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Part of what I enjoy about anime is the art styles and I love it in the Monogotari series. So long as the story isn't terrible I'll enjoy any style of art.
May 25, 6:45 AM

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They don't inherently turn me on or off. For example, I really dig Shaft's style (is it trippy or autistic, I still dont know), but the Mononoke art style made me physically uncomfortable. Other times the design just takes a bit of getting used to, like with the Code Geass stick people which looked far too goofy for a mostly serious show, but I eventually became desensitized to it. For the most part, unconventional styles just tend to make a show more memorable
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May 25, 6:58 AM

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I don't really care about art style much at all, I can count the number of anime it's enhanced my experience with on one hand (Occultic;Nine, Bakemonogatari, ef, Kaguya-hime). I'm not averse to the avant-garde - I do have a problem with directors like Masaaki Yuasa who more or less live and die on their styles though, contrary to your claim they aren't pushing any boundaries by just deciding to have their sakuga drawn in a different (and I might note, more simplistic) way from the norm, and it's hard not to perceive it as nothing but a distraction from the middling writing.
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May 25, 7:24 AM
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Oh yes, very much even, If i don't like the art style of an anime, chances are very high, i won't even check it out!

Anime should be above and beyond what the modern west churns out, but some anime just look like gross caricatures(No, i don't mean cartoons, i mean caricatures, i consider there being a very big difference!!! Ever since the late 90's, the west has barely done any decent cartoons anymore, they are all just disgusting, gross caricatures nowadays.)

For example, Ping Pong the animation, is objectively the worst looking anime i have ever laid my eyes upon.

Monogatari doesn't turn me off because of the art style, but because it's just another lewd ecchi harem that pretends to be deeper than it actually is, from the looks of it.

But, in general, if it doesn't look like anime/pretty enough to me, i tend to stay away, i was even enraged when they changed the art style for the new Digimon Tri movies, but have kinda gotten over it and willing to give them a chance sometimes, since it's still Digimon afterall.

I also dropped One Piece after 9 episodes because i just couldn't really get into it because of the Art Style.

That's also the reason i stay away from Mob Psycho for example.

I would have stayed away from Boku no Hero Academia for the same reason as well, but the fact that it's so hyped up/popular, makes me wonder if it's actually good so i'm willing to give it a chance despite that.
May 25, 7:28 AM

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Do you count full CGI as unconvnetional ? Then no, I dont get it either, Houseki no Kuni is a masterpiece and Ajin was awesome too
May 25, 7:49 AM

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Any show with an unconventional art style isn't going to be the reason to stop me from watching it. I like most of them. It's what they do with animation on the unique art style that makes it more interesting and important. If the animation isn't engaging and I think the art style looks ugly, then I have a problem. Of course with that said, the animation could be really great, but if I dislike the art style, I'm not sure I would put it as a masterpiece. There hasn't been an example that was close enough to reach it to put me in that situation though.

As long as they don't pull a Kuchuu Buranko with that nurse, which is a terrible idea, I can deal with. This ain't fucking Space Jam.

In regards to ugly art styles (and not animation), the two that immediately come to mind is Ping Pong and Kemonozume
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May 25, 9:20 AM
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I like the art style from “Kanon.” Some people consider the overly large eyes to be jarring, but I didn’t mind it. I think the big eyes are cute.
May 25, 9:26 AM

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No. If anything, they are clear advantage to me. Boring, uninspired visual design sucks.
May 25, 9:33 AM

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It's annoying if I think it's self-indulgment and unneeded. Essentially compensation for shitty characters or stories.

I think it enhanced Ping Pong because the writing was already great and the art style promoted relevant symbolism.

I think it failed in Bakemonogatari because whatever symbolism was there didn't enhance the characters or stories and its reaches were more often than not, off-putting rather than intriguing.

I don't buy into the artistic fanservice argument. If you're gonna have fanservice, don't make it intellectual. I'd say go all out and commit like Prison School did.

May 25, 9:35 AM

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TBH, I think Monoke and the Mongatari series are pretty tame examples in terms of their art styles deviating. When I read the title I thought stuff more like The Tatami Galaxy or Kemonozume, both of which did turn me off from watching them because of their art styles (although I plan to give Tatami another go at some point)
May 25, 9:37 AM

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I prefer different art styles over generic style and animation for sure.

I have been turned off by some art styles, though, like with One Piece and Kaiji. It's not impossible to get me to watch or read them. I just need a push. I also dislike noodle people.
May 25, 9:40 AM

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It does feel...unsettling really. Like Monogatari Series or Mekakucity Actors sort of have this weird feeling going on like the only people in the world are the characters present on the screen, and ones like PPTA and Tatami Galaxy kinda just have weird facial designs
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May 25, 9:50 AM

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Not really, having unique art style is refreshing for me, and that goes for both anime and manga.
May 25, 10:02 AM
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No, they actually turn me on. I fap to variety in artstyles.

