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Poll: Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san Episode 7 Discussion

May 22, 6:51 AM

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Ooh, Senko's got some massage skills. Very handy.

Also really glad that Shiro is back again. It's cool that Nakano also came to the supernatural world that the kitsunes came from.
May 22, 7:57 AM

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Shiro's scene that I was waiting for!!!! I can't wait on for the next episode!!!
May 22, 8:21 AM

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I didn't expect Senko to massage Nakano's back with her feet, that's actually relaxing to see. I wouldn't mind a back massage like that. I do like the" teleporting" the foxgirls do, basically it's a gate between the human and fox worlds as a method of fast travel and you get a nice city view as well.

May 22, 8:32 AM

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This was a nice episode.

Senko massaging seemed really relaxing. She's so light.
Nice to see Shiro again.

May 22, 9:53 AM

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It's kinda hard to get into the right mood for this anime, but there are some days where I can truly appreciate it's strengths. That massage scene was really relaxing.
Kokoro did nothing wrong.

May 22, 11:36 AM

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Senko-san time:
Senko: Did you make a wish?
Me: Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!
Senko: I hope it comes true
Me: :3
no u
May 22, 1:16 PM

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May 22, 1:36 PM

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I'd let Senko step on me too.
May 22, 1:42 PM
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Super good epsiode! Loved seeing shiro again and getting more actual plot development! I hope one days shiro goes to live with the manga artist! They would be awesome in the same house! It was super relaxing and adorable as always though!
May 22, 1:53 PM

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We all thought of the same wish, right?
May 22, 2:01 PM

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oh how convenient teleport gate!
May 22, 4:35 PM

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When one of your fetishes gets mofu-fied.
May 22, 6:33 PM

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I really liked the scene where Nakano told Shiro that he was happy to have Senko by her side and that he was happy to see her happy as well. :)
May 22, 8:13 PM

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lol it got almost lewd...but cute as always
May 22, 8:45 PM

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And so Nakano developed a new fetish. I can't blame him tho, that massage he received from Senko looked relaxing as hell.

Another nice episode.
May 22, 10:09 PM
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After seeing that shitty Tate no Yuusha's chapter, it brings me inner peace.
May 23, 12:39 AM

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I want a Senko-san so bad.
May 23, 1:58 AM

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Ok, Senko's reaction to this line was pretty funny: "Do I look like I'd be into something like that?" - Nakano. He said that in response to Senko offering a back massage using her feet, then she has a shook face, remembering all the times he's indulging in feeling her ears and tail. Shiro's powers were pretty cool, that is the best shortcut on the way home.
May 23, 5:46 AM
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So Nakano developed a new fetish, understandable.

Shiro finally show her usefulness - teleportation, and goddamn she's cute :3
But it might be the last time she help Nakano if I remember correctly from the manga because

Or not, I have terrible memory.
May 23, 5:53 AM

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Pretty cute and wholesome episode as usual, but they knew exactly what they were doing with how they presented Senko asking Nakano to let her step on him.
May 23, 7:09 AM
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Had a feeling it was something to do with a ancestor.
May 23, 10:59 AM

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Nice to be welcomed home like that after work... wouldn't mind a massage from Senko-san either. Such a good episode.
May 23, 11:17 AM

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Seems like Shiro's also a good person !

I'm curious to learn more about his ancestor.
May 23, 1:19 PM
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Well, I certainly liked this episode. It was relaxing the back massage and funny about the thing that Kuroto would like something weird like that it was funny. And cannot wait to know more about his ancestor
May 23, 1:59 PM
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super senko time always looks like a dating sim lol
apart from that great episode, refreshing to see shiro again and nice plot development!
this series feels just like a soothing ride...
May 23, 2:31 PM

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i want a massage from senko so bad
May 24, 5:28 PM

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I want Shiro to step on me ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
May 24, 11:54 PM
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Now im curious about the past story.
May 25, 12:43 PM
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Great episode as always. Im glad they gave Shiro some more screentime.
May 26, 6:22 PM
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Good episode 😁. I also want one of those "divine massages" of Senko 😅.
Now with what Shiro told Nakano, I am much more intrigued about the story of Senko and the ancestor of Nakano. I hope to see a short story.

"I do not care about the reason, I'm just happy being with her, when I see her smile, I feel like I should be." Great response Nakano 😊.
May 26, 7:49 PM

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Mmm american dogu
May 27, 9:37 AM

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Obligatory step on me please!
Senko's reaction to Kuroto about his fetishes was great and now he developed a new one ^_^
Shiro was extra adorable this episode <3 Was nice to see her actually help Kuroto.
May 27, 9:38 PM
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May 28, 9:52 AM

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Great episode! I’m a little saddened that I’ve caught up already but I look forward to watching this weekly!

Some fantastic massaging skills from Senko-san and likewise for Kuroto. Life is seriously tough for Kuroto, jeez. A very nice return for Shiro too, she’s really showing her cute side by the episode.

I really need someone like Senko-san in my life 😩.
Jun 9, 11:28 AM

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maybe i wouldn't mind letting senko step on me
Jun 17, 10:27 AM
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Senko is super sweet. I don't believe she's only doing this because she liked his ancestor.

"You make nice noises when I STEP ON YOU" xD
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10 hours ago

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idk but that scene with Nakano and Senko in the first half was more creepy than relaxing.

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