I really wonder why people who can't appreciate variety in artstyles are into animation at all. The fact that every show, every creator can have their own style and look unique and distinct rather than always safe and same-ish is one of the main appeals of this whole medium. The fact that you can use different styles to play to different strengths of a show. The fact that style allows artists to express themselves creatively, unlike the average, standardized anime look.

If those weren't a thing and the whole medium would just have one typical 'anime look' with minimal variations (like most mainstream titles), I would probably only be marginally interested in animation, just like I am in every other medium. But the variety of presentation and styles really puts anime/animation over the top. If you don't appreciate these unique things that artstyles offer, you're left with just another generic storytelling medium like any other.

If only people could get over themselves and not feel the need to call every artstyle that they can't handle 'ugly', as if it was some objective attribute and not just a baised value judgment, I would definitely get less triggered when browsing MAL. One art style isn't better or worse than another, they're just different and which ones you like only says something about your preferences and not about the 'quality' of the artstyle you're dragging through the mud. That's what art and style is all about. But it probably won't ever happen. Salty people enjoy shitting on acclaimed stuff like Yuasa too much to ever stop calling his shows 'ugly' at every opportunity.
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May 25, 10:16 AM

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No, but there are some art styles that are indicative of genres I don't care about. Like shorts with really vibrant and more cartoony looks, 9 times out of 10 it's just not what I'm looking for, and I definitely have a tendency to judge them before even really looking at them because of that art style. And it has caused me to almost miss shows before, I almost missed Mahoujin Guru-Guru (2017) because it looked like your standard kids show, but when I did watch it, it was one of the best comedy fantasy series ever and I'm so glad I did watch it.

So I wouldn't say I'm turned off by unconventional art syles, but rather that some art styles that aren't the standard "anime" look indicate to me that it's not the sort of show I'm looking for, even if it might actually be something good.
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May 25, 10:26 AM

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Sometimes an unconventional art style will initially weird me out, but that's never enough to turn me off from watching more; and, in most cases, after watching a few more Eps. i'll actually grow to love the art style eventually (this happened to me with Kill la Kill and Shiki).

That said, there are exceptions. I never got used to Devilman Crybaby's art style. Despite my enjoyment of its story (and its bangin' soundtrack), i thought it looked ugly all the way to the end.
May 25, 12:10 PM

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I'll knowingly be the unpopular opinion here.

I actually tend to like some styles that one might reasonably consider "generic", though I don't like all "generic" styles.

Mainly it's because I see animation as an extension to real life, an enhancement of reality. And when I think of art style preferences, I'm usually thinking of the way people are drawn.

I usually prefer styles that don't feel like that much of an exaggeration of life, though I also don't mind an enhancement of attractiveness, though not as much in the direction of cuteness; I tend to prefer the characters looking more reasonably like not-children.

Furthermore, I usually like it when things don't look overly stylized. So I'm not as big of a fan of anything from moë to Jojo, and stuff like Sex and Violence with Machspeed isn't my thing.

Sometimes unusual choices can work wonders. I really like episodes 25-26 of Neon Genesis Evangelion, for example. But it can be hit-or-miss, like how I felt that the hand-drawn style of Madoka Magica's labyrinths actually disrupted my sense of immersion (there were points at which I felt I couldn't figure out what surface someone was running on despite the fact that they seemed to have a good idea of how they would escape one of those labyrinths).

So, for example, looking at covers of winter 2019 anime, here are some shows whose cover art I like (NOTE: not necessarily the same as the shows I'll watch):

* Manaria Friends
* Doukyonin wa Hiza, Tokidoki, Atama no Ue.
* Mahou Shoujo Tokushusen Asuka
* Meiji Tokyo Renka
* Circlet Princess
* Black Clover
* 3D Kanojo: Real Girl 2nd Season
May 25, 3:51 PM

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no, on the contrary, they make me like the anime more
May 25, 5:10 PM
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I'm not necessarily turned off by unconventional art styles. But when it comes to anime and televised media in general, I can't help but feel that it's just to sugar-coat a bad narrative.

It's also real easy to go against the norm in anime these days, so I don't consider it to be much of a creative achievement compared to- say- something like manga. For example, the varied line weights that make Kimetsu no Yaiba appealing are literally a normal thing in manga, so I don't really find it to be THAT amazing. It's amazing for anime, sure, but not really in the grand scheme of things.
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